I think I've Let Go

Chapter 17

****For those Snape lovers, enjoy (X- rated!) *****

"Severus Snape, how do I look?" Pilar purred from the entrance of the bedroom. Snape had been sitting patiently in a very handsome pair of black robes which were adorned with delicately hand woven trim. He had been sitting waiting for Pilar to finish dressing for the beautiful evening that he had planned for them. He was so nervous. In fact, the only time he could remember being this nervous was boarding the train for Hogwarts on his eleventh birthday. That was a very long time ago, Snape thought as he patted the front of his robes for the hundredth time that night. Tonight was the night. He was pulled from his nervousness when he heard her sweet purr and rubbed his hands together before standing to face her… and that was when his heart stopped and the world around him ceased to exist because there she was…

And there she was indeed, leaning beautifully against the door way as his onyx eyes drunk in her ebony frame. She was wearing a two layer muggle laced dress which was a deep amber color and the underlay was a milk chocolaty satin that blended in so well with her skin. The dress hugged her curves like a glove; the lace crept up her neck and down her arms but ended just above her knees to show off her shapely legs that ended in stiletto straps which made his trousers tighten. She wore no makeup and the amber dress made her matching eyes glow. Her dark hair which usually hugged her face was pulled back from her face in an intricate pattern on top of her head.

It was at that moment that the nervousness left Severus Snape. He had never been so sure of anything in his entire life, but he was sure of the love he felt for the women in front of him which was so pure and strong that it felt like it would bring him to his knees. He stood there and just stared at her as if he hadn't seen anything so beautiful in his entire existence; as if he was so excited for the pleasure of seeing her at his moment but intensely scared at the same time that she would disappear into a dream.

"Severus, are you ok?" she laid a hand on his cheek waking him from his own mind. He hadn't noticed that she crossed the room.

"I am now" he said taking her into his arms and kissing her with such tenderness and passion that it felt right and wrong all at the same time. She giggled into his mouth the way that drove him crazy and he couldn't contain his self as he started to unbutton the path from the nape of her neck to the curve of her back.

"Severus" she exclaimed lightly feeling his rock hard member through the fragile fabric of her dress, "Our reservation?" she said lightly knowing that tonight they would never make it outside their flat. Before she knew it her dress was sitting around her ankles and Severus was tracing the path from her ear to the canal between her breasts with his tongue. He quickly removed her bra and traced his tongue around her dark nipple sucking it into his mouth and enjoying the way it perked in response to his actions. She moaned and arched into his mouth as she ran her hands through his black tresses. "Severus" she purred again and set him over the edge. He picked her up allowing her to wrap her legs around his waist. He quickly moved them into the bedroom and laid her onto the bed. He immediately enjoyed this view of her topless beckoning him to the bed with her wetness clearly visible through her flimsy underwear. He quickly removed his robes and the black button down shirt that lay under; she stopped his hands from undoing the belt on his trousers and proceeded removing it with her teeth. She released his rock hard cock from the it's hiding place and wasted no time before taking it into her mouth. She stroked long and took him deep in to her throat causing him to moan with every stride. He couldn't take it anymore or he wouldn't last long. He flipped her on her stomach and quickly tore at the little panties which caused her to gasps. He pulled her waist back to meet his erection as he slipped into her wet opening from behind.

They both gasped in unison as their coupling commenced and the rocked hard against each other. Severus pumping and Pilar meeting his with backward thrusts. She came hard throwing her head back the now messy tresses turning Severus own even more. The clenching of the muscles of her wet pussy pulled Severus over the edge and he came deep within her with short strong pumps enjoying the last sounds of skin slapping skin.

They lay in each other's arms spent and content. They looked at each other and laughed.

"So much for the romantic evening" Snape said still breathing hard.

"It was lovely" Pilar said looking deeply into Severus's eyes.

"It was" he agreed and got up from the bed to retrieve the black box from his robes, "This isn't how I wanted to tell you this, but-"

"I know" she said cutting him off

"You know?" he asked ready to curse Luna

"Minerva flooed and said that you were going return to your old post at Hogwarts and I am so happy and proud of you!" Pilar said with such excitement it reminded him of the reason he loved her so.

"No, this is more important than Hogwarts or anything else" he said looking into her confused face, "I didn't plan for the evening to turn out this way and I intended for it to be romantic, but seeing you there… I love you so much Pilar. I have never felt this way about anyone in my entire life and I just… I" Severus ended being the austere man that he naturally was it was easy to express his deepest feelings, but Pilar knew that and loved him for it. "I want you to be mine forever" He said simply and open the small box.

"But of course I am yours Sev-" her voiced stopped abruptly as she took in the engagement ring "Severus, that's a… that's a…"

"Pilar will you marry me?" the butterflies shook Snape's core as he waited for her answer which felt like a million years but ended abruptly with her excited squeal of affirmation.

***** Author's Note **********

I know short and off course… but hopefully sweet