Be My Husband Just for a Few Days

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Author's Note: Hi Guys! I'm starting a new story now. I was wondering… I really did enjoy my old story Be My Wife Just for a Few Days, and you too. So why don't I write the opposite of that? I hope you will like this as much as the other one…

Chapter 1

"Help!" cried Clarisse as she rushed into the little beach house's living room.

"Your Majesty. What's the matter?" asked Charlotte worriedly and stepped closer. "Please do tell."

"I don't know where to begin Charlotte."

"Just take it easy. Right?" asked Charlotte and tried to comfort her. "I'm your personal assistant, so I will mange it, whatever it is."

"I doubt it. But, right. Just the essence. My ex… admirer, Peter has just arrived. I don't know how he could find out that I'm here on this little private holiday with my staff, but he knows it, and he's gonna be here within a minute."

"And what's the matter with that?" asked Charlotte. She was at loss.

"'Cos he thinks that I'm remarried."

"And where is he getting that from?"

"From me of course. Look, I had to tell him something, 'cos after Rupert died he wanted to date with me again, and… And I couldn't be rid of him. So I told him, that I remarried."

"Wait a minute." said Charlotte. "You're a queen."


"And if you remarried that would be in the headlines next day."

"Oh, that's ok, I told him that I remarried secretly just because of my enemies. He knows that I can't afford that kind of thing."

"And he will keep his mouth…"

"Of course. 'Cos he is in love with me… but I'm NOT." cried Clarisse. "I simply can't stand him. He was the main reason why I married to Rupert. Oh Charlotte, what will I do?"

"Don't worry. We are alone here with Joseph and Shades. I think we can manage this problem. Just we have to use our imagination."

"But how?" asked Clarisse when the doorbell was ringing.

"Relax." smiled Charlotte and went to open the door.

"Ah, good afternoon. My name is Peter." smiled a tall, handsome man at the door. "I'm a friend of Clarisse, I think she…"

"Oh yes." answered Charlotte. "Please do come in. She is in the living room."

"Thank you. And your name is?"

" Charlotte. I'm Your Majesty's personal assistant."

"Nice to meet you." smiled Peter and stepped in.

"Oh, Peter. What a lovely surprise. What brings you here? You said in the phone that you have some business near in Pyrus." said Clarisse with a smile.

"Yes, that's right. But the most important thing is… Guess what? I wanted to see you."

"That's very kind of you."

"And where is he?" asked Peter and looked around.


"Who? You are funny as always. Your husband of course."

"Oh. Well, he is…" started Clarisse when Joseph stepped in with Clarisse's coat in his hand.

"I think you should go, Your…" started Joseph, when Charlotte cut in.

"That's not important, 'cos Clarisse has a visitor. I think you haven't met yet." smiled Charlotte. "Joseph. May I introduce you Peter. He is an old friend of Clarisse. And Peter, this is Joseph. Clarisse's husband."

"Sorry?" asked Joseph surprised and looked at Clarisse who has a begging grin on her face.

"He is Clarisse's friend, Peter." repeated Charlotte with a broad smile on her face.

"How do you do?" asked Peter and shook hand with Joseph.

"How do you do? Sorry, but I was a bit surprised." answered Joseph and turned to Clarisse. "Darling, you didn't say that we have visitors."

"I'm so sorry darling. But I didn't know it too." smiled Clarisse with relief…

To be continued….

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