Chapter 1- Someone's Got To Do It

It was nighttime as Melinda Halliwell walked onto a construction site wearing her demon hunter suit; a dark gray sleeveless top, black jeans and black combat boots to match. Her long brown hair hung over one shoulder and on the other shoulder hung a potions pouch. Melinda attached an athamae to each side of her belt, but didn't often use them, since she always relied on her magic. She continued to trample through the dirt and looked around for demons.

"Don't let me down, I know you're here. It's hitting midnight any second now," she muttered to herself as she looked down at her watch that struck 12:00 a.m. She heard what sounded like a stampede and she turned around to see three demons charging at her, panting hard. Melinda walked towards them fearless.

The demons were all wearing long black trench coats and Melinda figured them to be from the same clan of demons. The demons reached within three feet of Melinda and jumped into the air. Melinda slowly held up her hands, flicked her wrist and the demons froze mid-air. She examined their demonic expressions of rage and fury, all to try and frighten her, but she wasn't the least bit intimidated.

Melinda flicked her left wrist and all of the demons heads unfroze. "Okay, just so you know, I've frozen you. Go ahead and take a look around. See what birds see."

The demons all looked around and one yelled, "Unfreeze me now!"

"Are you really under the impression that you're in control?" Melinda spoke sarcastically, questioning the intelligence of the demons in front of her. "You're suspended in mid-air and I can't think of anything else that I can do to make it clearer for you," Melinda said. "Now, there is a slight chance that I'll let you live, but that all depends on how long you little birdies sing the tune I want to hear." Melinda spotted the confused look on the demons and she rolled her eyes. "And that tune I would like to hear is everything you know about Verok and where he would be."

The same demon that yelled before spoke again. "We don't know who you're talking about!"

"Ah, thanks for helping me decide who I'm giving a one way ticket to for the infamous Wasteland," Melinda said as she flicked her left wrist and blew the demon up. Melinda had inherited both of her mother's gifts of freezing and exploding and inherited her aunt's gift of astral projection. Melinda's exploding power wasn't that advanced and her astral self couldn't be sustained for long, but Melinda was working on a new trick for it.

"Stupid witch!" the second demon yelled.

"Stupid?" Melinda asked. "I'm not the demon that just went and played dumb. I've been told that I can be a bitch, which may be a result of my father being killed by Verok, but I've never been called stupid. I must admit, if you mattered and you weren't just swirling particles, I might care," Melinda then flicked her left wrist, blew the demon up and admired the vanquish aftermath, which were swirling particles. She eyed the last demon and asked him, "Are you going to join them or do I just leave you here?"

"I'll never talk," the final demon said boldly.

"Well, I'll blame myself for this one. I just had to be the silly witch to not bring a truth potion or truth spell. I have to remember to learn from my mistakes," Melinda said as she began to walk away from the demon.

"Hey, you can't just leave me here!" the demon shouted.

"You have a nice night now," Melinda said. She continued to walk off and was stopped in her tracks when orbs glowed in her face and her older, but not eldest brother, Chris appeared. "Must you do that so brightly?"

"Mel, I have been looking for you all night," Chris said. "I wonder why it was so hard to find you."

"It might have to do something to do with this cloaking spell I cast on myself. I should back it up with a potion next time," Melinda replied.

They both then heard the demon shout again, "Unfreeze me, bitch!"

Chris turned to see the demon frozen in mid-air and asked Melinda, "What have you been doing all night?"

"Demon hunting with an appointment to demon hunt again in five minutes, oh, excuse me." Melinda then continued to walk off, held up her arm, and flicked her wrist without looking at the demon and his body tore into swirling particles that soon vanished into the night.

"Melinda, please stop being so reckless. You're going to go and get yourself killed," Chris alerted his sister.

"Maybe if I die, that might motivate you and Wyatt to actually get off your asses and do something," Melinda bitched to Chris. She continued to make her way out of the construction site, but Chris jumped in her way again.

"Melinda, please stop," Chris said.

"Look, you're my brother and despite you and Wyatt doing nothing to get the demon that killed Dad, I still love you guys and that means I'd hate to blow you up," said Melinda with a lifeless face.

"Wyatt and I have been trying to track down Verok, but we can't solely focus on that. I have my charges, Wyatt does the witch thing and you're off playing hunter. Melinda, you're a witch and there are Innocents that need protecting. They need you," Chris told Melinda.

"Hmm, this is a new idea. Using Innocents to locate demons, let me try a spell," Melinda then thought to herself.

"Mel, what are you doing?" Chris asked her.

Melinda then closed her eyes and began to chant:

Where Innocents and demons collide,

They create an intersection,

A battle between both opposing sides,

Magic, carry me to that direction

Glistening white lights then carried Melinda's body away and she vanished.

"Damn it. Back to tracking her," Chris said frustrated.