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You and I
We never had it easy baby
We had to work so hard
And every time it feels like we're gonna make it
That's when it falls apart, but


Lilly bit her lip and waited. She trained her eyes on Miley's face, however cold it might have appeared. If her nails wouldn't taste of salt and sand, she would have nibbled upon them anxiously.

Miley's frozen demeanor broke. Her smile became more natural and her muscles relaxed. "Do you want to have dinner with us?"

Lilly was both confused and relieved all at once. "What?"

"Dinner, my place. Coming?" Miley held out her hand.

It wasn't the answer Lilly had been looking for, but it was something. Taking the offered hand, Lilly nodded, "Of… of course."

"You can call your mom from my house if you need to let her know where you are." Miley laced their fingers together as they padded through the sandy hills. "So… are you okay?"

Lilly shook her head negatively. "No."

"Well, you'll heal." Miley assured her with a slight squeeze of their joined hands. "I'll help."

By the time they'd reached the Stewart residence, Lilly was hungrier for a real answer than for dinner. But she bit her tongue, afraid that she'd push Miley too far too soon. To all appearances, though, Miley was saying yes, but Lilly refused to rejoice until Miley actually responded verbally.

Dinner was a small home cooked meal consisting of a medium-rare flank steak, steaming vegetables, and well-mashed potatoes. As she filled her empty belly, Lilly couldn't help but notice her empty heart. While Mr. Stewart had made no comment at her arrival, she had felt out of sorts with the man and almost unwelcome at the dinner table.

"I dreamed about her." Miley's voice interrupted Lilly's thoughts.

"Who, darlin'?"

Lilly nibbled on a fluffy forkful of potatoes, "Yeah, who?"

"Mom," Miley responded, unable to keep a silly grin off her face.

Robby Ray wiped with his napkin, "Yeah?"

"Yeah. She told me that loving someone means forgiving them."

Robby nodded, "You momma always did have great advice."

Lilly waited, but it seemed that Miley was done talking. The table fell silent until Miley was finished eating. She pushed herself away from the table.

"I'll get the dishes later, Daddy." She bounded up the stairs, taking them two at a time.

Lilly remained seated and Robby tapped her hand, "Aren't you going to go after her?"

Snapping to attention, Lilly nodded, "I... yeah… I think."

"Lilly, the ball's in your court, kiddo." Robby Ray advised, "May seem like you're doin' all the work, but that's how it is."

Lilly nodded, her courage suddenly nowhere to be found. It took her a moment to get to her feet and trudge upstairs. She found Miley in Hannah's closet. Miley was fiddling with her stereo system, back to the door. As Lilly opened her mouth to speak, the music started. Lilly's weak interjection died on her lips.

Miley turned to the door and beckoned for Lilly to fully enter. Lilly stepped apprehensively inside, shutting the door behind her. Watching Miley turn to the racks of clothing, Lilly felt the need to try again bubble up.


The brunette's head popped up, "Yeah?"

"I want you back."

They stared at each other for a few tense seconds before Miley bit her lower lip and smiled.

"That's good…" she responded. Lilly's jaw dropped.

"That's good?" Lilly sputtered, ignoring the fact that Miley had reopened her mouth. "That's all I get? I just… well. Fine. Be that way. You can't say I didn't try."

Lilly fled the room and the house before Miley could finish her statement.

"Because I want you back, too."

Desperate to fix the error, Miley gave chase, pounding downstairs. She yelled quickly to her dad that she would be at Lilly's and not to worry. Running out the door, she took off down the street, wishing that Lilly wasn't so fast. Cursing the fact that she was wearing slip-on dance shoes with no traction or support, she hurried through the evening air.

She pounded on Lilly's door but when no answer came, Miley went around back. She knew the Truscotts kept a spare key under a fake rock in the garden – Several minutes later she was inside. She could hear loud thumps from Lilly's bedroom, so that was her first stop.

She found Lilly through books off a bookcase. The books fluttered through the air and smashed into various pieces of furniture and the wall. Lilly was muttering furiously under her breath, but Miley couldn't catch the words.


Lilly hesitated, "What do you want?"

"You left before I could finish."

Now Lilly completely froze. "Say what?"

Miley closed the distance between them and placed her hands on Lilly's forearms.

"I was going to say I want you back, too." To cap off her statement, she pressed a kiss on Lilly's astounded, slightly gaping mouth. She gripped Lilly in a tight hug.

