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Summary: Literally speaking, it's a 'Battle of Kings'. Set three years after the Nationals in OVA. One makes it obvious that he's interested in her, but she wants nothing with him. Another is a complete mystery, but she is drawn to him. Who will she choose in the end?

I chose different title because I think if I named it Battle of Kings it will be too…cliché. And it'd be the same as Fay-san's DN. To tell you the truth, this will not be the same as the DN.

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Rated for language and sly innuendos used, hahaha.

Text - Character's thought

Text - Normal speech

Chapter one: Koori no Emperor (Ice Emperor)

"Just exactly how did I get rope into this?" I scowl at my friend, who is walking beside me and totally oblivious to the female students those are ogling his behind.

He laughs. "It's either this or Akaya gets double training on his menu. And you being such a sweet nee-san cannot stand that." He teases me. And I see girls swooning…

Meet my friend, Yukimura Seiichi, the Third Year angelic devil captain of Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku High School section tennis captain. From the look of him now I can't believe that he used to be so sick in Middle School.

And hell yeah, I'm always told that he's got a real nice behind, that's what the girls in Rikkai Dai say. Believe me, there's always a fight in my class every new term for the backseat behind this guy. Sometimes I think I see dried blood on the desk too…

Me? What do I think about Seiichi? Well, he's good looking and all that… But he's just… scary. If I'd like him it'll be more of a big brother type… He takes care of me well.

Enough said about Seiichi! Hi, my name's Kisaki Kasumi, Third Year in Rikkai Dai High School as well as a male's tennis team manager… Funny that many females fight to be in my shoes, when I want to get out of this devilish leader's grasp.

I can't believe he blackmailed me into being the manager! That guy!

…To think that people said he's an angel and I'm the devil… Urgh, they've never seen what it's like in our tennis club!

I scowl more as Seiichi ruffles my auburn hair. "You're such a big baby, Kasumi. It's a wonder Genichirou hasn't gone insane yet with you around as a manager." He gives me a teasing smile.

I pout. "I resent that comment!"

Urgh… Even his teasing smile is scary… I wonder how Gen-chan handles him for the three years in Middle School…

I choose Rikkai Dai as my High School option after my middle school years in Shitenhouji as my family has to move to Kantou. I have no idea who told Seiichi I've been Shitenhouji manager, but I'm sure as hell that person is sooooo dead when I'm done with them!

I ignore the glares being sent my way by the Hyoutei girls. "What is it that is so important that Yuki-buchou must be here himself, huh? And why does an unimportant manager like me has to be here?" I mutter as I drag myself after Seiichi. "Next time get Gen-chan to come with you."

He raises his eyebrow at me. "Why? Are you worry about my health?"

"No, I'm worry about my sanity. Spending too much time with you is a lethal dose a girl can take." I deadpan.

He smiles innocently. "You don't need to worry, my dear. You already are insane." He chirps.

"I don't like you."

"I love you, too."

I huff and turn away from him. "This place is about as big as Rikkai…" I look around. "Spoilt rich brats' school, I bet."

"You're not the one to talk, sweetie." Seiichi chides gently.

I pout. So what if I'm from a wealthy family as well? I'm not spoilt rotten! Well, maybe anyway… "You're so mean, Sei." I whine. "Why are we here anyway?"

"I need to talk with Hyoutei's captain." Grr… He's giving me that bloody smile again… He knows it pissed me off to no end!

Urgh! He's bloody evil out to get me! Kami, what have I done wrong? I've never lie, well, I tell half-truth. But so what? It's not a lie… I've never steal… If you don't count eating Bun-chan's cake without telling him… I can't help it, the cake looked darn nice.

Kami, I think I'll go nuts soon hanging around these guys. Urgh… I need chocolates…

…Bloody hell, I'm starting to think like Bun-chan!

WHAM! Awww! That hurts! Can't a girl think for few moments without a wall get into her way!?

…Hold on a sec… A wall is not supposed to have hand… And why am I being held at the elbow? I pry that hand away from myself. "Thanks." I mumble as I try to smooth out the wrinkles on my uniform.

"Arn? What's Rikkai Dai student doing here on her own?" A cold hum make me look up to my…urm…savior. Blue eyes meet my sapphire ones head on in a stare.

