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I hugged onto my mom tight. It made me sad to think that this might be one of the last moments we shared, just us. I held back tears and choked out "I've missed you so much!"

"What's wrong sweety? Your eyes are watering..." Renee said as she looked into my eyes. I looked away. Darn watery eyes. Why did they have to give me away?

"I'm just happy to see you mom." I said as I let go of her. She dropped her arms and stared at me intently.

"Your sad Bella...why?" Renee said, obviously concerned.

"I'm not sad mom. Really, I'm not." I tried to put on a convincing smile.

"Bella, tell me what's bothering you."

"Nothing mom."

Renee sighed and didn't push the subject further. It was obvious I wasn't going to budge.

"So how was your plane ride?" I asked as we sat down in two chair chairs next to the gate she had just exited from.

"Oh, it was alright. Too long. They really should have played a better movie. Dracula is so old. It was in black and white." she said as she looked around the airport terminal. I felt like laughing. Dracula. What were the odds that they would play that movie on my mom's flight?

"Oh, that's good...How's Phil?" I asked as my thoughts started to drift towards Edward. I really shouldn't think of my vampires at the mention of Dracula.

"He's good, he's good. He'll be here in about a week." I nodded.

"We better go get my bags, Bella." Renee said, starting to stand up. She seemed excited. I wondered why. She is probably just excited to see me. I thought to myself.

"Oh, okay." I stood up and we began to walk to baggage claim. I looked at the signs trying to find my way. I still hadn't figured out the Seattle airport quite yet.

We stopped in front of a small section of baggage claim and I gave her quizzical look. What were we doing in the animal claim area?

"Mom, we aren't at baggage claim. This is the animal-" she cut me off.

"I know." She was grinning widely and she walked up to the man at a small desk. I stood there, watching, as Renee talked to the man. I couldn't hear what they were saying but I didn't get closer. The man left the desk and went into a back room.

I didn't realize it but I started to tilt my head. What was Renee doing? Had she gotten a new dog and wanted to show me?

I got my answer sooner than expected. The man walked out with a small crate and handed it too Renee. She signed a few papers and showed him something and then turned to me with a very, very large smile.

"Mom?" I asked.

"Bella! Surprise!" She turned the crate too me and I saw the sad face of a small basset hound. I looked at it. The face... It reminded me of Jacob, Jacob when he was hurt... The sight made me feel a pain in my chest and I gasped for air.

"It's yours! I got it for you! It's your wedding present!!!!" Renee held the crate, which I now realized was a doggy crate, up for me to see.

"It'" I said as I stared at the puppy.

It barked.

I blinked.

Renee smiled.

"I know! I thought you'd like a puppy! You always wanted one as a little girl. I thought now would be a perfect time to get you one!" She grinned happily as she waited for what I had to say next.

Edward was not going to like this.