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Ending two: Atobe Keigo

Two weeks after the match, Kisaki's manor…

I feel as if I beat the living daylight out of somebody right there…

The Atobe Keigo is in my house with his Father talking to my Father… And that leaves me alone with him because our Fathers are dealing with businesses and such in the office somewhere!

GRR! Out of all place Father chose to discuss this matter at our house!

And to think that it is the most screwed timing! Nii-san is not around to kill Atobe!

I twitch for the umpteenth time and turn away abruptly from the Atobe heir to find a quiet, discreet corner in the family's library to sit by myself… Only to have a wrist clamps firmly around mine.


I fight down the urge to strangle or mutilate his body in various possible ways that come into my mind and turn around to glare at him. "Atobe, you want another bloody freaking bruise? If you're going to ask for some ass-trashing then all you have to do is just ask, you know?" I tap my feet impatiently, my Kansai accent getting the best of me like usual when I'm pissed.

'Pissed' would be a strong understatement!

His blue eyes stare at me for a long time. "Sorry," he says gruffly before letting me go and walks to sit in the corner.

…He better be there for the rest of the day because I'll personally see it to his death if he shows himself within one meter radius from me!

I miss him… I really do. However, I have pride, you know? True, he makes me feel great and confident in myself. But I'm so not going to let him walk all over my feelings and pretend nothing ever happen!

What about Kunimitsu-san? Well, I talked to him before he went off to Kyushu for his rehab… We talked about our feelings with reasons and I'm quite surprised and saddened to see him with a kind smile before he went and his parting words…

'I know, Kasumi-san. It's no one's fault. We can't go against our feelings.'

I don't know why I choose Atobe Keigo over Tezuka Kunimitsu, mind you. But I'm not about to be throwing myself at him any moment soon because he's got me pissed more than enough to last my whole life time!

Note to self: make sure I ask for a rise from Father. I deserve that much from tolerating this ice dude here for today!

I slam down a rather thick book on the desk in the opposite corner of the library and start doing my summer holiday's homeworks… Yes, I'm sad, and my life sucks. Not only I'm stuck with a prat, I'm stuck with a bunch of holiday's homework!

Seiichi is away to Hokkaido, Genichirou is hiking somewhere with his family, Renji accompanies his father abroad, Hiroshi is taking a summer course in England, Masaharu is busy gambling in Hong Kong with his family, Akaya is visiting his father abroad, and Bunta and Jackal are in Brazil! Why am I not in Spain, at least!?

I blink lazily at my cell phone and pick it up after letting it rings for a while. I shall worship whoever calls me at this very moment because he/she is taking my mind off the fact that I'm sharing a space with a total prat. "Hello, Kasumi's talking." I say as I flip through a rather interesting topic about how the Nazi tortured their prisoners during the Second World's War…

I can make a reference outta this later! Mwahaha!

"I miss you, darling!" Okay, I'm sure you can guess who it is… Yup, that's Masaharu. "I'd probably be back soon, hopefully by next week, and I promise I'll drop by your house to give you the souvenirs!" Wow, he says that all in one breath! A new record!

I hold the phone slightly away from my ear at the intensity of his voice. "Haru, I miss you, too. I'd love you to come and hang out, you know? Nii-san is not around, don't worry!" I chirp enthusiastically at the thought of Masaharu around in my house…

…Thinking of all the way of pulling pranks on people we know or dislike, that is.

We spend about fifteen minutes chatting and snickering over the phone before I tell him to hang up. Oversea calls cost a lot and I don't really want to trouble him with his parents.

But damn, I miss my boys… Maybe I'll call the Shitenhouji boys afterwards…

"Niou Masaharu?" I roll my eyes at Atobe's annoyed hum coming from the other side of the library. "That guy is calling you to flirt?" His cold voice comes in the most sarcastic way I've heard from him.

"No, silly, it's Colin Farrell who called me. He told me Prince William would like to have dinner with me today." I deadpan and start flipping through pages again.

"Ore-sama is not dyslexic, nor am I blind, Kisaki. That is definitely how I've seen you talking to him." He frowns at me. "Are you sure you two are best friends? Because ore-sama begins to see that you two tend to flirt around with each other a lot." He steps out from behind a shelf.

Sohe's been listening after all… Oh well, not that I care much.

I raise my eyebrow at him in the most annoying fashion. "Why the hell not? He's hot, the girls in Rikkai Dai and even some in Hyoutei or Seigaku think so too." I shrug.

"He's not; ore-sama is better looking than that punk." He huffs.

I grin mischievously. Now this is what I call fun! "Why, Atobe, you're quite assertive as usual," I tap my finger against my chin. "And here I thought you're straight." I smirk as he chokes on his saliva.

