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I was having the dream again. It was one of those times that you know you're dreaming, but you can't seem to wake yourself up. I hated those the worst. It was a reoccurring dream, the one I hadn't had since we were in our old cabin in the forest, after Jeb disappeared the first time after we got out of the School.

I running through the forest, same as always. I heard the distant barking of dogs, but I knew they would be on me before I knew it. I continued running, ignoring the dull pain in my lungs, and the scrapes and cuts my feet were suffering. All of that was minor, I just had to get away, just like always. I skidded to a halt in the small clearing, the cliff stretching in front of me, a sheer drop. I looked back and saw that the Erasers and dogs after me had yet to get close.

I took a breath and ran for the cliff, just like I always did. I was just about to the edge when claws dug deep into my shoulder and threw me backwards. I landed heavily on the rocky ground, feeling the air leave my lungs in one big whoosh. I coughed forcefully, feeling panic grip me. I was trying to stand up when the rough, clawed hand clenched the front of my shirt and lifted me up.

I was still disoriented, but I started beating at the hand holding me with my own hands, but its grip was too strong. My feet kicked at the air in front of me, useless since the Eraser held me out of reach to the rest of his body. I felt like a little kid throwing a hissy fit. It was extremely pathetic.

"Where are you off to, little birdie?" a dark voice chuckled.

I finally looked into the face of the Eraser, his breath hitting my face in a rant-smelling puff. I was staring into the eyes of a little boy (or what used to be a little boy), but no more of his kindness and innocense remained in those eyes.

"Ari," I said quietly, feeling tears come to my eyes. I was looking at my little half-brother. The one that died right in front of my eyes.

"You got that right," he chuckled in a foreign voice. A not-Ari voice. "I finally caught you. We'll see who's the better child now, won't we?"

He walked over to the edge of the cliff, his eyes never leaving mine. I weakly fought against him, but I was still so shocked. I didn't know what was going on.

"But . . ." I started. "But you're dead."

He laughed again, sending shivers down my spine. He shook his head. "Not anymore. But you are."

He threw me over the cliff-side. Immediately, I went to bring out my wings to catch the air . . . but they didn't snap out like they always did. I tried again and again, but nothing happened. I was plummeting head first toward the rocks below, but I couldn't see them, only darkness. I looked down toward my feet and saw Ari's huge figure becoming smaller and smaller.

"Ari!" I screamed.

His laughed reached me again, just as loud as it was when he was right beside me. "No wings!" he shouted.

This was it, I was going to die . . .


"Max, Max," a voice said.

Arms were shaking me forcefully. My eyes snapped open and I shot upwards. I started hyperventilating and immediately reached behind me to feel the feathers of my wings. I sighed heavily, relieved, but found it hard to calm my breath and my racing heart (Well, racing on our avian hybrid standards). I looked over to see Fang kneeling by where I was laying. He moved a short distance away because I apparently snapped out my wings.

After I finally calmed myself down, I pressed my wings back against my back. Fang still had his serious face on, but his eyes showed every form of worry. I shook my head and held it in my heads, bringing my knees up to my chest.

"Are you okay?" Fang asked. "You were having a nightmare or something."

"I'm fine," I lied, taking deep, calming breaths, trying to myself back together.

"Liar. What did you dream?"

I shook my head forcefully, trying to shake the dream away from my head. "Nothing. Is my turn to keep watch?"

"Yeah, but, Max . . ."

I stood up abruptly, nearly falling over again from the light-headed feeling again. "Get some sleep. I'm going to fly out make sure nothing is around. See you in the morning."

I rushed over to the mouth of the cave and dropped over the edge. I brought out my wings and sighed as the wind caught them and kept me in the air. They were still there. I flew around the top of the mountain that Nudge managed to pick out for us.

I was glad I didn't wake the rest of the flock. They always worried when I had dreams, or brain attacks, or anything along that nature. I was supposed to protect them, not worry them . . . I felt my stomach turned heavily in my body and then shift all different directions.

I slowed my speed, I was using my super-speed around the mountain as I was lost in thought. I stopped and landed rather roughly in a grove of trees. I tripped as I went to walk and hit the ground with a thud. I threw up all of my dinner on the forest floor, feeling my stomach clench again. I dry-heaved for a few minutes before my stomach finally calmed down.

I stood up slowly and started to walk away from the puddle I left behind. My head felt lighter than usual and my sense of balance was obviously off because I bumped into trees every ten seconds. I stopped to lean against, focusing on my breathing. I closed my eyes to keep everything around me from spinning.

"What the hell is wrong with me?" I asked out loud to the silent forest.

"I dunno, but I think it just got a lot worse for you," a dark voice laughed.

I whirled around, which I shouldn't have, because I felt vertigo overtake my senses. I leaned against the tree again and squinted to focus on the approaching figures. They were obviously too big to be human, and their furry muzzles prodding from their face was kind of a dead giveaway.

"Shit," I grumbled.