Birth, and Rebirth 00: My Eyes Adored You

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This joint project between cpneb and jakt is the direct result of the request from a certain eleven year old; resistance was futile, indeed, as one simple question became the opening of the Birth, and Rebirth arc.

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"Let the adventure begin."


Previously, on Birth, and Rebirth 00: My Eyes Adored You


"Here we are," I don't know how long we'd been walking, but Bonnie opened a door, and we went up some stairs and down a hall to her room.

"Pandaroo, I hate to do this, but I need to hide you from the SFH and the 'rents, OK?" She talked as she took two shoe boxes, ripped the ends out, and made me a bed, removing her blouse and placing it inside to pad the box.

'After spending the night on cold concrete, Bonnie, the shoe boxes, by themselves, will be heaven,' I wanted to tell her.

"There," She placed me in the boxes, then kissed my forehead. "I hope you're comfortable, and I hope you're ok being in the dark in the closet," she picked up the nested boxes and placed me in the back of her closet, surrounding me with cheer pom-poms piled to hide me.

"As soon as I find Wade or Kim, we'll get you to the Cuddl-E.R. facility, ok?" She closed the closet door, and I smiled inside.

'There's a star up there for you, Bonnie Rockwaller. Thank you, Bonnie, for everything,' and I relaxed for the first time in a long time, but then I felt Kim's scream.


Kim's hanging upside-down, and she's barely conscious.

What have they done to her?

Why is Ron floating?

This doesn't look good, not good at all….


And, now, Birth, and Rebirth 00: My Eyes Adored You:

Chapter 4 - So close, so close, and yet so far…


One thing I forgot to mention:

Bonnie was HOT!

Sue me, I'm male, but I'm really glad Ron wasn't anywhere near here when she removed that blouse. He'd have had the same reaction that he had the first time he saw Kim in that swimsuit in her room, years ago. Yeah, that was a classic reaction: I expected his jaw to break through the floor when she turned around and he saw her in that outfit: a light-green and white one-piece that had support in all the right places and tight in all the rest.

Ron had told me about BonBon, but I'd never seen her since first grade, so this was a surprise, to say the least.

All of that beauty obviously came with a good heart, obviously, since I was in her closet. I hope Kim doesn't find out; I don't want to hear her jokes about me 'coming out;' yes, she would, to me anyway.

Kim likes everybody, no matter who they are or how they are. Kim has lots of friends: people from school, from church, from missions. She has a good heart, and a kind disposition, and she naturally drew people to her; those same people respected her opinion and her counsel. I learned that when one of her friends came over.

Alexis Safic has been over more than once, recently, to talk to Kim about school projects, and she finally told Kim why she had been coming over all of these times when Kim finally asked.

"Alexis, you understand all of this, so tell me what's really wrong: I've been through enough that I can take it…seriously," Kim laughed, and Alexis smiled and took a deep breath.

Kim was the first person that she told that she thought she might be a lesbian, and she was deathly afraid of how people would treat her. "I haven't even told my parents, Kim, because I'm scared: I don't know what they're going to say or do. What are people at school, here in town, gonna say about me?" She burst into tears and hugged herself.

Kim immediately stood and walked over to her, took her hand, stood her from the chair as her face leaked, and kissed her tenderly on the lips. Alexis melted into her arms, and Kim allowed her to linger as long as she needed.

"You're not contagious, Alexis," Kim said when their lips separated. "I know that, and I still like you as a friend. I just hope you won't dump me as a friend for my being 'het,'" Kim smiled, and Alexis laughed.

"Tell anyone who 'disses' you, Alexis, that they have to deal with me, and that should shut them up, at least for a bit," Kim told her, and Alexis hugged her and soaked Kim's shoulder with her tears. "And," Kim started, and Alexis pulled back to look into her eyes, "I'll go with you when you tell your parents, if you need some support," and Alexis' smile went platinum.

"You'd…do that… for me?" Alexis asked, and Kim nodded and pulled her into a long hug.

"I'd do it to help a dear friend, Alex," Kim used the name that Alexis had told her she was going to start using, and that simple change told Alexis that she was 'not alone.'

"Kim, thank you," she said as she pulled back from the hug, then grinned. "Are you sure…?"

