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B o y s . W i l l . B e . B o y s .

C h a p t e r . T w e n t y . S i x – R i n y u e .

Lavi whistled boredly to himself as he walked down the hallways, his hands clasped behind his head. Every once in a while he would reach forward and brush away his red bangs impatiently, and every time he did so he would mentally curse the Noah who stole the one thing that could keep his unruly hair in place. Why, of all things, did Tyki had to take his bandanna? Though of course, Lavi had to admit he looked better without it.

It had only been two days since the little Kanda family had gone to Japan, and already Lavi was restless as heck for them to come back. It wasn't as if Rinali was boring—oh no, on the contrary they'd both enjoyed themselves reading and discussing ideas for Rinali's latest Yullen doujin as openly as they liked since their victims—er, friends—weren't there to protest. They even took time to prank-call people together, the most fun calls being to Bak Chan at the Asian Headquarters (Lavi as Rinali, much to her mortification) and Miranda Lotto herself (both as 'ghosts'—seriously, can anyone get any more gullible?)

No, Lavi just really missed the boys.

As he turned the corner, he saw Rinali running towards him. "Lavi! Quick! We've gotta go to Nii-san's office."

"Why, what's Komui got?" Lavi asked, confused.

"We've got a mission!" Rinali said breathlessly.

Lavi froze. A mission? There hadn't been a mission since the bogus one where the Noahs just wanted to mess with them like the idiots they were. Will it be the same again?

Both of them arrived at Komui's office in no time. The head supervisor looked up with an uncharacteristically grim expression.

"Rinali-chan, Lavi," he began, consulting several sheets of paper at one go, "the mission you're going to be assigned is in Japan."


"There's a terrible disturbance there and oddly enough there aren't any Finders in the area to inform Kanda and Allen."

"What about Timcanpy? We can communicate with him through the wireless," Lavi said.

"He's with me. I had Johnny fix him, there was a problem with his recorder," Komui explained.

"Oh. So do we have to, like, inform them?" Rinali asked awkwardly, shifting from one foot to the other. "I mean, they're with Kanda's family and all."

Komui sighed. "I know, I know. Unfortunately you will have to tell them," he said. "It doesn't seem too serious, but there's definitely Innocence involved."

Rinali and Lavi nodded and left the office, exchanging glances. The mission sounded kind of fishy. How could they put it past the Noahs not to repeat the previous episode?

"Look, Lavi, I can tell you're thinking about Lynnfa," Rinali muttered— Allen had told her everything under torture, of course. "But don't worry. If it happens again, this time I'm here too, I can help."

"You're a sweetheart, Rinali," Lavi began slowly, "but, uh, if even Yuu could fall into the Noahs' trap… what makes you think you… won't?"

Rinali was silent for a moment. Lavi looked at her anxiously, scared that he'd insulted her. Then she lifted her head to look directly at him, and it took all of Lavi's guts not to emit a very unmanly scream at the huge, dangerous grin on her face.

"You men lack the girl power."

x X X x

Allen opened his eyes slowly, focusing his gaze. Wait, where was he?

Oh, yeah. Kanda's old room in Chiba. Che.

He sat up and noticed that he was alone. He glanced at the clock— it read 2pm.

"Where're the twins?" he murmured to himself, yawning and climbing off the bed in search of the boys, motherly instincts kicking in already even in his half-groggy state.

Having found nobody in the house, Allen stepped out to the lawn, and sure enough, they were all there except Rinyue— the chibi twins, the Kanda twins and Yuu.

Allen's jaw dropped at the awesome sight he beheld.

Yuukan and Andy were shooting around with water guns (pretty reminiscent of Jasdebi gone wild actually), and Kanda, dripping wet, was spraying his laughing siblings, who were carrying half-filled buckets, madly with a hose.

Allen had never seen Kanda look like this, having so much fun. He looked pretty mad at being drenched, of course, but there was a slight grin on his lips as he maniacally tsunami-ed Nakire and Kisaka, oddly allowing Rufan to skip out of the way and fling her bucketful of water at him. Andy suddenly caught sight of Allen staring at them with a dumb expression.

