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Set to show the coup at the Ministry of Magic during Deathly Hallows. After the government fell, a wild celebration of the coup was held at Malfoy Manor. The Death Eaters commemorate the start of Lord Voldemort's reign surrounded by extravagence and frivolity whilst others suffer. The Malfoy's reputation is suffering, and Bellatrix is dangerously envious of her sister. The Dark Lord engages his army within the realm of Wizarding high politics.


"In darkroom of your eye the moonly mind

somersaults to counterfeit eclipse;

bright angels black out over logic's land

under shutter of their handicaps."

- Sylvia Plath, "Sonnet to Satan"


"Every woman adores a Fascist."

- Sylvia Plath, "Daddy"

Chapter One: Dark Side of the Moon

The last rays of light disappeared, as a blood-red sun slipped beneath the horizon. The sky turned indigo, black shadows cast onto a magnificent manor house.

A hooded figure gazed fiercely towards the horizon, standing on a balcony, diamond paned windows sparkling behind him. Looking upon the sunset, he was not appreciative of its grandeur. Rather, the red eyes blazed like burning coals, his dark mind full of grandiosity over what the near future would bring him.

"It shall be done…" Lord Voldemort had whispered it to himself, although another was standing in his wake.

Slowly, he turned back from the view to the witch watching with a blank expression on his serpentine face. "They should be here in a moment, Bella…"

Voldemort stepped inside to a study room, and immediately went over to the lectern. Bellatrix's dark brown eyes followed his every movement.

Books and other decorative items had been carelessly removed to a far corner. In another corner, Voldemort's great snake, Nagini curled herself around a gray skeleton, and over the lectern, a quill scratched across a piece of parchment, apparently of its own volition. Voldemort had previously dictated to it some of his plans, and now the quill was making additional copies.

Seeing it was finished, he lifted the quill and rolled the parchment into a scroll, laying it beside eleven identical copies on the stone table, where there was a single guttering candle. One copy for each of the ten department heads and another for the new minister and finally, one for himself was made.

Just then, heavy footsteps sounded from outside the padlocked door. It heaved open with a burst of green light, a spell unlocking it.

Three wizards entered the study. In unison they acknowledged the presence of their master, with the standard salute: left forearms raised to a ninety-degree angle, exposing the Dark Mark. Solemnly they chanted, "Hail the Dark Lord."

One of the men named Yaxley glanced inquisitively to his superior. He wondered what would make the Dark Lord summon him. He had already succeeded in putting the Imperius curse under Pius Thickness after all. And Yaxley's friends from the ministry, fellow Death Eaters, Selwyn and Travers remained hunched at his side.

"As you shall replace Thicknesse as head of Magical Law Enforcement, Yaxley, it will be your task to see these policy changes are implemented. Do not fail me." Voldemort, with his wand, indicated the pile of scrolls.

Yaxley replied dutifully, "No, My lord. I can review the material immediately."

Voldemort lingered for a moment, the red eyes darting to the corner where his pet was still slithering. He stole over to her and bent down, his spidery hands grazing the gray frame Nagini had curled herself around. It was the last remains of Alastor Moody, the Auror whom Voldemort killed a week ago. Since then, he'd fed the corpse to his snake, and nor had he bothered to remove the skeleton. The Dark Lord rather liked it.

Voldemort's hands clamped deftly around the skull and his Death Eaters watched in silent awe. There was a blue something like a precious gem lodged in the socket. With some difficulty, Voldemort removed it with his bare hands. It made sense that it was stuck in there as Moody had had problems removing it, ever since Barty wore the swiveling glass eye.

Finally, Voldemort excised the object. He looked at Nagini, who remained on top of the remnants of the corpse. He intoned, somehow whispering tenderly in parseltongue, almost feeling affection for her, "I will have another treat for you soon, my dear…"

And Voldemort sprung up and at once pocketed the eye in his robes. He surveyed his men watching patiently, and spoke again, "On the eve of my greatest victory to date, and with the recent murder of Dumbledore, our opportunity is ripe for action." And with a firm ominous note Voldemort continued, "Come tomorrow, the ministry...will be mine."

The others nodded toward Voldemort affirmatively.

Except Yaxley, determined to receive praise, confidently expelled, "Yes – My lord....All department heads are under control now. I think it easy to accomplish the coup as they have recently turned against Scrimgeour."

"Good…that is exactly as I demanded of it, Yaxley. We shall overthrow the ministry and once we get to Scrimgeour, I shall be the one to assassinate the ex-Auror."

"Are you moving out into the open, My lord?," asked Selwyn, unable to contain surprise.

"The ministry is a complex, yet disorganized bureaucracy, Selwyn. While I am to be supreme authority over the British magical government, seeking to purge all the putrid ones for us, it is only a start before I extend around the globe.

"In the beginning they shall fear for their friends and families. Preventing them from speaking out or resisting, fearful that Lord Voldemort is behind it. All the better…for we therefore have time to stabilize the new order."

"...On the matter of Harry Potter…," Voldemort began, unpredictably changing the subject.

The Death Eaters shifted nervously on their heels, scared they would be blamed for some blunder concerning the boy.

"Today happens to be his coming of age, thus losing his Trace. By some twisted miracle Potter made it to adulthood. He is not to survive much longer, as we shall hunt him down. You know my orders…capture but do not kill Potter. It is I who destroys him."

Yaxley's blunt features wobbled and he dared question, "And what of the Order of the Phoenix, master?"

"After the coup you are all to track down the Order members. With the objective of finding Harry Potter. You are to seek out all his connections….Meanwhile, I shall be elsewhere..."

Travers asked, "Do you require anyone to accompany you, My lord?,"

"No…I shall be abroad and I wish to be alone. Spread the word to the others that you are not to attempt communication, unless it is of the utmost importance. "

Nobody argued or even dared look curious, for it was obvious they were not to know where he was going.

The padlocked door glinted green again at the casting of the Alohomora spell. Lucius Malfoy and his wife, Narcissa stood on the threshold. Narcissa clutching her husband's arm, eyes downcast.