"I'm sure, Alexis," Kim replied, and then grinned big herself. "After all those times in the showers with the cheer squad: trust me, I'd know," and Alexis moaned.

"You just told me that to torture me, Kim, didn't you?" Alexis had an evil grin on her face, while Kim looked as innocent as a lamb.

"Guilty, as charged, Alexis, guilty," she replied, then pulled a second chair up to her desk and patted it. Alexis sat in the chair, Kim sat in hers, and they went back to work on their project, Alexis occasionally slipping her hand over to Kim's leg, and Kim slapping it playfully and laughing as they continued studying.

About 30 minutes into their studying, Kim pushed her for some more dirt on her 'partner hunting': "So, Alex, do you have you eye on anyone in particular?" she grinned as Alexis blushed.


"Spill," Kim commanded.

"There is one person that I've been considering," she smiled. "Jennifer Horne'."

"Jen?" Kim sounded surprised.

"Yes, Jen: I think she's gorgeous: don't you?"

"She's pretty, but I never pictured you two…then again, I never pictured you with another girl," Kim said honestly, then grinned. "Have you talked to her yet?"

"Heavens, no, Kim: I haven't told anyone but you about any of this," Alex admitted, and Kim grinned.

"You want me to hook you up?" and Alexis' jaw dropped.

"You'd…do that…for me?" Alexis' eyes were huge, and tears were coming down again.

"You like that phrase, don't you?" Kim laughed, then pulled a shocked Alexis back into a tight hug and whispered her answer to her: "of course: what are friends for, Alex, but to help each other?"

Kim left the house with Alexis, and she came back, hours later, with a huge smile on her face.

"Pandaroo, it was perfect!" she grabbed me and hugged me as she fell onto the bed. "Her parents had suspected that something was bothering her, and they had been worried that something was wrong, physically, with her, and were actually relieved when she told them.

"Her mother jumped up and grabbed her and hugged her: 'Alexis, why would you ever think that we would stop loving you because of who you loved?'

"Her father sat there for a moment, then smiled. 'Alexis, how are you feeling about this? Are you scared, frightened; well, DUH,' he laughed when he realized what he's said. 'You brought Kim Possible over here: were you scared we were going to go 'Diablo' on you?' and his smile was platinum, Pandaroo, simply platinum.

"They all hugged for the longest time, and Alex came over when they had finished their crying and hugged me once again.

"'Thank you, Kim,' she whispered. 'You ROCK!' Alexis kissed her cheek.

"'Now, Shoo!' she pulled me up from my chair and pushed me towards the door, laughing. 'Thanks, but I've taken too much of your time over the last few weeks, and-'

"I shushed her. 'It's no problem, Alex, and never too much time, when it's for a friend,' and I headed out the door to laughter and more tears as they hugged some more.

"I'm so happy for Alex: she found out what family really means: stick by you, no matter what," and she squeezed me tight. "Just like you stick by me, no matter what, Pandaroo," she kissed the top of my head. "I love you, Pandaroo," she whispered as she fell back on her pillow and, almost immediately, fell asleep.

'Being friends can take a lot out of you, sometimes, doesn't it, Kim?' I laughed, and I smiled inside.

'I love you, too, Kim,' and I decided to catch some Zs, myself.


"Are you awake, Pandaroo?" I heard the pom-poms pulled out of the closet, and then I felt the bed move as it was lifted from the hiding place. I came into the light, and I saw Bonnie's beautifully smiling face.

I must have passed out, again: that's not a good sign, I thought, but I was so enthralled by Bonnie's smile: it was so beautiful, so caring: I felt I could get lost in those teal eyes for years.

"How are you, handsome?" she leaned over and kissed my forehead.

'Much, much, better, Bonnie, but I'm sorry: I'm a one-woman 'roo, no matter how tempting you are to me.'

"I've got a carrying case for you so we can get out of the house," she gently lifted me from the bed and placed me on her pillow, then checked my bandage to make sure I wasn't leaking down.

I love her fingers….

She smiled as she lifted me again and placed me in the bag, and I felt the blouse on the bottom.

"I can't believe you ripped this, Bonnie," Tara was there, too?

Be still, my heart: I love cheerleaders….

