Summary: Alex is an old girlfriend of Ryan's who's just moved to Newport, and Marissa is Ryan's current girlfriend. Sandy, Ryan, and Seth leave for a business convention, leaving Alex and Marissa alone. Bad idea. Sparks fly, but when the guys return things get nasty.

first off, if you're reading my other.. four(!) stories, please don't freak out. this one is already finished. im just posting it cuz i liked it.

i wrote this story like two or three years ago. it was my first malex fic ever. its split into three parts and i'm just gonna post all the chapters for prt. one now. i can't tell anymore if it sucks or not, because i've basically been writing it forever. all the chap titles are songs. awesome songs. enjoy!

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CHAPTER ONE: back in black


Alex leaned back in her bus seat, flipping through an ancient issue of Rolling Stone. She had her feet propped up on the seat in front of her, an old habit. These rides take forever She thought as she looked out the window, watching the tourist beaches of Newport fly by. She glanced over at the middle-aged, fat guy who had plopped himself down next to her and winked. Yeah, actually winked. You don't get much cheesier than that. Alex thought, while the guy snored loudly. She sighed and stuffed the magazine into her old, beat-up bookbag as the bus slowed to a stop. Alex stepped over fat dude and into the walkway.

Ryan stood with his arm around his current girlfriend, Marissa, as he waited for his ex-girlfriend, Alex, to get off the bus. She was going to stay with an old mutual friend of theirs, Alyssa, until Alex's dad got back out of jail and could get her a place to stay. She was only twenty after all. Ryan could tell that Marissa was worried about his old girlfriend coming, but he and Alex were honestly only good friends now. Besides, she's moved onto to girls now. He thought and smiled, thinking about how straightforward Alex had been when she'd told him.

"Well, I'm just not really into you anymore." Alex said.

"Then who are you into?" Ryan asked, frustrated.

"Girls." Alex had answered, smirking.

Ryan could still remember how shocked he had been when Alex had revealed that she was bisexual. Well, shocked and turned on. Marissa looked up at him.

"What are you grinning at?" She asked, smiling at the goofy grin on his face.

"Just remembering how hot Alex is." Ryan said, only half-joking. Marissa stopped smiling and frowned.

"You better not be serious." She said. Ryan was about to answer her when someone called his name.

"Atwood!" Alex called. "Hey Atwood!" She shifted her bookbag on one shoulder and walked over to him. Ryan watched her walk. She was wearing classic Alex clothes. A short black and white plaid skirt and a black wife-beater, with a bright yellow hoodie thrown on top of it. Classic vans, random jelwrey, and that purple streak. It kind of didn't match, but it kind of did, and it looked hot as hell. Ryan grinned at her and they hugged fiercely.

"Long time, no see." Alex said into Ryan's shoulder. Marissa watched the two embrace, more jealous of Ryan than Alex. Ryan was actually right for once. Marissa mused. She is hot. Marissa watched the other girl intensely, butterflies swarming in her belly. She was nervous about someone she had never even met, barely even heard about. What the hell? As if she was reading her thoughts, Alex turned to Marissa and grinned.

Alex's smile faltered for a half-second when she actually studied the girl standing next to Ryan. She had long, light brown hair and gorgeous green eyes, not to mention an perfect body. Alex's stomach did belly-flops, but she quickly recovered.

"Who's she?" She asked, glancing Ryan, her eyebrows raised causally. "Do you have a girlfriend that you didn't tell me about?" Alex stared openly at the other girl, while Ryan scratched the back of his head nervously, and Marissa glared at him.

"Uh, actually. . ." Ryan said to Alex, then turned to Marissa. "I thought I told her." He tried to explain. Alex shook her head, fake disappointed, while Marissa glared at Ryan.

"And here I was, hoping we could rekindle our old relationship." Alex fake sighed. She grinned good naturally.

"As if." Ryan said, more to Marissa than Alex. Alex just smirked.

"C'mon." She said, nodding her head toward the parking lot. "Let's go." She lead the way.

A half-hour later they finally found Alyssa's apartment. It was "hidden", according to Ryan, behind some palm trees. He had somehow managed to get them lost three times during the should-have-been ten minute drive. Alex finally took over.

"Yeah, it sure was hidden." Alex said, winking at Marissa, as she pulled into the driveway. Marissa flashed a smile, trying to ignore the tingling feeling she got when Alex looked at her. Ryan sighed, in a manly way of course, and jumped out of the passenger's side of his car. He helped Marissa out, but ignored Alex. Alex mimicked Ryan's sigh and got out herself. Marissa couldn't help but smile at the two.

They walked up the front steps to the wide open door of Alyssa's apartment. Alyssa came out, holding hands with a girl who was apparently her girlfriend.

"Hey." Alex said, hugging Alyssa, but looking at Alyssa's girlfriend. "Does everyone have girlfriends that I don't know about?" She asked.

"Yeah." Ryan said. "Except apparently you."

"Hey." Alex returned. "I could have a girlfriend I don't know about." Ryan shook his head and followed Alyssa into the house. Alyssa's girlfriend smiled at Alex.

"I'm Kate." She said, picking up Alex's one suitcase. Alex returned the smile.

"Alex." Alex said, "Thanks for letting me crash here."

"No problem." Kate said and turned to follow Alyssa into the house. Alex turned to Marissa. The other girl met her eyes and Alex felt a need to fill the silence. "All this lesbian stuff must be freaking you out." She commented easily as Ryan came back outside.

"Well, actually I'm bi so, no, not really." Marissa shrugged. Alex turned to Ryan, trying to hide that she was happy Marissa was into girls. Not that she had anything to be happy about or anything. Atwood's girlfriend, remember?

"Atwood! Don't tell me you have a bi girlfriend that I didn't know about!" She said, pretending to be completley shocked. Ryan just shrugged.

"I hadn't seen you in a while, and…" He trailed off, trying to come up with an excuse.

"Well, now you get to see me all the time." Alex grinned cheekily, then walked inside.

"Yeah." Ryan said. "And I'm so thrilled about that." He followed her inside, Marissa trailing behind, smiling.