It wasn't easy for Draco to calm down Albus. Breakfast was almost over before Albus was sent to his dorm and excused from classes for the day. It wasn't the first time Albus had gotten emotional and had to be excused form classes. Normally when it happened, James was entirely to blame. James tended to take sibling rivalry to an entirely new level. When Albus had been named the Slytherin Seeker the year before, his broom mysteriously disappeared and turned up with a whole slew of hexes on it. Albus almost had to miss the first match of the year and would have if Draco hadn't stayed up all night getting rid of them all. That was when Draco started feeling more for Albus than just their student/teacher roles.

It wasn't long after that match when Albus started helping Draco brew his potions. Scorpius had a habit of landing himself in detention for pulling harmless pranks so Albus had many evenings with nothing to do. When Draco thought about it, he remembered a pair of matching Weasleys that were the same way. The thought always caused Draco to shudder, comparing his son to a Weasley. He tried not to think about it very often along with the reminder that Albus was part Weasley.

It was during one of their evening brews when Albus first confessed to Draco about his family. He told Draco the whole sordid tale of how his mother and abandoned his and his siblings had turned on him. Even most of his cousins wouldn't talk to him and the ones that did, wouldn't be seem with him. At first, Albus didn't mention his father. Draco simply assumed Albus didn't want to talk about a man they both know Draco hated. That was fine with him. He really didn't want to talk about Harry either.

It was one evening close to the end of Albus's third year when Harry was finally brought up. Apparently Scorpius had been bragging about the trip Draco was going to take him on that got Albus thinking about the upcoming holidays. That night Albus asked Draco the first question in years he didn't know how to answer.

"If my father abandons me too, can I move in with you and Scorpius?"

Draco paused right in the middle of adding the aconite to his potion. Of course he would have let Albus stay with him if something had happened. There was no question in his mind about it beside the giant list of reasons why he couldn't.

Draco received enough comments about special treatment with Scorpius being his son, even though he was getting A's at best. He really didn't want to see what people would say about Albus and himself if Albus moved in with him. Not only that, but the public would have a field day if they found out just how much time they spent together. He already wasn't trusted teaching children. Everyone already thought he was training them to be Death Eaters. Then what if the Aurors found out? They would be knocking down his door accusing him of kidnapping.

However, most of those thoughts didn't cross Draco's mind until later that night after Albus had left. The only thing to come to his mind was "Why?" Why would Albus think such a thing? Draco honestly didn't think Harry Potter would abandon any of his children but than something had to happen to make Albus fear it so much.

"You father would never do such a thing," Draco said in a low voice as his finished adding his ingredient and began to stir. "Albus Severus Potter," he began again slowly, "The man I remember never abandoned anyone and I can't believe he would start with his own child."

Draco then heard a sniff beside him. Albus was a proper Slytherin and all proper Slytherin know better than to ever let someone see them cry, but Draco could tell he wanted to. He put a reassuring hand on Albus's shoulder before asking the big question. "Why would you ever think such a thing?"

Albus sniffed again. "Last summer my mother abandoned me and I never thought that would happen either. What if Dad does that same thing? What if he decided he doesn't want a Slytherin for a son? What am I going to do if he doesn't want me either?" A single tear rolled down Albus's cheek. It wasn't a tear of sadness but a tear of fear. Draco pulled Albus into a hug and repeatedly told him everything he needed to hear.

That memory repeated though Draco's mind all the way to the Three Broomsticks. Harry's fight with James had confirmed Albus's fears and Draco was going to make sure Harry never heard the end of it. Once he finally reached Harry's room he took a deep breath. The meeting wouldn't go well if he raised his voice and went instantly on the offensive. He needed to be calm and collected.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" To hell with being clam. Draco meant business and the result in the door being slammed in his face. Draco shook his head. He wanted to yell at Harry so damnit he was going to yell. "Potter, open this bloody door or everyone in shouting range is going to hear what I have to say about your son!"

Draco's voice rose with every word until finally Harry opened the door. "About time," he huffed before pushing his way in and making himself comfortable at the table by the window."

"Oh do please come in." Harry remained by the door even after he closed it. "Now why are you really here? Don't tell me you honestly came all the way here because of James. Our relationship is none of your business."

"Wrong son you arse."

"What's wrong with Albus?" Harry asked as he finally made his way back to the table.

Draco anger rose. "Oh I don't know. Maybe he's up in his dorm crying his eyes out because his father wishes he didn't exist. Or maybe it's because he honestly thinks you're going to abandon him. It's one of the two."

"Wait, Albus thinks what?" Draco glared at the man before him. Honestly how thick could this man be?" "How could he think such a thing? I would never leave him."

"Honestly Potter. You said you wished there were no such things as Slytherins. You want all Slytherins to disappear and how is that supposed to make Albus feel?"

Harry sank into the seat opposite Draco. "That's not what I meant," Harry murmured to himself "He doesn't really think that."

"Yeah he does because that's what he heard." Draco sat back in his chair and conjured a pot of tea and two cups. "I don't know what you meant but he heard you say you wish he didn't exist."

Harry ignored the tea in front of him. "That's not what I meant," he repeated. "I just wish the house didn't exist."


"No," Harry said sternly. "I wish the Slytherin house didn't exist, not the students. I wish the students were all sorted else where. Then the Slytherins wouldn't be segregated from the rest of the school."

Draco anger cooled for a moment. That made sense to him. He only hoped it could be explained to Albus as well. Someone had to explain it to him and Draco was not the best man for the job. It wouldn't mean as much coming from him. "You are going to go up to that school and explain it to your son. I am not his father."

Harry sighed. "You're right, I am."

The two of them sat in silence for a moment before Draco asked, "Why the hell did you think Albus was so upset in the first place. You ran off when you saw him. If it wasn't what you said than what?"

Harry finally took his first sip of the tea in front of him. "I didn't think his was upset with what I said but how I said it."


"Albus hates parseltongue." Harry stated as if it explained everything. He must have notice Draco's confused look before he explained further. "He hates hearing me speak parseltongue. He hates it almost as much as he hates hearing James and me fight." Draco got even more confused. "When I speak parseltongue, I say things I don't want anyone else to hear. I used to use it to disguise any time I would curse when the kids were little."

"Sounds like a good plan." Ok, all of that information was interesting but it didn't answer his question. Draco was about to say more when Harry continued.

"Yeah, it was until I heard Albus and James talking to a snake in the back yard a few years ago. Lily thankfully did not acquire that lovely trait from me. It passed her up just like I had wished it would all of my children."

"What? Didn't want them to appear evil?" Draco asked sarcastically.

"Actually," Harry continued slowly, "yes. I went through hell when everyone found out I could speak it. I didn't want my children to be mistrusted just because they have that little ability."

Draco took another sip of his tea. "That still doesn't explain why Albus hates it."

"He hates it because it connects him to everything that makes me famous, all the pain so many people went through, all the lives lost, all the evil."


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