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Allen: We're in this website? AGAIN?

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Boys Will Be Boys

Chapter 1 – The Mystery of The Blood Samples

"Allen-kun! Are you awake?"

Allen Walker leapt lightly off from the chair he was using to do his 300 bendings and grabbed his shirt. As he pulled it on, he opened the door.

"Rinali!" he said. The Chinese girl smiled at him apologetically.

"Hi, Allen-kun, have I come at a wrong time?" she questioned.

"No, no, I just finished my bendings," Allen responded.

"Oh, okay. I'm sorry, but are you afraid of needles?" Rinali asked, moving to Allen's bed.

The cursed boy sat next to her before replying, "Not really."

"Good. I need your blood sample," Rinali said, waving a syringe in his face.

"Ehh?" Allen blinked. "Why?"

Rinali shrugged. "I wish I knew. Komui nii-san asked me to get your blood sample," she said. "Believe me, I bugged him for nearly an hour last night but he wouldn't say."

Allen screwed up his face. "Hmm…I guess Komui-san wouldn't be doing anything dangerous with a blood sample," he considered.

"I totally agree. Nii-san wouldn't be that irresponsible…I think," Rinali said uncertainly.

Both of them sweatdropped anime style as they thought of the Komurins.

"Nope, no way, nii-san can't be making a robot with blood," Rinali shook her head. "So can I have that blood sample?"

"Why not?" Allen said, pulling up his sleeve.

As Rinali approached his arm, she stopped.

"Wow, Allen-kun, you're really sweaty. How can you do your bendings in your shirt?" she asked.

"Ahh, I don't. It's just that you came by, so I had to put it on," was the reply.

"Oh," Rinali said, tilting her head.

'Hmm, if only I got to see Allen-kun without his shirt…bet he's not as scrawny as Kanda thinks!'

"Uh, Rinali? The blood sample?" Allen waved his hand in front of her face.

"Oh yeah! Sorry," Rinali laughed nervously and briskly did what she came for.

"Thanks, Allen-kun!" she said as she pocketed the blood sample.

"N-no problem…" Allen said. He was feeling a little light-headed.

"I suggest you lie down for a while. If you go down to breakfast now, for you, you might suffer some kind of, er, side-effect," Rinali said helpfully.

"Okaay…" Allen nodded, falling back on his bed limply. Rinali smiled at him and left the room.

'This feels…nice…' Allen thought hazily, closing his greyish-silver eyes.

In his room, Kanda Yuu was doing something he'd just recently taken up; hanging upside down from a rod attached to the ceiling. It was pretty stretching for the muscles, but we know Kanda, he only thinks it's relaxing. He was just doing that in peace and quiet when a knocking interrupted the silence.

"Who the hell are you?" he barked at the door.

"It's me," a female voice said impatiently.

Kanda rolled his eyes. He already knew no good would come out of this so-called visit. "It's not locked, just come in already."

Rinali entered the room. Kanda knew her better than Allen did, so he raised an eyebrow at the surprised expression on her face. She wasn't usually fazed by topless guys.

"You, I get to see. Allen-kun, no. What's wrong with fate?" Rinali muttered.

"Do me a favour, Rinali. Shut up," Kanda said. Listening to her pointless chatter was already giving him a headache. Or maybe the blood was going to his head…?

"Not till I have what I came for," Rinali said.

Kanda sighed. "Rinali, I've told you a zillion times, I'm not the only damn person in this entire place who's got hair ties. Go ask Miranda or—"

"I don't want hair ties! I just bought myself some!" Rinali snapped. "I want your blood sample."

"What?" Kanda yelled. In one quick movement, he was off the rod and on his feet.

"Yeah, your blood sample," Rinali repeated.

Kanda stared at her. "No way."

"Why not?" Rinali asked. Very slowly, unnoticeable by Kanda, she slipped her hand into her pocket.

"Your deluded brother wants it, doesn't he? I ain't giving my blood to him to make another stupid Komurin," the samurai Exorcist said.

"For God's sake, Kanda, who can make a robot with blood?" the Chinese girl said, exasperated.

"As if that damned Komui doesn't think so—" Kanda began, but a split second later Rinali was gone. Before Kanda's samurai instincts could detect where she disappeared to, she landed lightly on his back and slapped whatever she was holding over his nose and mouth.

'Shit! Chloroform…damn you, Rinali…' he cursed silently.

The last thing he heard was Rinali saying bossily, "Oh, FYI, Kanda? Miranda uses hairnets, not hair ties, why do you think I always ask you? Only you're such a freak about your hair ties…"

Then all was black…

Allen paced back and forth, apparently aimlessly. Well, not exactly aimlessly, but anyone who saw him would definitely think so.

