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Summery: After Albus was sorted into Slytherin, Ginny disowned him and divorced Harry. When Lily and James turn against Albus, Harry is left trying to find a way to fix this sibling rivalry when he finds an unlikely ally. Eventual DM/HP

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"Potter, Shacklebolt needs to see you."

Harry looked up from his paperwork to see Auror Redden standing in his doorway. Harry sighed. Shacklebolt had been requesting Harry's presence constantly since Harry had lost his partner. "What does he want? Does he need me to clean his owl's cage or something?"

"I really have no idea. He just sent me to get you. Maybe if you're lucky you've made it back up to being able run his errands again." With those comforting words, Redden left Harry to his own pondering.

It had been over a month since Harry had lost all respect in the Auror office. Ever since Ron had refused to ever be near Harry again, Shakelbolt had started making Harry do every horribly pointless job imaginable.

With another sigh, Harry got up from his desk and began heading toward his boss's office. It might have just been his own paranoia but Harry could have sworn people snickered at him behind his back when he passed by. Harry would have thought everyone would have gotten over his falling out with Ron but it still seemed to be the favorite topic at the drinking fountain so to speak.

When Harry finally reached Shacklebolt's office he knocked once and awaited entrance. While waiting for a response, he stood there shifting from once foot to the other. He really didn't what to hear what new project he was going to be given. Last time he was requested, Shakelbolt wanted Harry to go through hundred year old files to remove any ones that were no longer necessary to have. It had been a nightmare. His office had been completely filled with paperwork and Harry had trouble just getting in and out.

"Come in Potter," Shacklebolt's deep voice rang through the door. Harry walked inside the office and awaited his orders. The feel of Shacklebolt's office had been making him nervous. Every time he walked inside, Shakelbolt never looked at him right away. He choose to wait and give Harry the impression he was about to be punished for something. Well, Harry assumed his assignments lately had been his punishment. "Potter, how long has it been since you've seen Lily and James?" Shakelbolt asked without looking up from his paperwork.

Harry was slightly taken back by the question. No one in the Auror office ever mentioned his children to him directly. However, every once in a while he would hear someone talking about them and Ginny. Harry thought about the question, looked down at his feet. He really didn't want to give the true answer. It was too embarrassing to admit he hadn't been allowed to see two of his children in over a year. "A couple months I suppose."

"Potter, you never could lie to save you ass." Harry looked up and Shakelbolt to see the man finally looking at him. His eyes pieced Harry and made him feel guilty for lying and even guiltier for not seeing his children. "We both know Ginny hasn't let you see them in at least a year," Shakelbolt continued. "I think it's time you paid them a visit."

Harry was confused. Ever since his divorce from Ginny, Harry had not been allowed to see Lily and James. Ginny refused to let a Slytherin lover near her children. It had all started when Albus had been sorted his first year at Hogwarts. To everyone's surprise, he had been sorted into the Slytherin House. Ginny had taken it harder than anyone. For weeks she refused to mention Albus's name at home and things just went downhill form there when he and James came home for Christmas.

Ginny had refused to treat Albus as one of her children. Apparently it was impossible to believe something she created to be a snake. What made everything worse was Albus speaking about a friend he had at Hogwarts. He had become great friends with Scorpius Malfoy. The first time Albus mentioned that name, Ginny began lecturing him about the evilness of all Slytherins and especially the Malfoys.

Harry on the other hand had been true to his word. He never once thought differently of Albus for being sorted into Slytherin. He was named after a Slytherin for God's sake. Why should Harry have thought different of him? It completely appalled Harry that Ginny was reacting so much. He always thought Ginny had the same view on the subject as he did. Apparently he was wrong.

After the boys went back to Hogwarts after break, Harry and Ginny began to have so trouble. Maybe trouble wasn't the right word. Their relationship went down the shitter. All they ever did was fight. Ginny began to slowly hate her own son. Harry by that point lost all respect for her. Whenever Albus would write home and Ginny received the owl, she would destroy the letter without so much as opening it. If Harry got the letter and Ginny found him with it all hell would break loose.

