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Title: The Perfect Gentleman]
Author: Reiko
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Warnings: slight language, non-yaoi (gomen yaoi lovers... gomen,
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The Perfect Gentleman

"I. Can't. Stand this!" Ken said rather loudly. His
chocolate-brown eyes riveted towards the blond man
standing by the shop's glass window with a bunch
adoring "fan girls" before him. He gritted his teeth
in annoyance when he saw the teasing smile grazing
over the playboy's smooth lips. He cracked when he
heard the female giggles erupting inside the store.
"This is getting way out of hand!" He added raising
his hands in surrender.

"Shh?Ken-kun." Omi said frowning. He then politely
excused himself from the horde of girls in front of
him only to walk towards the irritated ex J-Leaguer.
"Not in front of the customers." He added standing
beside him.

"Omi, this is really?quot; Ken shook his head. "Just look
at him! He's flirting, flirting and flirting and?quot; He
stopped as he momentarily observed Yohji standing
there, smiling like there's no tomorrow.

"And more flirting! We have to put a stop to this."
Ken declared.

"Ken-kun?quot; Omi began his voice trailing. But then,
Ken-kun's right. Although they are used to Yohji's
flirting, after all he's the undisputed skirt-chasing
bum in their group, this is getting out of control. He
is practically doing nothing! And leaving all the work
to them! Just thinking about that, he secretly
wondered if Aya noticed anything. He shrugged. It
would be Yohji's bad luck if Aya?
"Oi! You two come with me."

Omi nearly jumped upon hearing a cold voice behind
him. He turned around only to see a pair of chilling
violet eyes settling over him then to Yohji. Ken

"You thinking what I'm thinking?" He asked. Aya merely
nodded his head.

"I'm in." Omi sighed. "What are you planning to do?"

"Just follow me." Aya replied walking towards Yohji.
Ken and Omi momentarily stared at each other with
confusion. Then giving out a shrug, the wordlessly
followed the red-head.


Yohji looked up upon hearing his name. A charming
smile graciously curved his lips upon noting the
serious looks on his teammate's faces. "Hai?" He asked

"I need you to help me with something." Aya said in a
flat, monotonous voice.

With that Yohji frowned. Aya asking for help?! Aya
admitting he needs help?! Now that's something. He
then focused his attentions to the girls before him,
all waiting expectantly. He grinned. /"The chicks
would absolutely flip over my helping the guys."/ He
thought chuckling mentally. And besides, Aya's asking
for help. It's not everyday you see their fearless
leader imploring for his assistance. Whatever it is,
at least he would have something to rub against his
nose later.

"Okay what is it?" He asked.

Aya nodded his head. "Follow me. In the basement." He
replied walking ahead of them with Yohji following
close behind.

Omi and Ken frowned but nevertheless they followed
suit. Something's bound to turn up. They have a weird
feeling about this.


"This is not funny! Let me out!"

"Mou Yohji-kun." Omi giggled. "Believe me this is good
for you and for your wallet too!"

"Fuck it!" Yhoji yelled as he furiously banged the
door with his fist. "Let me out of here!"

"You deserve it!" Ken said nastily. "That's what you
get for flirting and not doing work!"

"Shit!" Yohji shouted. "I don't have my cigarettes
with me!"

"Good!" Omi said.

"If you're going to keep me in here at least give me
my cigarettes!" Yohji demanded.

"Just shut it." Aya said walking away from the locked
door. Omi started walking too together with the
snickering Ken lagging behind.

"What am I supposed to do here?" Yohji hollered.

"Do something productive!" Omi said chuckling. "Good
luck! You have my computers to keep yourself busy!"
And with that, the noise slowly disappeared. Yohji
cursed loudly as he tiredly settled himself on the

"What the hell do I know about those stuff?!" Yohji
muttered as his eyes landed on the complicated tech
things sitting idly on the corner. He stood up and
made his way towards it.

He shrugged. "Well I might as well keep myself busy."
He said sitting on the chair and turning the computer

"Hmm?okay let's see?quot; He murmured clicking on an
icon. "Internet?quot; He added. After a series of clicking
then and there, he suddenly found himself inside the
chat rooms. Curiosity growing, he decided to

Kitten: Women over 18, asl please.

