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Author's Note: If I come up with many more of these little snippets, I may have to make a series out of them or something...but yeah. This was the result of staying up late, and having a mind do weird things. The joke it's based off has been cast as a Newfie joke, a blonde joke involving a train, and, I'm sure, a joke about any stereotyped generally-stupid minority that wanted to get their own back. The joke follows the story, as I heard it from my uncle (who lived in Newfoundland at the time) first...

- Honourary Newfoundlanders -

"Sixty-three...twenty-nine...forty-twaaaaaaaaaaah!" The sudden receding yell brought the attention of every mech in the rec room to Sideswipe and Sunstreaker, who were standing, smirking, over a hole in the deck plating, which Slingshot had just fallen into. A loud CLANG signalled him reaching the bottom, and then the aerial bot started screaming obscentities at the twins.

"I don't know what's more pathetic," Jazz said, coming over and peering down the hole. "The fact that you two are so bored that you decided to re-enact a human joke...or that it worked."

"I think the fact that he's trying to climb out answers that." Sideswipe said, not taking his optics off the hole.

"What, did he forget he can fly?" Bluestreak asked curiously from nearby.

"Apparently." Sunstreaker replied with a shrug.

- He'll remember eventually...END! -

An Albertan was walking down a street in St. John's when he seen a local out in the middle of the road jumping up and down on a manhole cover saying "42...42...42..." The Albertan says "What are you doing that for?" Newfie says "For good luck! Ain't you ever heard of jumping up and down on a manhole cover saying 42 over and over again?" "No," says the Albertan. "I'd like to try it." "Go right ahead," says the Newfie. So the Albertan gets onto the manhole cover and starts jumping up and down, and just as they jump off the cover, the Newfie lifts it up, and the Albertan falls down through the manhole. Newfie puts the cover back on and starts jumping and chanting, "43...43...43..."!