"I can't believe you're still talking about it, Tara," Bonnie replied as she made sure I was set in the bag and zipped it shut, tossing me into an almost-darkness: light came in through the zipper, and Bonnie didn't close it completely.

"The coast is clear, Bonnie: they're all in their rooms, and the doors are all shut," Tara whispered, and I felt Bonnie lift my carrier. We were on the move, once again.

I felt Bonnie bounce the case as we went down the stairs, and I heard a door open, then close. We were outside: I could feel the difference in the air. We went a short distance, and I heard another door open, and Bonnie put me on what felt like a car seat, then something moved and clicked, and Bonnie tightened what I assumed was the seat belt on my case. I was strapped in, good: good.

"I still can't believe you have a Jedi 5000, Tara," Bonnie said from in front of me as she got into the car, closing the door.

"Why, Bonnie?" Tara got in and closed the door. "Belts, Bonnie," and I heard seat belts click. Tara was grinning when she spoke; I could tell from the tone of her voice.

"Don't know, Tara, I guess I'm just jellin.' After all, my car just dissolved, or disappeared, underneath me, and I'm sure Kim's brothers had something to do with it; I just never could prove it," and Tara started the car. We began to move, and Tara certainly knew how to drive: the entire trip was smooth, even as she dodged things in the road, I assumed, as she swerved several times as we headed…they forgot to tell me.

We were on the move for about 10 or 15 minutes, then we finally pulled up and stopped. Both car doors opened and seat belts clicked as they came off. I felt someone reach behind the seat, I heard a click as the restraint was removed, and I then felt my carrier lifted, and we were on the move, once again, on foot, but only for a little bit as I felt my transport stop and I heard a doorbell ring. I knew where I was immediately: the doorbell went BEEP-BEEP-BE-DEEP! Tara and Bonnie both laughed hard when they heard Wade's doorbell 'modifications;' Kim had told me what he had done, but I guess Bonnie and Tara had never heard it before.

The door opened, and a woman's voice said, "he's in his room; I'll show you where," and we walked more, this time on carpet, and we stopped.

I heard a door open, and I heard a male voice speak.

"Hello, Bonnie," that voice was smiling, as well.

"Hello, Wade," Bonnie replied. "Thank you for taking care of this for us," she added as she placed my carrier on a hard surface.


Dr. Load?

I'm in Wade's room?

It's been years since I was here; the last time was when Kim came to see Wade about her site upgrade and him joining the team….


"Hello, Mr. Load, I'm Kim Possible, and this is Pandaroo," Kim shook Wade's hand.

He was a short, pudgy, African-American kid, and she was calling him Mister?

"Come in, Miss Possible," and Kim stepped into his room, followed by a woman who must have been Wade's mom. She was pretty, I thought.

"I've taken a look at your website, and it's not bad, for a starter site," Wade said as he sat in his chair and rolled up to his desk.

"I've down-loaded your site to a server of my own so I could show you what could be changed," and he clicked some keys, and now there were two pictures of the same thing on separate screens.

"Here's what the new site would look like," and Kim gasped when the picture changed.

"That's beautiful, Wade!" Kim almost shouted, and Wade turned and grinned at her. "I love it!"

"Thank you, Miss Possible."



"If you're going to work with me, it's Kim," she extended her hand, and Wade looked confused.

"Work with you?" he sounded confused.

"Yes; I guess Dr. Director didn't tell you the rest," Kim smiled.

"I'm going to move from full-time babysitting and part-time 'other' work to part-time babysitting and full-time helping people, Mister Load, and I need your help with some things," Kim sounded confident, and Wade still looked confused. "I've already helped some people, from getting cats from trees to shutting down a laser grid for Mr. Paisley.

"I need some kind of thingy to throw a rope so I can use it to climb when it hooks onto a wall or something," she began, and Wade smiled.

"A 'rope gun?'" Wade asked, but Kim shook her head.

"Not a gun; something more like this," and she handed me to the woman and pulled out a folded piece of paper, handing it to Wade.

The woman had soft hands, and she was pretty, a lot like Kim's mom.

"A 'hair dryer?'" Wade smirked, and Kim nodded.

"Yeah," she grinned. "It'd be neat," she added.