"This is great!" Yohji muttered as he scanned the
replies. "Meeting chicks the modern way!" He added
typing laboriously. After ten minutes of chatting and
laughing and flirting, he got bored. These women are
no fun to talk to. Some of them are silly but most of
them are stupid. He was about to log off when someone
asked for his asl. He raised an eyebrow. He might as
well try her.

Kitten: 22/M/Japan. You?

Mystique: 21/F/New York.

"Interesting?quot; He murmured his fingers immediately

Kitten: Hi! How are you?

Mystique: Fine, thank you.

Kitten: So New York? I heard it's a great city. Would
I like it there?

Mystique: It depends on what kind of person you are.

Yohji's eyebrows went up a notch. He was expecting an
"Oh yes absolutely! New York's a cool city!" answer
like all the other women he talked to earlier but
instead?"You are intriguing?quot; He murmured, grinning.
"I'd like to get to know you better." He said.

This will be a long night.


"Yohji-kun!" Omi whined. "Get off the computer now! I
need to do my school report!"

"Just a minute brat." Yohji replied his eyes not
leaving the computer monitor.

Omi clenched his teeth. "You've been saying that for
the millionth time! Yohji-kun!


"I need it now!"

Yohji finally turned to Omi. Upon noting the pissed
off whiny look at the young boy's face, he rolled his
eyes. An angry Omi is bad but a whining Omi is worse.
He sighed.

"All right, all right just give me five minutes." He

"You've been cooped up in here for the last three

"I said five minutes." Yohji said darkly.

With that, Omi gulped. He started backing away towards
the basement stairs, a forced smile on his lips.
"O-okay. Just five minutes, wakatta?"

"Hai, thank you." Yohji said grimly as Omi shut the
door close. Privacy granted, he returned his
attentions back to the computer.

Mystique: What took you so long? Everything all right?

Kitten: Just some minor problem?so where were we?

Mystique: This would be my last chat session with you,

Yohji smiled. He just loves it when she calls him
kitty. It sounds so sweet and so cute. Then he
frowned?what does she mean by it?

Kitten: What do you mean? You don't want to talk to me

Mystique: No, I love chatting with you but I'm moving

Kitten: Where? Can't you bring your computer with you?

Mystique: Gonna have to buy a new one. But it will
take me a while. Long enough for you to forget me.

Kitten: I'll never forget you. Where are you moving?

Mystique: Actually I'm going there. Remember I'm
half-Japanese, ne? My father just died. I have to go
back there to see to the funeral and everything.

Kitten: Oh sou ka?I'm sorry.

Mystique: It doesn't matter.

Yohji momentarily stopped. Now is his chance to
finally see here! But then?He shook his head. So
what's stopping him from asking her? He's sure that
Mystique's a beautiful woman. Just from the way she
talks he could tell that she's a well-bred lady but

Kitten: Would you like to meet?

"Oh shit!" Yohji muttered as he found himself suddenly
pushing the enter key. "Shoot!" He added shaking his
head. Just how could?

Mystique: I would love to.

Yohji rubbed his eyes upon seeing the words on the
monitor. He then grinned. This is getting really cool!
Who knows, they might get together or something.

Kitten: Great! So how about I pick you up at the

Mystique: Whatever you say? Are you sure you want to
meet me?

Kitten: Of course baby. I wouldn't ask if I'm not.

Mystique: Okay. I'll be there Wednesday next week.

Kitten: How will I know you? I'll be wearing a dark
blue polo and a pair of cream-colored slacks.

Mystique: Okay. I'll be wearing a red scarf on my

Kitten: Got it! Can't wait for Wednesday!

Mystique: ::smiles:: Me too. Bye.

Kitten: Bye.

Mystique logs off.

Yohji smiled as he logged off as well. He stood up and
stretched lazily. Wednesday?He grinned as he started
towards the stairs. He would finally meet her!

"Yohji Kudou, you're the man!" He shouted walking
towards Omi's room.


Next Wednesday?
Yohji checked his watch for the third time as he
stood inside the airport's arrival station. He raised
his hand to straighten his tie. He felt nervous and
excited at the same time. He took a deep breath and
was about to pace back and forth when suddenly a horde
of passengers poured inside the station.

