My name is Lillian Truscott and this is my story. I moved from New York to Malibu when I was 12. I loved living there. I had a lot of friends, a great house, and my whole family lived there. One day my parents had a huge fight. Even today I never knew what happened. All I know is my mom went to court to get custody for me. I didn't mind much. I know your suppose to love your father, but there was something about him that scared me. They always argued but when they did my mom sent me up into my room, put headphones on me, and let me listen to music. So one day we packed up and moved here. I rarely talk to my dad. He sends me a card on my birthday and we sometimes talk on the phone.

We moved into a small house. It is white with red shutters. We have a small front yard but a big backyard. My mom said we could get a pool. She always wanted a pool. She never said why but she always watched the other neighbors with their fancy pools. I always watched too. She caught me one day looking. My dad never let us buy a pool. He said it was too much money and took to much time to take care of. I had few kids on my new street. My next door neighbors came over. They were the Stewarts, they were nice people. Realize I said were. Well the father Robbie Ray was and Jackson. But then there was Miley. She was nice to me until we hit the first day of Junior High.

I remember my first day of school. I wasn't sure what to wear, what did people were in Malibu? I just through on a pair of Bermuda shorts, a black volcom shirt, and a pink beanie on my head. I tried not to mess up my hair when I put it on. I didn't wear make up. Seeing I was only in 7th grade. I looked in the mirror decided this was as good as I could look and headed downstairs. My mom made a big deal and probably took over 20 pictures. She gave a me a ride to school. She gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and wished me luck. I walked into school and couldn't believe what I say. Most of the girls had pounds of makeup on and their clothes looked like something a 5 year old would wear, seeing how small the clothes they had on were. I got a lot of weird looks. I guess I stood out. Well at least to them. I instantly thought that I wouldn't be apart of that group unless I wanted to dress like a whore. My classes were boring and went by slow. Finally the last bell had rung and I went to lunch.

I saw Miley sitting with some girls that looked like cheerleaders. They had ribbons in there hair and their cheerleading outfits on. I'm not sure why. Maybe they had a game tonight? Or whatever cheerleaders call it. I honestly couldn't believe Miley was so… well stuck up. I tried to sit next to her at lunch. All I got was a weird expression from them when I asked if this seat was taken. The cheerleaders traveled in packs. The only ones that I really knew were Amber, Ashley, and Miley. I remember looking around for a seat. I felt so out of place. Each table had their own clicks the jocks, the cheerleaders, the stoners, the nerds, the skaters, the goth and just people that had nowhere to go. I wasn't sure where to sit. I saw a boy sitting alone at a table. I walked over and asked to sit with him he smiled and nodded his head. His name was Oliver Oaken, we have been best friends since 7th grade.

I had other friends that I talked to, but I wasn't really popular I guess. But that didn't matter. Oliver was the best friend a girl could have. People always thought we were dating. I always laughed at that idea. Oliver is a brother to me. Imagine me Lilly Truscott dating Oliver Oaken? I don't know what I could have done without Oliver through the years, he was with me for every step. As for Miley she remained the same. Miley and I actually talked but only during a certain part of the year, during softball. Yeah who would of thought? A cheerleader playing softball. But Miley is different in a good way. No matter how she treated me in school, I always wanted to be her friend. We always talked during softball. You would think Miley was stuck up 24/7. But they were all wrong. There was another side of Miley. She was a nice, funny, and smart. We always joked around, I loved to make her laugh. I did that a lot. She loved being around me, she even said it. But without saying it we knew we couldn't talk during school.

We were now starting our senior year. I had gone through four years with her. 7th and 8th we didn't really talk, even though we were neighbors. I guess it kind of hurt knowing we could never be actual friends. But there was something else that was eating me alive. Something forbidden, wanting something forbidden. I never told anyone, I just couldn't. I don't know how I went through 3 years, soon to be 4 feeling this way. It hurt so much, I wanted to scream, end it all. I just wish I could tell someone, I should tell Oliver. But I'm ashamed on what I've become. I tried, I really tried not to feel this way. But I just can't help who I am, how I feel. I thought it was a phase, but it wasn't. I denied it at first but soon accepted that I Lilly Truscott was in love with Miley Stewart.

I honestly don't know why I love her. I could have anyone else but I just had to have her. She's all I thought about. She was beautiful, she was perfect. She made me happy, no one else made me happy like she did. But then at the same time she killed me, it hurt so bad to love someone you could never have. I learned to accept my feelings, but each day they grew worst. I was going to explode. It was always the worst during softball season. Seeing her everyday, being close to her. I wish I didn't love her, but I couldn't stop. I wished to be normal, but then again I never liked being normal.

This idea came to me randomly today. I know I'm writing another story which I will update tomorrow or Sunday. I don't like starting another story when my other one isn't finished, but oh well. Just to let you know the rest of the story to a point will be written in present tense. I just wanted to give you an idea on her background and Miley's. Let me know if I should make this longer or cut it short. Review please.