"All right, Kim," he grinned, and he turned to his keyboard and attacked it. Pictures flashed up, over and over, and words scrolled across it, then more pictures of hand-held hair dryers flashed across the monitor, then he stopped.

"The parts will be here tomorrow, and I'll have a prototype ready for you to test on Friday; will that be all right?" he asked as he turned around to face her.

"Mister Load, that's wonderful!" she was beaming.


"Wade, how would you like to work with 'Team Possible?'" and Wade beamed, and so did the woman.

"Gee let me think...Sure, Kim, I'd love to, but maybe you should wait until the unit's complete and tested." And there was a knock on the door.

"Wade? Are you in there?" and a young woman came in, and she didn't look at all like Wade or his mom.

"Hi, Sarah. This is Kim Possible; she's asked me to help her on her website and some other things," Wade introduced them, and Sarah stuck out her hand. "Kim, this is my next-door neighbor, Sarah Best," and Kim shook Sarah's hand.

"You go to my school," Kim finally realized, and Sarah nodded.

"Yeah, I do. Are you trying out for cheer?" Sarah asked, and Kim smiled.

"I'm on the team from last year, so Bonnie and I are on the team helping to pick; are you trying out," and Sarah nodded.

"Good luck, then," and Kim took me from Wade's mom and stood up. "I guess I should be going, then: Wade, I'm looking forward to us working together," and she stuck out her hand and shook Wade's hand. Wade was beaming form ear to ear….


The case unzipped, and a pair of hands reached in to lift me out, and I saw a very different Wade. Something was going on, though: he looked happy and sad and agitated and serene, all at the same time.

"Hello, Pandaroo: it's been awhile since you were here last. It's my turn to help Kim, once again," and he held me up in front of him and kissed my forehead.

"You're gonna be all right, guy," he whispered, "we're gonna get you the best help there is," and I felt calmer. He handed me to Tara, and she took me and cradled me. I looked, and she was trying not to cry.

"Thank you, Bonnie, for finding him: I scanned the house site, and I couldn't find him," and there was a tear in Wade's eye. "With Kim gone, and her house destroyed, I wanted to find him, so she would have something to come back to that was familiar," and he held out his arms. Bonnie stepped into them, and Wade hugged Bonnie.

"Thanks, Bonnie," he whispered.

"'Aww, no big,' Wade," she replied, and Wade laughed.

"What's the plan, Wade?" Bonnie asked when he let her go.

"We're in luck, Bonnie: we have a member of the Cuddl-E.R. staff in town: I found out when I finally got through off the satellites to Orlando," Wade grinned.

"Who, Wade?" Bonnie asked, excitedly, and I heard a knock at the door.

"Come in, Sarah," Wade called, and Sarah came in with an older woman who looked a bit like Kim.

"Mrs. Possible?" Tara asked, and the lady nodded.

"You can call me 'Nana,' Miss Tara," Kim's grandmother, and I got excited.

"You're a member of the Cuddl-E.R. staff?" Tara asked as Bonnie beamed.

"Retirement's a drag, dear, so I volunteered to work there, but I was better than either they or I dreamed," she smiled as she stepped over to me, smiling, "so they gave me a handle."

"You're 'Needles?'" Bonnie asked, awed, and Nana grinned and nodded as she checked my bandage.

''Needles' was here?'

"Did you do this?" Nana looked at Bonnie, and her face went blank.

"Yes, ma'am."

"You're a 'Cuddler,' aren't you, dear?" and Bonnie's eyes welled up.

"I wanted to be, but my parents would never buy me one, so I spend time researching and on the Cuddler forums," and Nana beamed.

"Well, I'll bet my luggage that I've' finally met 'Want2BACuddler,'" Nana reached over and hugged the shocked Bonnie. "It's a pleasure, Bonnie; I wondered who was behind that penname, especially when you said you were from Middleton, and your reaction just confirmed it for me, dear.

"You did a wonderful job, protecting him, and I knew only a true 'Cuddler' could have done this," she squeezed Bonnie even more as Bonnie began to cry.

'Hello? What about me, Needles?'

'Thank you, dear," Nana released Bonnie and turned back to me.