Wow, I thought Masaharu is good-looking, this guy is just downright handsome.

His brown hair is cut in a stylish way, he is tall, he is handsome, and I'm sure as hell he's drool worthy for many females. He's not over brawny, but there's lean muscle adorning his features. His pose is confident, well… quite over confident into cockiness if you ask me.

"Oi, are you awed by ore-sama's presence, girl? You still haven't answer ore-sama's question." I twitch at the way he addresses himself. URGH! The nerve of this guy! "Oi, girl, why are you twitching? Have you not-?"

I scowl. "I heard you fine, thank you!" I say sarcastically. "Thanks for running into and catching me, but I need to go find my friend." I turn and am about to walk away when he grasps my arm. "WHAT!?" I snap.

"That's not a proper thank you from a lady like you. Now, I need an answer. What business does a Rikkai Dai student have in Hyoutei's ground, arn?" He drawls sexily.

I blink, horrified at my own thought. Sexy!? This jerk here!? Kami, I'm going nuts!

"I do not need to answer your question. You, however, will have your arse hand to you right now for sexual assault if you don't release me this instant." I glare.

That jerk has a nerve to snort at me!!! He lets go, though. "What's your name, girl?"

Ooh, he is sooo annoying!

"That's irrelevant to you, boy. Bye!" I dash away in total opposite direction, not after slamming my foot onto his and ignoring his shouts that follows me. Thank you Kami for having somebody like Masaharu chasing after me everyday! It helps!

That was close… Huh, where the hell is Seiichi!?

I stop running as I notice my friend being surround by bunch of rabid girls. Yep, not surprising. "Seiichi!" I approach them, ignoring those girls' degrading stares. "Do you know I ran into a jerk, and practically have to run away? And you're occupied here!" I whine.

He laughs at me. "Calm down, dear, you sound like you're about to have a panic attack." He pats my head affectionately. "These ladies were just telling me the directions to the tennis court. We're not that far from here, right?"

…My poor ears are about to die from the squeals… Damn you, Yukimura.

"Right, let us be on our way then." He chirps, grabs my hand, and then drags me off to the direction of the court.

As soon as we are out of the girls' hearing range, I burst out laughing. "I don't know why they call you and angel, Sei." I gasp for breathe. "You obviously did that on purpose!"

"Didn't I?" He gives me his scary, uh, innocent smile.

"You're even scarier when you smile like that."

"Thank you." We snicker. "Ah, we're here."

"Wow, it's almost as huge as ours!" I exclaim and look around.

Five tennis courts, some people are playing, some people are doing their exercises or whatever, there are definitely at least a hundred or so club members…

Wouldn't it be fun if we face them in a game or something? Our club members versus Hyoutei, oooh… This will be fun! I chuckle at the thought.

Rikkai Dai High School, male's tennis club…

Sanada and other club members shiver in unison. Must be the breeze, Sanada tells himself firmly as he turns to watch the Regulars continue their practice. He nods, satisfied at the improvements shown.

Yep, must be the breeze.

Back to Hyoutei…

"Well, well, well… If it isn't Yukimura of Rikkai; it's a surprise to see you here, after all. Even though Atobe said we were kinda expecting your visit" Seiichi and I turn to look at the owner of the voice, and I inwardly slap myself for wanting to gawk.

This guy is gorgeous! Damn… Sexy Kansai accent, tall, dark, smart, handsome… My definition of the guy of my dream! Some more muscles are all in right place and oooh… Nice backside, dear.

Gah! Stupid thoughts!

"So, who's this lovely creature here?" I blush as I feel his hand takes mine and kisses it. Kami helps me! I'm going to faint!!!

My face must be so red because I feel so hot right now. "K-Kisaki Kasumi," I reply in almost a squeak… Nice going there, Kisaki! He probably would think you're weird! "Who are you?"

"Kansai as well? Hm, even better." He smirks. "Oshitari Yuushi at your service, Kisaki-san."

"Just Kasumi would be fine, Oshitari-san." I give him a bright smile.

"Only if you call me Yuushi as well." He smirks again, but hell, I can take it. He's too sexy to resist!

Oshitari? Wait… Isn't that Kenya's last name as well? Hmm… I'll ask him later when I call.