Ginny began calling Harry a Slytherin lover. She kept accusing him of wanting to raise more dark wizards and take over the world. Of course Harry ignored such accusations but he got more and more irritated by each one. That summer after Albus's first year at Hogwarts, he and Harry left Ginny and his two siblings.

The divorce was brutal. Ron was forced to choose between his sister and his best-friend that was like a brother. Hermione stayed neutral about the entire thing and gave Harry the best advice she could. The rest of the Weasleys stopped talking to Harry. Some of them believed as Ginny did, that he was a Slytherin lover. The rest didn't know what to think and thought it best to stay out of it. It was eventually decided that Ginny would have custody of Lily and James and Harry would have Albus. That first summer and the whole next year, Harry tried to spend as much time with all three of his children as possible. While James and Albus were at school, Harry would still try and see Lily as often as he could. However Ginny wanted to make his life miserable. Before he knew it, two of Harry's children refused to speak to him. By the time they went to Hogwarts, the only sentence Harry could get out of James was, "Get away from me you Slytherin lover." It later occurred to Harry Ginny had been brainwashing his children.

The first letter Harry got from Albus that year held no good news. Lily was of course a Gryffindor like her oldest brother and the two of them had done nothing but hurt Albus since the beginning of term. James had gotten his friends together and they took turns hexing Albus until a professor stopped them. James and his friends were all given detention but Harry couldn't help but think of the irony of the situation. He could remember Slytherins ganging up on young Gryffindors and now it was the other way around.

The attacks on Albus continued until Harry got fed up with the situation and paid James a visit at Hogwarts. Headmaster McGonagall welcomed him with opened arms and took him straight to the Gryffindor common room so he could speak with James about tormenting his brother. However, when he got there, James refused to look at him let alone speak to him. Harry realized his efforts were a lost cause so instead he went to comfort Albus.

When he returned home there was an owl waiting for him. James had written to Ginny while Harry was at Hogwarts claiming Harry was stalking him. Ginny then reported this to the judge in charge of their divorce. From that point on, all of Harry's visitation rights were suspended unless Ginny was present. That was 14 months ago. Harry hadn't seen Lily or James since.

Albus had stopped telling Harry about any problems he had with his siblings. By this point he was a forth year and could for the most part take care of himself. Although Albus had stopped informing Harry of his problems with his siblings, Harry knew they had not ceased. Harry did decide against his better judgment not to force the issue with him. All Harry could really do about was hope his children would change their ways.

Harry shook his head and awake from his musings. "Sir lets just say it has been a while."

"What about Weasely?"

Harry looked at the Minister confused. What did Ron have to do with any of this? They had managed to stay friends through the divorce but as soon as Ginny claimed he had been staking his own children, Ron couldn't look at Harry the same way. They continued to work together until a month ago. Ron walked into the office while Harry was opening a letter from Albus. Ron made the mistake of referring to Albus as a "Malfoy loving snake" before Harry punched him. By that point Harry had heard every degrading thing said about both him and Albus and he just lost in when his so called best-friend joined in with everyone else. Less than an hour later, Ron had a new partner and Harry was the pee on.

"Potter? I asked you a question."

Harry looked up at Shakelbolt not even realizing he had begun to day dream again. "Um… what about him?" Harry asked not knowing what else to say.

Shakelbolt sighed. "Not him. The other Weasely. Or do you prefer to call her the ex Mrs. Potter?" Shakelbolt asked, his voice full of sarcasm.

It was Harry's turn to sigh. He sent letters to Ginny every couple of weeks asking to see his children. She always sent one word replies. All Harry ever got out of her was a refusal to let him see Lily and James. His last letter had been a few days ago and had the same response, "No," in dark letters in the middle of a page of parchment. "It's been a while for that too."

