It was dark outside. CJ, Jigen, Fujiko and Lupin were in the living room watching TV while Goemon – as always – was in his room, meditating. "That movie is so unrealistic." CJ stated matter-of-factly while she played around with her hat. "You're right." Jigen agreed, and Fujiko rolled her eyes dramatically. "No wonder you said that, Jigen. You and CJ, you are almost like clones, not like father and daughter." CJ and Jigen both glared at Fujiko, and Lupin quickly came to his friends aid. "Fujiko is right. Look at yourselves, you wear the same clothes – even that friggin' hat – smoke the same cigarettes and use the same type of gun." "Come on, CJ",  Jigen said offended, "if these two clowns are so mean to us, we will leave." "Yes, Jigen, let's go." CJ agreed, and the two of them left the room, leaving Fujiko and Lupin behind with huge sweat drops on their heads.

"Hey, wanna play poker?" Jigen suggested while he watched his daughter rummaging through the fridge. The two of them had taken a seat in the kitchen; Jigen was smoking while CJ searched for something to drink. "Sure, why not. Hey, Jig, you want a beer too?" "Always. Jig?" Jigen replied. CJ grinned at him. "Nickname. Don't like it?" "Well…usually I don't like nicknames, but for you I'll make an exception." Jigen grinned. "Oh, that's too nice from you." CJ answered sarcastically. "Hey, talking about nicknames…what does CJ stand for?" Jigen suddenly asked. CJ blushed, and her answer was almost inaudible. "Huh? Could you repeat that please?" Jigen asked, and CJ said: "Celeste Josephine." Jigen just stared at her before he stated: "Your mother should be put in prison for that." "Yeah, that's what I think, too. Please don't tell Fujiko, or – the horror! – Lupin." CJ begged her dad. "Don't worry, I won't" Jigen calmed her down, and the two grinned at each other. CJ finally found two beers and threw one of them to Jigen, who caught it nonchalantly. "Thanks, Joe." Jigen grinned, and CJ frowned. Before a huge smile crossed her face. "You're welcome, Jig."

The very same time, Fujiko and Lupin sat in the living room talking. "CJ's okay." Fujiko stated. "I really like her." "Yeah, I like her too. She is a lot like her father. Hey, would you have ever guessed that Jigen has a daughter?" Lupin grinned. "No, not at all." Fujiko chuckled. "I mean, he doesn't look like the typical father figure. Oh, by the way, Lupin, are you sure that you don't have a daughter somewhere?" Lupins eyes went wide. "I hope I don't have a hidden offspring! He or she could try to compete with me." Fujiko chuckled at her buddies shocked face and stood up to join CJ and Jigen in the kitchen. "I'll go and look after our new daddy. See you later, Lupin." With that she left, and Lupin soon felt bored. He grabbed the TV remote and started to zap through the channels, until he found a very naughty movie. "Cool." Was his only comment.

Fujiko came walking into the kitchen, only to find Jigen and CJ brooding over their cards. She spied over CJ's shoulder, found out that the tall blonde had an ace poker, walked over to Jigen and spied at his cards. Jigen had a full house, and he was sure to win. "Show me your cards." The gunman now demanded. CJ put her cards down, grinning, and Jigens face fell. "Oh no! I lost! How come? I never loose!" Fujiko laughed and patted Jigens back. "Face it, cutie, CJ is a better player than you." Jigen snarled at her before realization struck him. "Uhm, Fujiko…did you just call me cutie ?" Fujiko blushed deeply, and CJ broke into fits of laughter. "Cutie.." she managed to say between hysterical giggles, "Jig, the cutie…" "Shut up!" Jigen barked at his daughter, grabbed Fujiko and quickly left the room with her, leaving a laughing CJ behind.

Outside in the hallway, Jigen pushed Fujiko against the wall, lifting his hat so he could look into her eyes. "I think we need to have a talk." He stated. Fujiko just nodded, all tied up in Jigens intensive stare. "You know, I don't wanna talk now." She finally said. Jigens eyebrows went up. "No? What do you…" Before he could finish the sentence, Fujiko had grabbed his collar, pulled him down to her and caught him off-guard with a passionate kiss. Jigens eyes doubled in size, before he realized what happened here. Quickly, the gunman returned the kiss, much to Fujikos happiness. Little did they both know that CJ stood in the doorway, spying at them with a huge grin at her face.