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Changing History

Chapter 1: The Machine

Rita's Point of View (POV)

"Hi, Rita, is your mother there?" Mrs Ryan smiled at me. Mrs Ryan and my mother are best friends, so they expect me and Mrs Ryan's snobby daughter Aymee to be friends too.

Aymee Ryan is the most stuck-up 'princess'-acting girl I know. Which is a pity since her mother's pretty nice.

"Hello, Mrs Wilson, how are you?" stupid Aymee said to my mother, her voice dripping with fake politeness.

"I'm quite well, Aymee, yourself?" My mother actually smiled at the stuck-up snob.

"Whatever, I'll be in my room if you need to tell me the house is on fire or something," I muttered and darted back to my room before mum could stop me. My best friends Melissa Roberts and Leslie Johnson were waiting.

"What happened out there?" asked Leslie, looking up from her magazine.

"Princess Aymee's back in town," I replied with a groan.

"Bad luck, Rita. Hey, what's this?" Melissa looked up from her own magazine and walked over to the small dark green machine in the corner of my room.

"That's from my grandfather," I explained. "He left it to me in his will, but I have no idea what it's supposed to do."

Before Melissa could reply, the door opened loudly. "Oh, I thought this was the bathroom," said Aymee, looking around. "But it's just you, freak, and your freaky friends."

"Don't say more than three words at a time, Aymee, or you might hurt your tiny little brain," I snorted.

"Whatever. What's this?" Aymee sashayed over to the machine and pushed Melissa out of the way. "Some kind of manicure machine?"

She reached out a petite nail-polished finger, but not before I yelled, "Don't touch it!"

Aymee grinned at me. "The freak wants it all to herself," she said and reached out again.

With sudden desperation, I grabbed a DVD from my shelf and threw it at her head. It missed Aymee and hit the machine instead. The machine started to make a loud crackling noise.

Aymee turned to look at me with an evil grin. "Look what you –"

But everything went black before she could finish.

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