"Pandaroo: you're so very lucky to have been found by a 'Cuddler,'" she stared as she opened my bandage and grimaced. "Any longer, and you might have lost your heart. Luckily, we can take care of- oh, my, goodness," Nana's face turned sour, and now, I was worried.

"What's wrong?" Wade asked, looking concerned.

"We have heart damage, Wade: we're going to need that ride, after all," she replied.

"Be here in two minutes," he announced as the sound of an incoming jet could be heard, faintly.

"Let's get you bundled back up, Pandaroo, and we'll take you to the Center for a full workup: when we're done, you'll hardly be able to know where you were hit," she smiled as she re-applied the bandage, tying it just right so it didn't hurt. She then picked me up, kissed both my left and right cheeks, and whispered, "and we'll get Kimberly Ann, too, so you won't be scared."

"Any word on Kim and Ron, Wade?" Tara asked.

"They're on their way in: they should be here in five minutes.

"Let's go, everybody," and Wade stood and grabbed what looked like Kim's Kimmunicator, and I saw Sarah with what looked like a case for one strapped to her waist. She wore what looked like Kim's mission outfit, but it was different, somehow.

"Go?" Tara and Bonnie asked.

"Jinx! You owe me a soda, you two," Nana stated, then giggled. She sounded just like I imagined Kim would sound in when she reached that age; I just hope I'm still with her, then. "You deserve a trip for what you've done, young ladies, so you're all coming with us to Orlando for the operation, my treat: call it my way of saying 'Thank You' to both of you for being such good friends of my Kimberly Ann," Nana smiled, and she stopped Bonnie when she began to speak. "And, yes, Bonnie, I know all about your spats over the years, and those don't matter since you've changed: a little bird told me about your changes, and it wasn't Kimberly Ann, either," and Nana placed me in the case gently and zipped it almost shut, letting in a little light.

"Mom? We'll be back in a couple of days at the latest," Wade was talking to his mother, and I heard her kiss his cheek.

"Good job, son," she said, and I was lifted as we all headed out of Wade's room and out of the house to a loud sound coming out of the air.

I felt a large thump, and the sound wound down to nothing in mere moments; then, a loud CLANG and more new voices.

"Somebody call a cab?" a decidedly feminine voice called from in front of them.

"Funny, Lindsey," came from Wade. "Who's your co-pilot on this one: your 'boyfriend?'" Wade was laughing as he asked.

"No, Wade, Will's not here," another lady's voice, and I heard Bonnie gasp in delight.

"Hi, Bonnie," steps as the person came quickly down the steps.

"Rebecca Jane!" Bonnie screamed and, from the sound of it, she and the lady smashed into each other as Bonnie's emotional dam burst completely: I heard her tears all flow out, tears of joy.

I was carried up the steps into what I assumed was a plane of some sort, and I was carried over to a table, and my case was unzipped so I could see out a bit.

"That better, dear?" Nana Needles, who else?

"Everybody get strapped in," the voice from the young lady named Lindsey ordered. "As soon as everyone's on board, we're cleared to head out, hot."

There were several clicks, and I heard squealing tires coming from outside, two doors slam, and feet, running on the ground and up the stairs.

"Where is he?" The voice I wasn't certain I'd ever hear again.

'KIM!' I yelled, and I heard her footsteps come closer as Nana unzipped the carrier completely and looked inside.

I love those green eyes, but now they were filled with tears.

"He's hurt, Kimberly Ann, but I'll take care of him: I and the team, we all will," Nana smiled as she touched Kim's cheek.

"You?" Kim asked.

"Kim, your Nana is 'Needles,'" Bonnie announced, and Kim's head snapped around to find the source of the statement.


"Bonnie found him on the street, in front of your house, the morning after the landing," Wade announced, and Nana lifted me up from the case so I could see Kim hugging a totally shocked and crying Bonnie.

"Thank you, Bonnie," Kim managed to get out between her own sobs.

"Kim: you and Ron need to strap in," came from the flight deck. "We're ready to take off, and you need to be strapped in," Lindsey announced, and Kim pulled back, surprised.