"Mama!" he called.

Instantly everyone froze like a tableaux, looking at Allen with open mouths as if they were high-school students caught guilty by the principal. Then they slowly looked at their water weapons. Then, two and two clicked together.



Two water jets, one super blast and three splashed all made Allen their target. The silver-haired teen squealed as cold water hit his entire body, effectively soaking him head to toe. Wildly he located another water hose and caught it up. Next thing Allen knew, he was an active participant in the hydro war.

They all moved around, attacking and dodging like pro fighters except with insane beams on their faces, until a fountain met Allen's eyes. Nakire, Kisaka and Rufan were the first to dive in, defeated and laughing crazily. Then it was a battle between the chibi twins and their parents. Of course, due to the strength difference in their weapons, Yuukan and Andy were the next to join the Kanda siblings and they started splashing each other in the water.

Kanda and Allen stood victoriously with their hoses, breathing deeply, then they looked at each other. Kanda's eyes began to gleam all too familiarly, and a second later Allen found out his evil intention.

"Oh no you don't!" he yelled, shooting at Kanda with his hose as hard as he could. The force pushed the samurai right into the fountain, and he surfaced with his hair hanging down the sides of his face, spitting out water and getting glomped by Yuukan and Andy. Allen laughed in triumph, but Kanda, not one to give up so easily, lunged out and caught hold of Allen around the waist, pulling him into the fountain with an almighty cry of revenge.

It was quite a sight. Three grown-up hunks, a beautiful though tomboyish woman, a pretty young teenager and two adorable little boys, all wrestling together in the fountain, behaving like escaped mental patients. No wonder Rinyue gave a little shriek and nearly dropped the tray of lemonade she was holding when she came out to meet them.

"Oh my word! Kisa-kun, Naki-chan, Ru-chan, Yuu-chan!" she exclaimed. "Why didn't you tell me, I might at least've gotten out your swimmin' things for you! Oh, look at them poor chibis, their clothes! I'll hafta find Yuu-chan's old things to fit 'em. You too, Alleny darlin'!"

"Aw, Kaa-san, be a sport. It's hot as hell today," Kisaka groaned, climbing out of the fountain and helping his twin and stepsister out.

"That's what the lemonade's for, dear," Rinyue said, setting the tray onto a table under a huge umbrella. "Now c'mon, do go dry off. Yuu-chan, get some clothes for your boys, please."

"Fine," Kanda answered flatly. Allen was about to get up from the fountain too when Kanda took hold of his hand and pulled him into his lap.

"What, Yuu? Aren't you cold?" Allen asked, giggling as the water lapped around his neck, tickling him.

"No way. I want to get something done before we get out," Kanda smirked, and with that said he pulled the British boy towards him and kissed him hard.

Allen kissed him back, stupefied at the bold action since they were right out in the open (with Rinyue smiling fondly, Rufan and Nakire squealing fangirlishly and Kisaka shaking his head but grinning). When they parted, Allen was already breathing hard as their lips lingered teasingly against each other, and Kanda whispered, "I've always wanted to try kissing you in water."

The younger teen blushed brilliantly. "That sounds kinda wrong, Yuu, but in any case I'll let it pass," he smiled coyly.

"Believe me, that doesn't sound wrong. Unless of course you've never heard of shower sex?"

"Yuu! You dirty-minded— ah, what can I do, I don't mind it…"

x X X x

About forty-five minutes later, the weird bunch were all out in the garden again— this time they weren't going in the fountain, but they were mostly undressed. (Get your minds out of the gutter, now.) The boys were all shirtless and wearing shorts, and Nakire and Rufan were in tank tops and shorts. Rinyue and Allen were catching up from the 'old days' over glasses of lemonade, and Kanda was just half-listening, staring rather blankly into space thinking of random things such as, oh, exactly what would he do with a completely helpless, handcuffed Allen when there was nobody in the house except the two of them…

Yes, yes, quite obviously our dear Kanda's mind has progressed from yuri to yaoi. Though he was glad he was the only one who knew where his treasured collection was now.

