Birth, and Rebirth 00: My Eyes Adored You

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A/N Forward:

This began as a thought in both the heads of cpneb and kt (of jakt). A few phone calls, some emails, and the idea came brought forth into production.

This joint project between cpneb and jakt is the direct result of the request from a certain eleven year old; resistance was futile, indeed, as one simple question became the opening of the Birth, and Rebirth arc.

cpneb will present the main story line, while jakt will presents other major components of the story as it is told.

"Let the adventure begin."


Prologue: A million miles away from me...


I woke up sore.

I felt a breeze passing right through me.

I was cold, but I couldn't shiver.

It was dark, and the bed was hard, like concrete.

Where was Kim?

I feel like I was stabbed in the gut.

Now, I remember:

I was.

Stabbed in the gut, that is.

I was lying on the bed, waiting where Kim had placed me after she hugged and kissed me before she headed out to her high school graduation ceremonies. There was a bright light, a loud noise, an explosion (or series of explosions, I don't remember which), and I was flying without Ron's help.

Unfortunately, everything around me was flying, as well, and as I landed other things and people landed around and on top of me, and I blacked out. I dreamt that Kim was flying into the air, and Ron was trying to hold onto her, but he couldn't.

KIM! What's wrong? Why are you flying into the air? What's pulling you up?

This is not good.

Kim's scared, and I can't help her much.

I woke up when I heard the huge noise came from the sky, and the winds blew everything off of me. The winds blew her off of me.

Thank goodness: Ann was heavy.

No, not her, thank goodness: Raggedy Ann, Kim's other friend from before me.

Why was she on top of me, and why was it so dark, and why was the bed so hard?

I felt a sharp pain as I was impaled by a sky creature; and I could feel my insides spilling out. I wanted to scream, but I couldn't


Where are you?

Whatever impaled me pulled out suddenly, and I felt violated, empty, and it hurt really, really bad.

I'm sorry; I've been such a poor host: I forgot to introduce myself. Please forgive me; I don't know where my manners went: Mother and Kim would both be upset with me. My official name is Ailuropoda melanoleuca macropus rufus, but, for obvious reasons, Kim calls me by my short name:

Pandaroo. I like it, and I like her. No, that's not entirely correct: I love Kim, and Kim loves me, too. I know it; I can feel it.

I know it sounds silly to introduce one's self, especially after you've been impaled, but I had to think about something else, or the pain would blind me. The pain was more than just a bit unnerving.


But, over the pain, I can feel Kim: she's scared, and her hands and feet are locked, somehow.


Why could I, can I feel her?

I have no idea, but I've been able to feel her since Ron handed me to her, years ago, when I was new, right out of the box. She touched me, held me, and I knew I was loved, immediately and fully. She gently placed me on the couch and hugged him so tight, I thought he was gonna pass out! The hug enough was enough to cut off his oxygen, but the source could push him over the edge.

Kim skinned her knee a few days after she came into my life and I into hers, and I had feelings I'd never felt before in my short time with her. She came up to her room with the huge bandage on her knee, her face still moist with dried tears, and the bandage was at the same spot on her body that I was feeling the strange feelings on mine. This happened two more times before I figured out what was happening.

I also figured out that I could help take a little of her pain away when she hugged me. I didn't mind doing that: after all, she loved me, and I loved her, and what are we supposed to do for those we love but just that: help them by sharing their pain? Shared pain is diminished, after all.


Let's pray for no water, no rain, this time…

No dogs, please…

I don't want to die…


Kimberly Ann Possible, at age four, was a little holy terror, driving off every babysitter she ever had after only one visit - until she met Cynthia and Carlos Garcia. They were fraternal twins, and they helped guide her in her young life, helping her to begin to control that temper that she had and channel it into other outlets: drawing, singing, even starting her in beginning tumbling.

Kim loved them, and the loved her. I liked Cynthia and Carlos, especially Cynthia: it didn't hurt that she absolutely adored me!

Kim, by age six, had gone from holy terror to a precocious child; she was cute enough to make her remaining feistiness an endearing trait. Her red hair was almost the color of Raggedy Ann's, but it was much softer, fuller, and a lot less stringy. Her smile would light up a room, and her pout was already legendary with Ron and the other kids at kindergarten and first grade. But it was her eyes, I think, that made her extra-special. Emerald green, they were, and they shone with so much love and goodness that I was in awe from the first time I saw them. I felt like she was looking right through me with those eyes: that first look she gave me when she picked me up from the box.

She took me to first grade for show and tell, and her friend Bonnie Rockwaller squealed with happiness. It seems that Bonnie had always wanted a Cuddlebuddy, but she hadn't been able to convince her parents to get one for her. When she found out that Ron had given me to Kim, she cried: for most of the rest of the day, she sniffled and kept trying to convince Ron to get her a KangaCat, to no avail. I think that that was the beginning of Bonnie's hatred of Ron and Kim, especially Ron: she still got along with Kim for awhile, until later.

I spent a lot of time in the room either by myself (without Kim, that is) or in her arms as she slept. That was my favorite time: being held by Kim, feeling her dreams flow through her body, helping to keep her safe and secure.

All of this was good, until she met him, and he drove her to distraction, because he wasn't him….


Why is it so cold? It's almost summertime.

I don't want to die…

No, you can't cry, PR! You have to be brave. For Ron, for Raggedy Ann, and for Kim: I have to be brave.

I'm scared, Kim.

Please, Kim, hurry back…I need you…

I want to be brave, but it's hard to be courageous when your guts are on the sidewalk.

I'm scared….

Kim, you can do it: you can get free.


What's so funny about flowers, Kim, and why are you smiling so big?

Hurry, Kim.

I don't want to die, all alone, out here, in the dark.

I don't want to die.

I'm scared, Kim.

I'm cold, so cold…

Please, find me…save me…

Please, Kim…



Author's afterward:


A quick note from the story's protagonist:

I, Pandaroo, have authorized the following:

cpneb, to tell my story, what happened to me during Kim's graduation;

jakt, to write some of my more memorable stories about Kim and me, through the years.

A couple of quick notes: Kim will never admit it to anyone, but she loves the Frankie Valli song, and I like it, as well, so you'll see it referenced by my two storytellers, cpneb and jakt.

I have been on many of Kim's adventures around Middleton, and I thought that you might find some of these tales of interest; they were to me, at least, when they occurred. So, to quote an old Cuddle Buddy friend: "Let the adventure begin."


Next, on Birth, and Rebirth 00: My Eyes Adored You

Kim cocked her head slightly. "Do you think of everything in terms of command and delegate?"

"Not everything."

They looked at each other for a long moment, and he saw something in her emerald eyes…something that beckoned to him.

He reached across and grabbed her by the arm, pulling her to him. She fell to the ground with a startled cry of exclamation. For a moment, he felt her body go limp against him, and he brought her face to his, pressing his mouth against hers. He felt something electric pass between them…

And then he felt her knee in the pit of his stomach.

Next, on Birth, and Rebirth 00: My Eyes Adored You

Chapter 1 – The First of Many PandaRoo Memories

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