Title: I think I've let go

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'She has his eyes' was what went through Luna Lovegood's mind as she stared at the green eyed toddler in front of her. The red headed little girl stood next to a shopping basket; one hand on the trolley and the other wrapped around the neck of a brown teddy bear. She was standing quietly next to the cart as her mother ordered something from the deli. There she was, Ginny Potter, just as she was the last time she had seen her six years ago at her wedding. That wedding…

"Luna!" Ginny exclaimed as she turned from the counter to put the packaged meat into her shopping basket. She didn't look quite the same as Luna got a better view of her; the infamous red tresses were in a sloppy bun on top of her head, cheeks blotched red with the frustrations of motherhood, and bags under her eyes from the many sleepless nights.

"I haven't seen you in ages! Everyone thought you had fallen of the face of the earth!" Ginny threw her arms around Luna's slender neck pulling her into a very tight, I'm-glad-your-here-because-I-am-near-loosing-it, hug. "Fancy meeting you hear in Merlin's Market, huh?"

"Yeah" Luna said delayed as she continued to stare at the green-eyed girl who had let go of the basket and latched onto her mother's robes the second they were in reaching distance. "We should grab some coffee from a café I saw round the corner and catch up." She said after a thought forgetting about the things she needed.

"That would be wonderful! This is the last thing I needed; let me pay and then we'll be off" They walked to the registers were a gum blowing teenage witch rung up Ginny's groceries. The boredom quickly left the girl as she read the name that adorned the Gringotts banking card that Ginny handed to her.

"Oh, Mrs. Potter" heads from passing customers and employees turned at the name "Did you find everything that you needed? I hope your shopping was undisturbed." 'It's funny' Luna thought 'How quickly the attitudes change when they realize she's the wife of The Chosen One' Luna laughed silently though it wasn't one of humor.

"Uh, we've never seen you in here before…" the young witch was trying to make small talk as she magically bagged the groceries faster.

"Well, I don't usually do the shopping myself" Ginny replied obviously not wanting to spend any more time in the store as more eyes turned her way and the whispers began. " Please have them deliver everything to my home" Ginny quickly grabbed the receipt from the witch and grabbed her daughters hand proceeded out of the store with Luna quickly behind her.

Once outside and past the group that was forming Luna finally found the courage to break the tension, "That was intense, wasn't it?"

"I know, I apologize" Ginny sounded exasperated "I get really tired of it most of the time… they can be so nosy you know, but it has gotten better… there use to be a time I had to run away from them…" Ginny said this and her eyes glazed over.

They arrived at the small café that Luna had spoken of before. She didn't know if it was recently added but she knew that The Blue Hippogriff was not on the corner of Rowling's Avenue in Diagon Alley when she was last here. The place was a bohemian chic spot that was exceptionally more spacious on the inside. A few occupants adorned that dark green seating that was scattered neatly around the room. On the furthest wall near the small bakery was a colorful wall length cabinet filled with several types of teas and teapots from all over the globe, which immensely fascinated Luna. Ginny lead them to the furthest and most secluded corner of the cafe. With a long sigh Ginny sat arranging the quite toddler in a seat next to her.

"Now, I remember why I don't like to go anywhere anymore" she laughed nervously "But I was starting to feel like a hermit crab being cooped up in that house with the twins, Penny and I needed to get out of there" she said fixing the little girls hair. "With Harry never home I feel like both parents – look at me I am going on and on about myself, what have you been up to?"

"Oh no, we have plenty of time for that, keep going" Luna said humbly.

"You know you have changed…" Ginny said with a half- smile on her face. She was right, much had changed about Luna. Gone was the ever-clairvoyant girl who cherished radish earrings and the endless stories that her father would tell her about imaginary magical creatures. Luna had traveled. Zimbabwe, Ghana, Morocco, India, Argentina, Haiti… She saw the world as it truly was and appreciated the natural raw magic that these places contained and no longer needed her imagination to fulfill that adventure. Her head had descended from the clouds per se making her more practical. Sometimes she missed her old self. Though all of her old self was not lost, she still didn't take life or herself so seriously and her nonchalant attitude helped her feel comfortable anywhere she went.

"I hope only for the better" Luna replied with a twinkle in her eye, which caused Ginny to giggle. "Tell me, what have I missed while I was gone?" Luna was eyeing Penny as she played with the buttons that made up her teddy's eyes.

"Oh, I am all over the place how could I forget to introduce you, Luna this is my beautiful five year old daughter Penelope Ann Potter. Penny can you say hello to Miss Luna Lovegood?" the little girl looked up from her teddy and locked eyes with Luna before peeping a small adorably polite "Hello Miss Luna"

"Well hello to you too Miss Penelope Ann Potter; she is amazing Ginny. You said that you also had twins?"

"Oh yes, Kane and Kyle are in there terrible twos and like to destroy everything that comes into their sight, but they are really sweet kids… I promise" Luna and Ginny shared a laugh.

"And Harry?"

"Harry is good. He works at the ministry you know, Executive Commander of Defense. He only answers to the Minister of Magic and is on correspondent to the Muggle Prime Minister. He might be running for Minister next campaign term." She said proudly and in a tone that made Luna think that she repeated the same mini speech every time she was asked about Harry.

"Sounds very important… and busy…" Luna said noticing the disappointment dawn in Ginny's eyes.

"Yeah… he's hardly home…" Ginny looked down towards Penny and began playing with her hair.

"So how are your brothers?" Luna noticed the tension and sadness begin to build and thought it was time to change the subject. Ginny went into adamantly chatting about her family and how well everyone was doing. How Hermione and Charlie had gotten married to everyone's surprise and that they were in the middle having a house built. Bill and Fleur were still going strong and expecting a little girl they decided to name Annabelle. Ron had joined the Cuddly Cannons and was dating an American girl that the family had yet to meet. Fred and George were expanding their business and thinking about franchising, and lastly Percy had finally come back to the family with his tail between his legs and was staying with Mr. and Mrs. Weasley at the burrow.

Luna enjoyed herself as they laughed and talked about the "old times" and Luna's endeavors over the last six years.

"I need to be getting home to begin dinner and check up on how my mother is doing with the children… would you like to come over and hang around and maybe stay for dinner? Everyone is coming over tonight, you can catch up" Ginny didn't need confirmation she was already excited.

"I would love to"