50 Ways To Exterminate Lana Lang

I'm sorry to those who like Lana…but then again you most likely wouldn't be reading this story… Although for those who don't like her or who are just reading the story…Enjoy!

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Chapter 1: The R.I.P.


Today was the day when the long-lived Lana Lang, took her last breath. She had a looooooooooong sad life…that damn every second the world gave her to achieve her goals only to be assassinated, tortured, or kidnapped the next… You never knew why she was always the one "To go after". It seemed as though everyone was after her at times…Heck! The girl shouldn't have even got her drivers license in the first place! But turned out what took her to her grave was old age… The Stupid girl should of-cough… I mean…She should of lived a much much longer life…It's a shame she had to die at the age of 95…death could of saved her sooo much torture… Anyways…here's what her gravestone says……for those who care…

Lana Lang



Well…I couldn't remember half of it! SO WHAT!

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