"Let's get strapped in, Kim," Ron touched her arm, "We can find out on the way to Orlando," he led her to the seat at the table next to Needles and me, and Nana passed me to her after she and Ron were strapped in. Wade strapped in next to Kim in front of where he had been standing, next to the table and against the wall of the plane, and swung his chair around to face the table.

"Let's go, Lindsey," Wade called out, and the door slammed shut as the engines wound, then we lifted as Kim looked into my eyes.

"I guess we're both had a busy time, huh, Pandaroo?" she smiled through her tears, and she hugged me and got my bandage wet. Kim looked at the bandage, then at Bonnie.

"Bonnie?" Kim called.

"Yes, Kim?"

"Isn't this your blouse sleeve, the one you loved, the silk?"

"Yeah; so?"

"Thank you, Bonnie."

"You're welcome, Kim"

I love closure, and I love Kim.

She felt so good holding me, I almost didn't notice the hole in my gut.


"Wade?" Kim turned to him.

"Yes, Kim?"

"How'd you get the GJ jet?"

"I 'borrowed' it; call it 'secret borrowing,' Kim," Wade chuckled, and Ron laughed from the other side of Kim.

"WADE!" Kim yelled and reached over to squeeze his hand and mouthed 'Thank You.'

It pays to have friend who will borrow a jet for you.


"Yea, Kim?"

"Why didn't Joss come down for graduation?"

Wade burst into tears.


Everyone in the back of the plane looked at the rare sight: Dr. Load, not in control of a sitch, and they all wanted to hug him. Ultimately, Kim did, and she patted his back until he could calm down enough to look up at her and smile through his tears.

"Kim, I've lost Jocelyn, forever. She won't return my calls, she won't talk to me, she won't even talk to her Dad about it," I couldn't believe the look on Wade's face.

Tara and Bonnie both stared at Wade: they didn't know who the Joss was, but they knew what love was, and they were shocked to hear that Wade was so deeply in it at such an early age: he couldn't be any more than 15, if that.

'He is shaping up and on his way to becoming a 'hottie,' though,' crossed both their minds, and they both looked at each other and blushed and giggled.

"How?" Kim asked.

"I found this when we woke up," Kim looked perplexed as Wade pulled out a oft-folded piece of paper note with 15 letters on it and showed it to Kim:




Then, Kim caught Wade's words, and her face furrowed. "We?"

"Sarah and I," Wade whispered, and Kim's mouth dropped open as she whipped her head around to glare at Sarah, and Sarah blushed beet-red and mouthed 'it's not like that, Kim.'

"IT WASN'T LIKE THAT, KIM!" Wade yelled. "It was the night after we came back: We came home late, remember, after 3:00 AM, and Sarah crashed over here in the guest room, and she came down to talk to me about Chip, and I started talking to her about Jocelyn, and we fell asleep on my bed, and we woke up hugging each other, and I found the ring on my pillow, and I don't know what I'm going to do, Kim, she's my world, I can't live without her," Wade finally stopped talking, took a deep breath, then began to cry again, even harder.

"He's telling the truth, Kim," Sarah spoke finally, a much softer voice than her normal one. Kim looked up from Wade to Sarah. "Wade was helping me: listening to my rants about Drakken and Zorpox," Ron smiled and grimaced at the same time, "and let me talk about how I feel about Chip, and we fell asleep.

"Kim, Wade's like my little brother: I would never do anything to hurt him or Jocelyn, especially not their relationship: I love her like a feisty little sister," she added, and Kim grinned.

"What am I gonna do, Kim?" Wade, looking like a whipped puppy, had finally calmed down enough to ask his question, and the plane was silent except for the air flowing from the vents above the seats and the wind whistling outside as the jet flew towards Orlando.


Author's afterward:


A quick note from the story's protagonist:

I, Pandaroo, have authorized the following:

cpneb, to tell my story, what happened to me during Kim's graduation;

jakt, to write some of my more memorable stories about Kim and me, through the years.

A couple of quick notes: Kim will never admit it to anyone, but she loves the Frankie Valli song, and I like it, as well, so you'll see it referenced by my two storytellers, cpneb and jakt.

I have been on many of Kim's adventures around Middleton, and I thought that you might find some of these tales of interest; they were to me, at least, when they occurred. So, to quote an old Cuddle Buddy friend: "Let the adventure begin."


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