Take that, Atobe!

I mentally snicker at the sight of oh-so-great Atobe Keigo trying to recompose himself. "Ore-sama refuses to participate in a discussion regarding Niou Masaharu's physical attributes which may lead to questions about my sexuality as a perfectly straight guy." He says and sits himself down in front of me.

"Uh-huh, whatever you say, Atobe. Denial is the first stage leading to accepting the fact, you see." I flip the pages casually. "So what do I owe this pleasantry of your presence?" I ask with my voice dripping with sarcasm without looking at him.

Long, elegant fingers raise my chin with surprising gentleness. I snap my gaze up to look into the sharp blue eyes with confusion before it is replaced with rage and pain. "I don't talk to a person who can't look me into the eyes, Kasumi." His voice is smooth, and I feel…guilty? Hell, he is the person who's supposed to be feeling guilty!

I jerk my chin away abruptly and fight down the blush on my cheeks. "Talk if you want to, and it doesn't mean I'll listen, Keigo." I try to focus on the words written in the book, but his domineering presence makes me unable to do so.

He chuckles. "You're cute when you blush, Kasumi."

KAMI! Stop playing with me!

I suppress the blush quickly. "Atobe Keigo," I drawl with a Kisaki-worthy glare. "If you're here to mock me then do it, and if you're here to make me feel miserable then do it and get on with whatever you've been reading. But you're hindering me by playing around with my mind and feelings and I don't appreciate that."

He groans irritably and runs a hand through his perfectly neat hair. "I should've known you bite with words, Kasumi. Fine, if you want me to be frank, then so be it." He looks at me with eyes so intense it makes me blush. "Me gustas, Signorita."


I gawk at him openly. "Atobe, that is not a sentence to use to shit around, you know?" I almost yell after I manage to recompose myself. That is a love declaration! It supposed to be sincere and not used just because a spur of a moment!

He springs up from his seat and slams his hands down onto the table. "I am not shitting you, Kasumi." He says with a serious expression in his eyes. "Can't you see what I've put myself through just to have you with me?" He leans forward.

"Does that include destroying Kunimitsu-san's shoulder, too, Atobe?" I stand up to face him with a frown. "If that's exactly what you've put yourself through then I'm really starting to regret turning down Kunimitsu for the sake of your affection already!"

I blink at my own words. Oh Shite, I've slipped, haven't I?

So not the time to be pointing out your own mistake!

Ice blue eyes snap to look at me in surprise before changing into that of tenderness. I blush at the look in his eyes. "I'm grateful that you've chosen me, Kasumi." He starts softly and chuckles. "And I've to say this again. You are cute when you blush. One would forget that you have quite a hell of a temper and scathing vocabulary with that look of yours." He laughs right out loud when I chuck a thick book at him.

I huff and sit down again. "The sarcasm and the temper run in family, I can assure you that." I let him takes my hand into his. "So… where does this lead us?"

He raises an eyebrow at me! That guy! "We can become official, simple as that."

I groan… This guy is so sure about himself, isn't he?

Let's dissect his brain and see what's in there! CHA!

"It's not that simple, Keigo." I say exasperatedly. "I'm too tired to fight with you every single bloody time we met! Don't you remember how we started? The dripping incident?" I snicker slightly as he grimaces.

He caresses a side of my face gently and I find myself leaning into his touch with a purr. So warm and nice… "We all make mistakes, but we can also give it a try, Kasumi." He murmurs without looking away. "Give us a try," he repeats.

He's right… Give him a chance to prove himself… At least once…

I smile and squeeze his hand slightly. "I like the sound of that." I give him a bright smile. "But you do know that you've my Nii-san and about fourteen guys' tests to get through, right?" I ask innocently.

He sighs. "You really have the way to ruin the mood, don't you?"

"What can I say? If I have something to say then I say it."

"Che. Spoilsport." I smile at his comment and laugh when he leans over to kisses my cheek.

Sometimes, the person who always fights with you is the one that cares for you the most… You just need to look underneath it all…

Don't you all agree with me?


"They make quite a nice couple, don't you think, Kyou-sama?"

"I'd agree with you on that, Kirie-sama. But please don't sue me if your son is murder by Kasumi when he makes her angry."

"…I'm starting to see the resemblance of you in her now, Kyou-sama."

"What can I say? She's my daughter… She's got more of Elvira's attitude, though, both of my children do."

"Should I be rejoicing or cautious of that?"

"A little bit of both would be fine."

"…What'd you say if I ask for Kasumi-chan's hand for my son in future, Kyou-sama?"

An innocently feral smile "…Let's just say he has more than two dozens of tests to pass before that, Kirie-sama. He still has a lot more to work on."


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