"Well," Shakelbolt started as he got out of his chair for the first time since Harry entered the office, "I've decided it's been far too long for both. You need to see your children and it's about damn time you cleared this mess up with Ginny. Lucky for you I received an owl this morning that gives you the perfect opportunity," he said as he handed Harry a piece of parchment.

Harry looked down at the parchment with a frown on his face. Ginny would move heaven and earth to keep him away. How could there be a loophole to her plans. Harry opened the letter and read:

Dear Minister,

I need you to send Auror Potter to Hogwarts. There is something that needs attending to and only Potter can take care of the situation properly. It requires his level of expertise.


Minerva McGonagall

Harry looked up from the letter when he finished reading. "What happened?" He asked fearing the worst. Was it a new band of death eaters? Were there dementors surrounding the school? Was one of his children ill and calling for their father?

"As far as I know," Shakelbolt started slowly, "Not a bloody thing has happened out of the ordinary at Hogwarts. Minerva would have told why I was sending you out there if I was supposed to know. My guess is it has to do with your kids. However," Shakelbolt got a small grin on his face. It was the closest thing Harry could ever call a smile on that face, "I have no proof that this is not Auror related so, you get to be near your kids on my authority. I am sending you to Hogwarts on a job."

Harry let the news sink in. He was going to see his children again. Maybe by this point James would be able to understand him again and Lily might run and jump into his arms as every little girl should be able to do to her father. Plus, he had been worried about Albus for a few weeks since he got his last letter that was shorter than most. Harry was going to see his children again.

Harry's eyes lit up with anticipation. "When do I leave?" He asked urgently. He would have been there that second if he could. There was no way for Ginny to stop him. He was on orders from the Minister of Magic to check out what is going on at Hogwarts. A family court judge could not over rule that. He finally found his loophole.

"Hold on Potter," Shakelbolt said as he walked back around to his desk. "We have to take care of a few things first before you go." Shakelbolt then started searching for something in his desk.

Harry's mood dropped drastically. What needed to be taken care of? There wasn't really a way for Ginny to stop him, was there? He could be packed and at Hogwarts in the hour if he was allowed to leave that second.

"Potter," Shacklebolt sighed, "I just need to you give me proof that you really aren't going to stalk your children while you're there." Harry frowned. How could this man, someone that had known him for twenty some years think he was going to hurt his own flesh and blood? Shacklebolt reading Harry's reaction spoke up quickly. "No I don't think you would hurt them. However, not everyone is going to have the same view so when I am asked for proof that you are trustworthy on the matter I need to be able give everyone what they need," he finished just as he pulled a small bottle out of his desk. Harry stared at the bottle. He had a feeling he wasn't going to like this. "I just need you to drink a few drops of this and give me your word you won't do anything to hurt anyone and I do mean anyone at Hogwarts."

Veritaserum. Harry sighed. Great, just great. He knew he wasn't going to like it. Harry weighed his choices. He could either refuse to take the potion on his morals and not see his children. Or he could throw his morals on the matter away and see his children. There was no chance in his mind he was going to hurt anyone at Hogwarts. There was no bad blood between him and anyone there so why would he hurt anyone? Was there something he didn't know that he probably should have?

Harry looked at the vile again and shook his head. He really didn't have a choice in the matter. If he refused, people would assume he had something to hide. "Fine," Harry said as he took the vile out of the minister's hand and swallowed the contents. "Ask me anything."

With that Shakelbolt read from a piece of parchment full of questions. Most of them contained to "Do you have any intention of causing harm to any student at Hogwarts?" and "Is there any reason for me to keep you from going to Hogwarts?" Harry answered every question without thinking. If it hadn't been for the potion keeping him honest, Harry's answers would have become sarcastic by the end of the long list.

Finally when everything was finished Shakelbolt lied down the parchment and looked at the younger man. "You may go whenever you feel up to it." Just as Harry was about to leave his office he spoke again, "Harry, don't do anything stupid, ok?" Harry nodded his head and left. He went back to his office to gather his things and head to Hogwarts. He was going to see his children.


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