The thing is, Allen was lost. Again.

He always got lost, of course, but of late, he'd been lost just somewhere around Kanda's corridor.

Why, he didn't know. But he never really realized he was in Kanda's corridor because ALL the corridors looked the same.

To poor Allen, that is.

As he walked, the door opened, and there stood Kanda.

"What're you doing here again, Moyashi?" he said.

"I…" Allen stammered. He could NOT say he was lost. Not again.

"I'm on my way to the cafeteria," he finished stiffly, beginning to walk down the corridor.

Kanda took hold of his arm impatiently. "Which, if I'm not wrong, in the opposide direction you're going," he said.

Allen blinked, his face slowly turning pink. "Um…is it?"

Kanda sighed, looking away from that blushing face. There was something lethally disarming about that blush.

"Pay attention, Moyashi," he said, and began to stride off, still holding Allen's arm.

Allen stared up at Kanda's side profile as they walked. Was this really the guy who'd said crudely, "As if I'd shake hands with a cursed person" when they first met?

'Maybe he's running a fever.'

Allen glanced down at the hand holding his arm. Didn't feel that hot.

They reached the cafeteria. Lavi and Rinali almost choked on their coffee when they saw Kanda and Allen. Well, Rinali almost; Lavi's coffee waterfall narrowly missed a poor Finder's face.

"Whoa, way to come out of the closet, Yuu-chan," Lavi whistled.

Kanda glanced down. He stared at Allen's arm in his hand for a full five seconds before hurriedly dropping it like a piece of white-hot metal and strode off towards Jeryy.

"Yeah, Rinali, I think you did take too much blood from him," Lavi commented to Rinali.

"Huh? But I took the same amount from Allen-kun and he looks fine ta me," Rinali considered, staring at Allen and turning to look at Kanda.

"You took HIS blood sample too? Now I really am nervous," Allen said, sitting down.

"It doesn't concern me, but me too," the Chinese girl replied with concern. "Komui nii-san's been seriously OOC lately. He and the other scientists too."

"Maybe they're just testing for AIDS," Lavi remarked idly.

Two fists punched him right in the noggin.

"Oww! What was that for? Itai…"

"Lavi! How could you?" Rinali spluttered.

"Do I LOOK like I'd go sleeping around like some two-bit whore?" Allen hissed.

"Hehehe…it was just a joke, don't take it so seriously," Lavi grinned, ruffling Allen's hair affectionately.

"Your sense of humour's sometimes a bit warped," Allen said.

"I know!" Lavi said, winking; at least maybe that was what he meant to do, seeing that there was only one eye visible anyway. "Besides, you're too young, you're younger than Rinali, for goodness' sake. Even if you do have a cute face."

"I'm not cute," Allen pouted. Lavi smirked while Rinali's eyes turned into heart sparkles.

"You're definitely cute, Allen-kun," the Chinese said fondly. "Too cute, in fact. But you're the youngest in the Order, you should be."

"But you're cute too, Rinali," Allens aid. "You're the youngest girl in the Order, right?"

"Unfortunately," Rinali pulled a face. "There're too many guys around me."

"Isn't that a good thing?" Lavi asked. "You have many brothers to look out for little Rinali."

"One brother is plenty, thanks, and I want to get away from him," Rinali shuddered.

Lavi and Allen sighed in agreement.

Now they were back on the mystery of the use of the blood samples.

"Come to think of it, where is Komui, anyways?" Lavi said. "He and Reever and the other scientists all disappeared."

"I guess they're working on the blood samples, but what for?" Rinali mused.

"If the scientists are helping, it can't be another Komurin. They hate the Komurins," Allen added.

"You're right. So if it ain't a Komurin and it needs blood…" Lavi said slowly.

"Zombie?" All three said, blinking.

"Baka," a voice scoffed. It was Kanda.

"Well, for all you know, it could be a zombie," Lavi said. "Something like a Komui-stein, maybe."

"What does the Order need a zombie for? We already have six of them," Kanda remarked cuttingly.

"Well, maybe that's why. They hate the mountain of work they hafta do," Rinali said.

"My precious blood is used to become those idiots' servant? Your brother's definitely got himself a date with Mugen," Kanda snapped.

Rinali sighed. "Good luck nii-san," she said wryly.

'But seriously, nii-san…what are you doing with the blood samples?'

Syaoran: Good, good! So far so good!

Allen: Jeez, I'm clueless. Miss Syaoran, what the HELL are you making us do? The other Authoresses told us…some didn't though, but they weren't that mean…

Syaoran: You'll just have to wait and see. Only I know the plan.

Lavi: And me, don't forget!

Syaoran: Oh, yeah. Dang you, Lavi. You should be thanking your lucky stars that I love you and almost worship you.