"Sure, Yuushi." I smile and he smirks back. We continue doing this exchange until Seiichi starts snickering… Let him be, hmph!

"Arn! Oshitari, ore-sama does not tolerate slacking in even practice, you better go back to your exercise." Wait a sec… This voice… I heard it before…

I turn around and find myself staring into the cold blue eyes from before. Shite… "You!" He and I point at each other. "What are you doing here!?" We ask at the same time.

Seiichi looks at me, and then look at the brown-haired jerk. "Why didn't you tell me you ran into Atobe, Mi-chan?" He asks me with a sweet smile. I shiver.

Seiichi's sweet smile equals 'I'm about to give you a hell after this is over for wasting my time'.

I gulp. "Eh… You see… HeranintomeandIsteppedonhisfootandranawayandIranintoyou!" I finish without breathing even once.

"Pardon?" My friend blinks.

"You see, we practically ran into each other… and him being a jerk keeps saying 'ore-sama this' and 'ore-sama that'!" I whine.

"Hey, you're the one who stepped on ore-sama's-" the Atobe guy opens his mouth.

I cut him off, pulling on Seiichi's sleeves and give him my cutest puppy-dog eye and a pout. "See? He's so insensitive!"

Seiichi goes into 'big-brother' mode and starts patting my head; I sniff and stuck my tongue out at the Atobe guy when Seiichi can't see.

I can see steams coming out of his ears… He looks like an oversize, disfigure kettle! Mwahahahaha!

Yuushi is trying very best to hold his laughter back, however it fails since he burst out laughing. A smooth, sexy laugh which suit a sexy guy like him I may add.

"Nice laugh" I drawl out.

"20 laps!" Atobe guy orders my Yuushi (A/N: Since when he's yours!?). No! Yuushi-sama!!!

Yuushi starts running his laps and snickering at the same time. Many club members are looking our ways now so Atobe guy has gone into his buchou mode again.

I've heard about Atobe Keigo from my father, who is an owner of Kisaki Corporation. Apparently he's the sole heir to Atobe's empire, and girls are fawning over him for his attention. I heard that even top Japanese teen stars are willing to do anything to go out with him…

…I think I'll gag right now if anybody starts ranting about him to me… Ewww…

"Nice seeing you here, Yukimura. Can't say the same for this girl, though." He tosses his hair back, and from far away I hear squeals of rabid fangirls…

Seiichi smiles. "This is Kisaki Kasumi, Rikkai Dai's team manager. Mi-hime, this is Atobe Keigo, Hyoutei's team buchou, also Koori no Emperor, Genichirou's rival."

…I feel bad for Yuushi having an arrogant jerk for a buchou… I mean, look at Seiichi! He's a nice(even though a little sardistic) buchou, and I've been friends with Shiraiishi Kuranosuke from Osaka, and he's such a great captain!

I just look at the team's practice as Seiichi and Atobe converse. Thank Kami it is over fast, because if it last any longer than this I may do some serious damage to the fangirls on the benches around the courts… They're so annoying! Can't they leave me alone!? Jeez!

"Thank you, Atobe." Seiichi gently tugs my wrist. "We'll see you in two weeks here then." He gives the Hyoutei captain a polite smile. "Let's go Kasumi."

"Oi, Kisaki." I turn around with a scowl as I hear my name out of his mouth. "Now I remember… Your father owns Kisaki Corporation, arn?" He smirks.

I stare at him. "So what?"

"Nothing," he shrugs. "Just that ore-sama may see you around often. Ore-sama's father is doing a business deal with your father."

"Seiichi," I turn to my friend and say with resolve. "Please remind me to tell my father about buying me a guard dog. A big one, I intend to keep somebody off my house, ne?" I share an innocent smile with Seiichi.

I look at Atobe again, and I see him smirk. However, his smirk gives me a feeling of caution that he's up to no good. This sucks…

"Kisaki Kasumi, ore-sama will get you to like ore-sama, ore-sama decides on that." He declares loud enough for people on the court to hear.

WHAT!? I gawk at him. Is he outta his mind!?

I hold back my rage, turn around, give Yuushi a sweet smile and stalk off without saying another word with the mad captain of Hyoutei…

No way in hell I'll ever fall for that type of guy!

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