Yohji then straightened himself, scanning the crowd
for a red scarf. Just then a woman about his age,
tall, beautiful, sophisticated and voluptuous, caught his eyes. She
was wearing a small fitted blouse and a skirt half-way
to her thighs. The whole ensemble gave out her perfect
figure. For a moment there, he stared at her,
capturing her eyes with his.

"Please have a red scarf, please have a red scarf?quot; He
reiterated as the woman made his way towards him. But
when she was near him, Yohji gave out a disappointed
sigh upon finding no scarf around her neck.
Nevertheless, he smiled sexily as the woman gave him a
suggestive wink before walking past him.

"Oh well?she's not the only woman here." Yohji
surmised. "Mystique will be much more beautiful than
her I'm sure." He added.

He waited. And waited?and waited?

"A red scarf!" His mind screamed after a while. He
smiled as he walked towards the red image. He was
about to approach the person when he suddenly stopped.
A few meters away from him was a woman in her middle
thirties, slightly chubby. Too old... Not his type... He frowned.

"I thought she's twenty-one?" He asked himself. Then
he shook his head. How stupid! He actually expected
her to be honest about her real age!

"What now?" Yohji asked himself upon noting the red
scarf around her neck. It was a good thing she hasn't
seen him yet. He could always walk away slowly and?He
shook his head. This is ridiculous. He was about to
back away when an inner voice stopped him.

"What are you doing Yohji Kudou?" Something inside him
said. "I thought you're a ladies' man? Never turning
down a lady?quot;

"Well yes but look at her?quot; He answered.

"Then you're no different from the silly, stupid girls
you talked to." It argued.

"Well?quot; Yohji started. But then, it was right. What he
was about to do is impolite and rude. He must do the
right thing. And the right thing is to go to her and
introduce himself. He will take her out to dinner and
try his best to make her feel welcome. After all it's
her first time here in Japan.

"And besides, I'm a gentleman. I've always prided
myself for being that." He said walking towards her.

Upon reaching her, he cleared out his throat and gave
out his best smile. "Uh, excuse me." He said coolly,
lightly tapping her on the shoulder. The woman turned
around. He smiled.

"I'm Kitten but please call me Yohji. It's so finally
nice to meet you, Mystique." He said sincerely.

With that the woman smiled. "Oh young man, you have
the wrong woman." She said.

Yohji frowned. "What do you mean?"

"I'm not the woman you're looking for." She replied.

Yohji's frown deepened. Now what is going on in here?
"But you?ou're wearing a red scarf around you neck

"Look over there." The woman said. Yohji followed her
gaze only to settle at the beautiful woman he saw
earlier. She was sitting on a chair, calmly sipping
coffee. "She actually asked me a favor. She told me to
wear this red scarf for a while and when a man wearing
a dark blue polo and cream-colored slacks approaches
me, she told me to give this scarf with this message."

"What?hat message?" Yohji croaked.

"That you hurry up to her." She said taking the scarf
off and handing it to him. "And she told me that you
really are the good guy she met in the chat room. You
really are the perfect gentleman."

Upon hearing that, Yohji smiled, thanked her and
hurriedly went to the woman. She then looked up and
gave him one of her sweetest smiles that Yohji nearly
felt himself melting.

"Hi!" She greeted. It was a sexy drawl to Yohji's

"Hi." He said smiling. "Here's your scarf."

She shook her head. "No, you keep it." She replied.

"Wow! It's so nice to finally meet you." He said.

"It's so finally nice to meet you too, kitty." She
said softly. "I'm impressed."

Surprisingly he felt his cheeks getting warm. He is
blushing?! Yohji Kudou the playboy blushing?! Yohji
Kudou the womanizer blushing?! This is getting
unbelievable! He cleared his throat and turned away
shyly. "How about dinner?" He asked standing up and
assisting her.

"I would love to." She answered walking beside him.

Yohji sighed as he felt her soft hands entwining with
his. They walked towards the exit, hand in hand, a
comfortable silence about them. He shivered as he felt
something magical in the air?Her nearness was causing
that. He never felt this with other women before. He
lightly squeezed her hand. She looked up and smiled,
their eyes meeting, sweet unspoken words voicing out.

He smiled softly. Who knows, this might be the
beginning of something beautiful.

Something lasting.

Owari ^_~

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