"…but I'm not really working there anymore though, darlin', because I've got a family an' I'll stick here instead. The twins are so good for my Ru-chan— although they corrupted her— an' they're such lovely company for me too," Rinyue was saying wistfully.

"That's a good thing, Nina-san," smiled Allen, but Rinyue waved her hand vigorously.

"No, no, don't address me that way anymore," she said almost tearfully. "You can call me Rinyue— it is my real name after all. Or— or…"

She looked rather nervous all of a sudden, and kept glancing at Kanda, who was blissfully unaware as he was deeply engrossed within his own train of NC-17 thought, though able to keep his face as perfectly blank and serious as always.

Allen understood what she wanted to say.

"Don't worry, I get what you want to say," he smiled, reaching out and touching her hand. "Kaa-san."

Now real tears began pooling in Rinyue's eyes—she furiously swiped them away and smiled back at Allen gratefully. "You're a sweet boy, darlin'. Nothing like what Cross-sama said."

Allen felt his usual comical twinge of dislike from hearing his General's name, but he had more pressing matters at hand to deal with right then. "Nin—I mean, Kaa-san… what exactly did you do with Shishou anyway?"

Rinyue stole another glance at Kanda, whose expression was still flat. One had the impression he was actually sleeping with his eyes open, the way they glazed over like glass.

"To be perfectly honest, Alleny— nothin'," she finally confessed. "I don't really like Cross-sama."

Allen's expression was hilarious, to put it simple.

"T-t-t-then… then why…?"

Rinyue smiled and shook her head. "I just did it so that Yuu-chan would at least be upset about the fact that I was with him. You see, darlin', I've always loved little Yuu, he was a precious kid. An' actually, the history we were tellin' you, we lied a lil' bit. I was a friend of the family, I've always been, an' Yuu did like me before his mama passed away… but he began to change when I came into the family to take care of him and the twins."

A tear slipped down her cheek. "It broke my heart, it did. I mean, imagine this lovely little shounen smilin' and laughin' with you, bein' all animated when you ask him how his day was an' everythin', then turnin' into a sulky, cold-hearted child right in front of your eyes an' you know, to him, it's all your fault."

Allen completely understood, even though he'd never been in the same position as Rinyue did. If only Kanda knew all this. But no, there he was, looking like he'd fall off the chair with that same look on his face if you pushed him.

"Don't worry, Kaa-san," he said quietly. "I'll sort things out for you, okay? It's just one big misunderstanding. Everything will be fine, I'm sure."

"I hope so, Alleny," Rinyue said, drawing in a great breath and attempting to compose herself. "I'm already glad that your lil' boys don't mind me so much."

"Nonsense, they love you, they already consider you their grandma," Allen grinned, and as expected, Rinyue shrieked in horror.

"No! Not a grandma!"

"Haha, yeah, an obaa-san, they won't change what they call you, y'know?"

"Oh nooo!"

x X X x

"Rinali, what the heck…? We're just going to Japan for a mission, not a holiday," Lavi muttered, staring at the mountainous pile of books and DVDs Rinali was dragging along into her suitcases.

"What do you think these are, Lavi? They're doujin! And animes! And real mangas!" Rinali snapped. "They're for Kanda's sisters!"

"You know what? Anyone who would think you're the one going to get married to Kanda or something," the Bookman sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose.

"No, this is just communication between fellow fujyoshi. I must uphold my honour," beamed the Chinese girl. "Yes! Okay, let's go!"

"Jeez, the lengths girls go to for BL," Lavi rolled his eyes as he followed her out of her room, Timcanpy perching happily on his head.

'If it's that bastard Tyki Mikk again… I'm definitely getting back my bloody bandanna.'

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