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Chapter 19: Oopsy

Rita's POV

I landed on something rather hard and rough, like carpet. I was about to get up when someone landed on top of me.

"Sorry, sorry, sorry!" exclaimed Aymee as she jumped up. I groaned and started to stand up myself, when I noticed two other figures getting up too. Melissa and Leslie. They were not wearing the dresses they had been wearing before; they were now wearing the ordinary clothes they had been wearing the day we went into the movie.

"Leslie! Melissa!" Aymee and I helped them up.

"Where are we?" Melissa asked, and that's when we took a proper look at our surroundings. We were... back in my bedroom. The green machine (still buzzing, though now more quietly) sat in its corner, and the DVD lay forlornly on the floor.

"We're back! We're home!" Aymee shrieked and suddenly hugged me. "Thankyou, thankyou so much! You got us home!"

"Er, I did? You're welcome then, I guess," I replied slowly.

Aymee took her mobile phone out of her jacket pocked and whooped joyfully. "I have a signal! I'm so glad to be home!"

"I admit, though," Melissa giggled, "that was quite an adventure."

"That is such a cliché line," I informed her, laughing.

Something suddenly caused me to look over at the poster of the three main Pirates of the Caribbean characters I have on my bedroom wall. And, out of the blue, they moved. I'm serious. Elizabeth smiled, Will nodded and Jack winked. I'm not lying. Unless not having a shower for about a week has caused me to hallucinate. Speaking of which – "You guys had better get home," I said quickly. "We've been missing for days!"

It was only then that we heard Mrs Ryan and my mum talking and laughing in the living room. "But..." Aymee said, something suddenly occurring to her, "No time has passed at all!"

We all looked at each others' bewildered faces, wild hair and dishevelled clothes, and all of a sudden we all burst out laughing. With a contented sigh, I sat down on my bed, and that's when I felt something move in my jeans pocket. Something I forgot I had, but something I had had ever since being on the island.

"Oh, crap," I said as I pulled it out of my pocket.

"What?" Leslie asked.

"I still had the compass in my pocket!"


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I have started writing a sequel, so if you liked this story, say so and I might post it up here! In the sequel something even more freaky is going to happen... can you guess? Rita's machine is activated accidentally and plop! It works the other way round! Yep, you guessed it – looks like the three characters from POTC are going to have to get used to the 21st century...

The sequel also involves Melissa's aunt Dolores, Leslie's French uncle Pierre, an unusual Mr Penguin, school, deodorant, manga graphic novels, an alien game on Nintendo DS, Father's Day, Froot Loops, javelin and Chinese food...

Sounds like Rita and her friends are up for an even weirder (and funnier) adventure...