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Echizen Ryoma was scowling.

No, not the "You-suck-at-tennis" scowl. It wasn't the "Damn-those-fangirls" scowl, too. How he wished for an easier and less complicated life.

Why was he scowling?

He had homework. Quite understandable, right?

Well, Ryoma was not one to scowl because of a trivial matter like homework. He can easily grasp difficult ideas like when Mr. Great discovered the Land of Greatness, or how Confusing A and Confusing B can be the lost elements of the Confusing Alphabet.

So now you might be wondering how complex the subject is to made Ryoma scowl?

Surely not English?


For Ryoma was scowling because he had homework...in English.

You might shake your head in disbelief or widen your eyes at the impossibility of the thought, but it really is true.

He had to do an essay in English.

Then, what the hell's wrong with that? Ryoma was born in America!

Yes, he was born in America and can speak in straight English with his eyes closed and four pies on his hand.

He has no problem expressing himself in English.

The only problem is he doesn't know exactly what to express.

It would have been great for him if the topic involved tennis or cats. Hell, making a procedural essay about cooking spaghetti would have been much, much, much better!

What the hell was their sensei thinking, anyway? Who in their right mind would want their students to make an essay about the "Effects of Pornography in One's Sanity"?

Ryoma made a mental note to hit his sensei with the Twist Serve once he enters college.

No, wait. Scratch that. He reminded himself to just take up a Nursing course in college and then hit his sensei with the Twist Serve. I mean, he could say that Twist Serves help stimulate the neurons in our body for faster reflexes, right?

For the time being, Ryoma had to write the essay first before thinking about his future plans.

With a sinking heart, he stood up and made his way towards the bedroom of his father and mother.

Damn it. Oyaji would never let me forget about this one.

"Nanjirou!", Echizen Rinko shouted to catch her husband's attention. "Were you listening to me?", she asked, hands on her hips.

"Of course! You were talking about..er..dishwashing, right?", Echizen Nanjirou guessed while his eyes were still set on the educational pictures in front of him.

"I wasn't talking about dishwashing.", Rinko stated bluntly.

"Oh. Damn.", Nanjirou muttered.

"What?", Rinko started, "Did I just hear a swear word?"

"I didn't swear! I said 'clam'!", he denied.

"I'm not in the mood to talk about clams, Nanjirou. I was talking about Ryoma's future.", Rinko said, her eyebrows furrowed in thought.

"His future? What about it?"

"Well... I was thinking that Ryoma feels a little lonely. You know, having no company and all that...", Rinko smiled sweetly at Nanjirou.

"What are you talking about? Nanako's here.", Nanjirou replied quite stupidly.

"I meant having no siblings.", Rinko winked.

"What do you --- ohhhhh.", Nanjirou smirked. Man, I'm hot.

And just when he was about to kiss Rinko, a knock was heard on their door.

"Who's there?!", Nanjirou bellowed. He was going to go to paradise!

"It's me.", Ryoma's monotone voice was heard.

"S-seishounen?", Nanjirou couldn't believe it! He should teach Ryoma the art of timing some time. "Now is not a good time!", he yelled.

"Dear!", Rinko shot a disapproving look at Nanjirou. "You can come in, Ryoma!", she said, addressing Ryoma.

Oh great. Just great. We were sooo close! Nanjirou was crying inside.

"I need help.", Ryoma said, looking down. He was blushing faintly and biting his lower lip.

"Help with what, honey?", Rinko asked softly. Finally! Ryoma was opening up to them!

"Pornography.", Ryoma mumbled.

"Louder, seishounen!", Nanjirou was annoyed.

"I said I need help.", Ryoma was ANNOYED, with capital letters.

"Yes, honey. We already heard that. What do you need help with?", Rinko questioned, feeling like every bit of a good mother. She was practically beaming!

"With pornography.", Ryoma repeated. His voice was clear this time.

"E-excuse me?", Rinko asked. "With photography?", she faked a smile, hoping to have heard wrong.

"No. Pornography.", Ryoma repeated, getting more annoyed with each passing second.

Nanjirou gulped, feeling speechless. "I..er..woah. I mean, you..ah..p-po-por?", he managed to stutter.

Ryoma felt frustrated. "I said I need help with pornography, okay? Pornography. Pornography. Por. No. Gra. Phy! Is it too hard to understand?", he yelled.

And then, there was silence.

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