Chapter 13- As Witches Wage War

The attic was divided, and it seemed to be by age. The parents of the six witches opposite of them were all wearing different gestures: With her arms folded, Piper stared at her children, nieces, and nephew with concern as she was most familiar with the story of this creature. Paige grinned as she was actually proud that they seemed so confident and prepared, and Henry shared her opinion. Phoebe had her hands on her waist as she and her husband Coop feared they might lose their only daughter, as well as other nieces and nephews.

"What if you guys don't have the power to take it out?" Phoebe asked, her chestnut brown hair with gray streaks fell behind her shoulders as she stressed this question.

"Then I guess we die tonight," Peyton grimly joked.

"Peyton! This isn't funny, we're scared for all your lives as it is," Phoebe countered.

"Yeah, I know, but we got each other's backs. All of us are together, we got different powers going on and Melinda has made a deadly potion," Peyton explained again, raising her crossbow. "And I'm dying to use this thing on something that fierce. Hopefully it'll be enough of a punch."

"If we're going to die for any reason, it's going to be because of the potion," Melinda stated, not relieving anyone's stress. "The bright side is that everyone here can teleport and I'll be sure to stick close to someone since astral replacement isn't exactly instantaneous."

"I'm also going to play it low and hide in case we need healing," Pandora informed, tying her raven black hair into a ponytail to assure it wouldn't be an issue when the time came to run around. "Granted, we have four out of six people here who can heal, but I doubt my telekinesis will play any effect on him."

"Mine's might," Junior teased, blessed with the ability of advanced telekinesis.

"I think we'll be able to make a greater impact now," Wyatt stated. "This creature will be too busy trying to find focus on who to attack and we'll all be slowly weakening him."

"So Melinda can throw her potion and assure us his vanquish," Chris finished.

The young witches stared in silence at their parents once more. The adults stared back and all began to nod, accepting this had to be done. Piper spoke for them all when she said, "Make sure you all come back to us."

"We will, Mom," Melinda assured. "If it was up to me, I'd still be flying solo and chasing Verok, but this demonic creature is a monstrous son of a bitch that needs to be dealt with before he comes after us unprepared. Just keep in mind this is necessary and not for kicks."

"We know," Coop said. "We're just worried."

"Don't be. Demons feared how powerful your children would be and they viewed us at risks to their kind when we weren't even planted in you guys yet," Melinda said, not registering how it was a little offensive. "We'll prove all those demons right that they had reason to be scared of us." She turned to her brothers and nodded, "Let's go."

The trio vanished in a group of orbs, soon followed by Pandora and Junior who were sensing where they were headed. Peyton turned to the family and let out a deep breath, "Say your prayers for us." A pink glow accompanied her as she hearted away.

End of Chapter.

A/Note: Quick note, this series should be ending by Chapter 20, so the finale will start building over these next couple of chapters. I've also been writing a chapter a day, so I have up to Chapter 15 written and will start 16 today just to get ahead. This story was never intended to run on for so long, but the inclusion of the demonic-creature-beast helped add to it.