Um. XD I got this sun spot idea when my dad was talking about it. He was really pissed. XD And I got an idea! -cheers-

So, let's celebrate the angsty fic that I am writing! XD Well, kinda XD


Sunspots. Nothing too big. It wasn't like it could create fear and chaos like an earthquake did, or a tsunami.

Sunspots were merely just spots on the sun. Our sun, in our very own solar system. Of course, it didn't have the power to create chaos in our own world. It didn't have enough power to create destruction, or wipe out half of the earth's population.

Or could it?

Humans worry about so many things. Diseases, like cancer. Natural disasters, such as earthquakes, volcanoes, cyclones, and tsunamis. War. Crime. All these things we humans fear. Well, maybe not all of them, but at least one of them can make us worry endlessly in a sleepless night.

What we don't get is that always, ever time, the unexpected happens. Sometimes, unexpected is a good thing. Like a surprise birthday party, for example.

And sometimes, unexpected can be a very bad thing. Unexpected can bring good things, but it can also bring chaos.



Fuji had learnt about sunspots when he was in elementary school. He had even seen one, through a special telescope. The class was in their astronomy unit, and they were studying about the solar system and the galaxy. They had moved on afterwards, and he had never dwelled on the topic ever again.

Who knew that one small detail he had learned in elementary school would change his life forever. One spot, the size of our world, could bring so much sadness, and pain.

He was all alone now. No one he knew was with him anymore.

He could feel himself rotting away, just sitting there endlessly.

This is what sunspots had done to him.

And it would never be the same again.

Don't worry, this is just a prologue. XD Next chapters will be longer.

Now all you people can learn about sunspots, and what it can do to the earth. Just one more thing for you people to be worrying about. XD I'm so evil.

I can't believe I chose FUJI. He's like, the main person who gets all the angst stuff. DX