********** V - Epilogue **********

Due the circumstances, Nara and Thoram were not disciplined, for their parents judged that the whole ordeal had been a good enough lesson.

They were both delighted at being allowed to partake in the village's festival, and made many vows never to get into mischief, ever again.

Vahn left for a few days, in order to inform the King of the happenstance. It was decided that the remaining tunnels would be explored, just to make sure that something else was not lurking in there.

But that is another story.

Baby Cort was, to Noa's relief, a normal, healthy child. He was readily accepted into the family, and Vahn raised him as his own.

Nara was also overjoyed at having a little brother, on top of a sister, and she acted with great care around the babies, which contrasted with her usual slipshod manner.

To the red-haired girl's sorrow, her uncle Gala had to leave, for he had to resume his pilgrimage.

As a parting gift, he gave her a small emerald, mounted on a pendant, which he had purchased in Sol, and promised to visit again soon.

******************** **********

And so, the days passed, and one fine morning, Nara, proudly wearing Gala's pendant, Candela, and Thoram, carrying a bag with different supplies the girls had decided on, were walking towards the river, east of Rim Elm.

"Were are we going?" Inquired the boy.

"You'll see when we get there." Answered Nara excitedly.

In fact, the red-haired girl didn't have a clue about where exactly they were going, what they would find, or do once there.

Not that it was a problem, for she would think of something when the time came, and Candela had just told her a fascinating story she had just made up, so inspiration was not an issue.

"Can't you give me a hint, Nara? I'm curious." Insisted Thoram.

"Lets just say that you'll remember this one!" She replied, skipping and grinning. [By the way, he would most certainly remember it, trust me]

The boy's brown eyes showed concern at his friend's statement, "We're not going to get in trouble, are we?"

Nara's tone was reassuring, "Of course not, I thought things through this time."

Thoram smiled widely at his friend and his sister, relieved that, for once, there was solid planning behind the expedition.

He would eventually find out that it wasn't the case, but why spoil his fun?

"Good, in that case, lead the way." He said merrily.

Nara's grin nearly split her face in two, as she added, "Just trust me, this is going to be GREAT!"

********** THE END? **********