"So…" Lilly tried to form a coherent thought. "So I stormed off… for no reason?"

Miley chuckled, entirely relieved, "Just a little."

Lilly went lax in her arms, "Well I'm glad my mom isn't here to see my mess."

Miley nested her head on Lilly's shoulder, "Where is she anyways?"

"She's staying with her sister for the night. I… well, I told her I was staying with Oliver's family." Lilly chuckled, "She wouldn't want me here alone."

Miley placed a feathery kiss on Lilly's neck, "You're not alone."

Lilly flushed slightly, "Well, yeah, but she doesn't know that…"

Miley made her way along Lilly's jaw-line, peppering kisses every few centimeters. She paused a moment as she came upon Lilly's lips.

"I'm sorry," Lilly interjected quietly.

"I know." Miley kissed her.

"I'll never do it again."

"I know." Another kiss.

"I need you."

"I know." Miley cut off further conversation by giving Lilly's mouth a longer-term project. Her hands crept to the hem of Lilly's shirt and tugged experimentally. Lilly's elbows had been previously locked at her side relaxed. Breaking their lip lock only to remove the offensive material, Miley pushed Lilly backwards slowly until the back of Lilly's knees hit the twin-sized bed on the other side of the room. Lilly leaned back onto the mattress, pulling Miley with her. And for a while there was only the sound of ruffled clothing being tossed aside and a few muted moans.

Miley ran her fingers down Lilly's back, enjoying the skin-on-skin contact. Lilly, for her part, shuddered as Miley's fingers trailed a little too low. She bit gently onto Miley's collarbone as Miley found her center.

"Ah…" Lilly had been supporting herself on her knees, but found it very hard to stay up; she collapsed against Miley's body. Miley used this as an excuse to resume her position on top. Sliding her legs apart, Lilly thrust her head back into the mattress, her eyes closed.

Miley's mouth wandered down Lilly's prone body, stopping at Lilly's chest. She licked up to the peak of one mound, taking a deliberately slow pace. Her fingers, otherwise occupied, kept time with the motion of her mouth.

Lilly's hands tightened on the bed sheets. Her body felt like it was on fire – though she had no desire to put it out. Her leg twitched as Miley's fingers worked their magic. She could vaguely feel one of Miley's hands massaging her inner thighs, and she was aware the Miley was paying homage to her chest, but all she could focus on were those fingers.

"My… Miley… Please…"

Grinning wolfishly, Miley removed her moist fingers. Lilly panted beneath her, but opened one eye in response. She watched as Miley sucked on her fingers for a moment before the brunette's head disappeared from sight. Seconds later Lilly could think no more. Her legs tightened involuntarily around Miley's body, trying to hold the other girl in place.

Every muscle in Lilly's body tensed and Miley drew back, proud of her hard work. When Lilly went limp against the bed, Miley crawled her way back up Lilly's body and cuddled the blonde. Lilly gasped, trying to catch her breath.

"Where… Where'd you learn that?" She managed to whisper huskily.

Miley chuckled, "I do read, you know."

Lilly nuzzled Miley's cheek with a contented smile. "Love you."

"Love you, too." Miley cocked her eyebrows at her Lilly, not content to rest just yet. "Lil…"

"Yeah, Mile?" Lilly returned the facial expression with a lecherous smile.

As the evening hours turned to early morning, they curled up together, fast asleep. It was around three-thirty in the morning when the door to Lilly's room creaked open and a pale figure entered the dark room.

It floated across the floor and solidified at the base of Lilly's bed. He sighed deeply, eyes fixated on the sleeping form of his daughter. Reaching out, he rested his cool fingers against Lilly's cheek.

"I'm sorry, Lilly-bear." He whispered. "I want you to be happy."

She shifted in her sleep, quite oblivious to any supernatural occurrences. "Love you, daddy."

"Love you, Lilly."

As he dissipated, Lilly yawned and sat up slightly. She had gotten the oddest feeling that she and Miley weren't alone. But a quick scan of the room assured her that they were safe and no harm would come to them. She smiled sleepily and settled back down.


Baby I'll take my chances with you

Love is what you make it
So give it one more try
Cause I get turned down when you're not around
I just can't take it all.
– I'll Take My Chances, The Click Five


And thusly it ends. I don't think I'll ever follow this one up, so this truly is where it ends. Thanks for all the reviews and support. Much love – Qym.