February 29

I could only hope. But that hope never came true…

I'm sorry. I came too late.

Tezuka Kunimitsu was not one with words. He could never express his feelings as clearly as his teammates could. For a time, he had envied his teammates, because obviously they did not have as much pride as he had. Tezuka Kunimitsu had too much pride in him, and pride would be his ultimate downfall.

But he was already too late.

He was too late.

As he silently stared at Fuji's motionless body before him, he felt it was ironic.

It was ironic that the sunspot had decided to let go of its grasp on the world on Fuji's very birthday. It was ironic the sadistic tensai had decided to die on his birthday.

Everything was starting to go back to normal on his birthday. And yet he had decided to die.

It was scary to see Fuji motionless, unmoving. Fuji was always alive, and Tezuka could never keep up with him. He was like a dove, flying higher and higher, and if one did not catch him soon enough it would be too late.

Tezuka was the one who had been too late, and he had blamed himself for it.

"Happy Birthday, Fuji. I'm sorry, I forgot to get you anything. I hope you don't hate me for it. I hope what I say next won't make you hate me or anything. For the most part, I hope you would think of it as my present to you. I…love you."

As Tezuka said those words he felt disgusted with himself. Why now? Why now, when Fuji was lying on the ground, dead, did he have the courage to say those very words? He had run away from it all; he had run all the way to Germany because he just couldn't face Fuji anymore. And now he was telling him the truth, and Fuji was dead. Dead before him. The only time he could tell him the truth was when Fuji couldn't hear him. He felt sickened with himself.

"Fuji, don't you get it? You're the reason why I left for Kyushuu."

"Tezuka, why are you going?" Fuji had asked.

"I'm going on a trip to Germany to visit relatives. I'll be back soon." was the reply.

"Fuji, you knew I didn't have relatives in Kyushuu. And yet you played along."

"Oh, really? That's nice of you, just like Tezuka to go and visit relatives over summer break."

"You got careless, Fuji. I kept telling you, everyone, not to get careless, but you did anyway. I was planning to come back, but then that happened. I waited. I waited until the situation would become stable and return back to normal, but it never did. I don't know why I waited to so long. But once I realized it might be too late, I decided to come here."

Tezuka paused. It was no use ranting, but he just had to. "So I decided to walk all the way here. I got careless, just like you did. I should've left earlier. Maybe then, you wouldn't have died."

Tezuka waited. Fuji still didn't move.

"I'm sorry, Fuji. Sorry that I couldn't help you. I hope you'll forgive me."

Stupid idiot, dead ones can't forgive people.

You've lost your mind.

The Perfect Pair at the end was intentional. I should've given out more hints...but yeah. So sorry if it came out a bit too sudden.

Yes, I killed off Fuji. Yes, it was my initial plan from the start. I know, I'm evil. So shoot me.

This story didn't go so well as planned. Mah, better luck next time...