Severus Snape and the Cauldron of Sin
Chapter Three


Hermione was feeling distinctly deflowered. She had wandered to her next class after the sordid debacle with Snape, unaware of the inquiry taking place in the potions class among her unfortunate peers. Snape had unchained her from the wall and muttered a sneer for her ravaged body, before turning red and stalking from the room, leaving Hermione shell-shocked and horribly sober. Her Arithmancy class passed in a blur, as her bosom heaved with recollection of the past hour.

In the meantime, Snape had swooped down to his Dungeon.


"Ah! Here you are Professor Snape".

Snape halted at the classroom door. Dumbledore was standing by his desk, twinkling his eyes at all the guilty-faced students. The classroom was destroyed. Potion vials were smashed, cauldrons were overturned and ingrediants were smeared everywhere. The shame-faced students laboured over the ruins, attempting to settle things to right, under Dumbledore's steely twinkle. He turned to Snape, as the flustered Potions Master surveyed the destruction. He belatedly became aware of his bedraggled appearence. This was highlighted by the robes hanging sluttily off his sweaty shoulders, revealing his pallid, wiry chest, reminiscent of that of a prepubescent boy. He wilted beneath the Headmaster's knowing twinkle.

"Severus, I believe we need a chat... A large brandy may be in order...forgive me, I meant for myself. I suspect you may have had enough". Dumbledore proceded to do a jig on the spot then turned into a leprechaun.

-..-..- Later, in the Forbidden Forest..-..-..

Harry and Draco were serving their detention. Their punishers had obviously thought that the most suitable punishment for 'Fornication in Class' was being sent to a secluded, mysterious area with their fellow fornicator. Dumbledore, on Snape's behalf, had instructed them to replace all the potions ingredients they had destroyed by accident, and for the sheer fun of it.

It was growing darker as Draco looked nervously over his shoulder.

"I can't believe that fool Dumbledore!" cried Draco, " At the beginning of each year he talks endlessly about how, under no circumstances, are we allowed to set foot in the Forbidden Forest, but the second we all get drunk and start molesting our sworn enemies Dumbledore will happily throw us in here to be eaten by Centaurs". Draco glanced over his shoulder again.

"You can really tell how much you paid attention in Care for Magical Creatures" said Harry, who was trying to hide his blush as he recalled the events that had caused his detention. It was probably the most bearable Potions class he'd ever had. While Harry's thoughts dwelled on detention-causing events, he put on his heterosexual voice for Draco.

"Can you please stop acting like a first year and focus on finding all these plants, because I have no idea what they look like," Harry looked down at the list they had been given, "Snape should have drawn pictures".

Draco laughed and snatched the list away. As he read it an incredulous look grew on his face.

"Potter, these are all ingrediants used in Potions on a constant basis. Are you telling me, that after years of blindly throwing them into your cauldron, you don't know what these plants might look like in the wild? You can tell how much attention you paid in Potions", Draco smirked (copyright 1991).

The sun had now almost completely set, and they had only successfully located three of the plants on their list. Harry was growing impatient, as Draco was growing more nervous.

"That's it, I'm going back. I can't do this anymore". Draco turned and began walking in the opposite direction, hoping it was the way back to Hogwarts. Harry watched Draco disappear into the darkness of the Forest.

Harry called after him, "I'm not doing this by myself!", but Draco was gone. All Harry could see was the rapidly blackening trees. All he could hear was the distant sound of trodden leaves, the occasional bird call and a scream.

Harry ran.