SasuIno and some NaruHina [oneshot!!
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Summary: Ino is a new girl at Haruki High School. Sasuke is the hearthrob of the school and wanted by every single girl in the school-he could care less, except for when one girl supposedly has no interest in him, for now at least...Naruto was Sasuke's best friend and the star goalie of the soccer team with Sasuke as the Star Player of all. Naruto and Sasuke were best friends for a while now, and just a couple of years ago when they started Haruki Jr. High, they made friends with Hinata Hyuuga. Hinata Hyuuga was a shy girl, who was always blushing whenever she was talking to Naruto alone. Together these three became good friends. At the beginning of Haruki High School, a transfer student came in from Hitichin Middle/High School. Let's find out what happens on that first day...

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The begining of Haruki High School started as the bell rang for the doors to open. Groups of students came in talking and catching up with friends. Sasuke Uchiha, which raven black hair, and dark colored eyes walked through the halls. As he strolled through, he hears a voice he was used to. He slightly turns to see it was Naruto Uzumaki coming his way.

"Hey! Sasuke-teme! Wait up!" Naruto caught up with him and caught his breath as he breathes in and out slowly and puts on a giant grin on his face. Hinata Hyuuga came walking their way and made a friendly gesture and a small smile. She began to blush again as she stood by Naruto and as always, Naruto was as dumbfounded as can be. He looked at her with confusion. Why is she always blushing like that? Wierd...

Sasuke looked at them both and shrugged and walked off leaving them there. As she went to his locker and found out his schedule, he made his way to his first class, Algebra. He walked quietly as girls all around him started calling out his name, "Sasuke! Sasuke-kun! Over here!" and more he could barely hear. A girl walked up to her as he stopped by the board to check where he was sitting and who he was sitting by.

"Sasuke-kun?" A girly voice called out. Sasuke turns his head to see that it was Sakura Haruno, one of the most popular girls in school who was crushing on Sasuke a lot. "Sasuke-kun...I was wondering..." She blushes and twirls some of her light pink hair in her finger and looks at him with a smile and slowly turns her eyes to the right. "Sasuke-kun, would you like to go out this Friday? Just the two of us?" She looks at him with hope and he returns with a sigh and closes his eyes. He moves his lips to saw a solemn "No." that left her standing by herself at the front as she went to find his desk. As he walked up some steps to the top row of where his desk was, he bumbs into someone and papers starting flying everywhere. The girl fell down and rubbed her head. She looks up to see she had bumped into someone and quickly stood, giving a small bow.

"I'm so sorry. I should've looked where I was going..." The girl picks up all the papers and looks at him and gives him her sincerest smile and starts to walks through all the desks and out to the hallway. Sasuke watched as she walked out the door and gave a shrug to no one in particular. He turns around and just as he goes walking again, someone slaps his back. He topples around to see it was Naruto. "Hey Sasuke-teme! Why'd ya leave so fast?" Naruto laughed and headed for his seat. Sasuke watched him and say that he was sitting next to him. Wha?? I'm sitting next to Naruto? For this whole semester?? Could this get any worse? Sasuke sighed as he sat down next to Naruto and stared off. Hinata came running in and looked at where she was sitting. She ran up the steps and put her books down two seats away from Sasuke. She looks at the empty desks and wonders who will be sitting there. She looks next to the seat and finds Sasuke and Naruto there. She blushes at the sight of Naruto and covers herself with her books.

Iruka-sensei came into the room and clapped his hands, signaling everyone to take their seats. He opens the door, revealing a young blond girl coming into the room. The classroom began to fill around with whispers about the girl. Guys whispered, "Who's that?" "I dont know. I hope she is going to be sitting by me this semester" and so on. Sasuke looked at everyone and shrugged it off as though he didnt even hear them at all. He looks at the girl and realizes that it was the girl who he had bumbed into earlier. Iruka-sensei whistled, and everyone silenced. He opened his mouth and began speaking, "Everyone. This is Ino Yamanaka. She has been transfered here from Hitichin Middle/High School. She will be joining us here at Haruki High School." He looks at his board and then around the class. He points to the row with Hinata, Sasuke, and Naruto. "Ino Yamanaka will be sitting at row 4, seat 2. Next to Hinata Hyuuga, and Sasuke Uchiha." More whispers came about as she went walking up to her seat.

As she sat down, she smiles at Sasuke and whispered to him. "Sorry about earlier." Sasuke looks at her and shrugs. She gives a friendly smile and turns to see Hinata next to her. Her smile appeared again, as she then got out her notebook and recorded things down from the board as Iruka-sensei started their Algebra lesson.

First period ended as the bell rang. Ino gathered her things slowly. Hinata looked at her and gave a smile. "Hello Ino-san. Nice to see you again." Ino looks at her and smiles big. "Thanks Hinata-chan. Nice to see you too." Ino left with Hinata off to their lockers to get ready for second period. Naruto and Sasuke puzzled at who the girl was, and how strange she was that she showed no effect in liking Sasuke as all the other girls in the class did.

Naruto blinked rapidly and looked as Ino and Hinata left the room. Ino Yamanka, huh? How does Hinata-chan know her? Naruto taps Sasuke on the shoulder and grins at him. "So Sasuke, any interest in this girl?" Sasuke glared at him obviously not knowing the answer himself, looked away and started to walk out of the classroom. Naruto gathers his things and runs past Sasuke, leaving him crowded all around his fangirls again. Naruto ran up to Hinata and tapped her and Ino on the shoulder and came and appeared in front of them interupting their conversation. "So Yamanaka, Ino, I presume?" Naruto said with a giant grin on his face.

Ino looks at his strange and smiles big and closes her eyes. "Yeah, I'm Ino. And you must be Naruto Uzumaki, right?" Naruto looked at her with a confused look and smiled big. "So even the people from Hitichin High, know me, huh?" Ino laughs a little. "What's so funny?" Ino looks at him, with a curious look. She turned her head to Hinata, then back to Naruto. " one really knows anyone from this school at all. I knew your name only, because Hinata-chan, told me about you." Ino puts a finger to her chin and looks up. "Hm...come to think of it, she also spoke of a Sasuke Uchiha. Was it that guy back there, who you were sitting by in class?" Naruto frowns at the hearing of her explanation and then woke up from his wearyness at the sound of her questioning about Sasuke. He looks at Hinata, then to Ino, then to Hinata again, and back at Ino. "So Hinata-chan told you about both of us, huh?" He turns his head to Hinata and smiles big. "So Hinata-chan, how do you know, Ino-chan, here?"

Hinata gulps and twittles her fingers. She looks at Naruto with some blushing acting up again. "I-I know Ino-chan be-because...well-" Ino stepped in obviously knowing Hinata was a little shy to b around Naruto. "I met Hinata, when we were little, because I lived next to her. But then my dad was transfered to a different job, and so, my family and Ieft. But after I did leave, Hinata and I kept in touch, and came to this school where I knew someone." Ino smiles big and looks at Hinata. Hinata blushes at seeing Naruto's face again and whispers a "Thank you" to her. Naruto nods ok after Ino finishes talking. "So what class do you guys have next?" Ino looks at her scedule and scrolls down to find her next class. "I'm going to biology. How about you two?" Hinata looks at Naruto and then at her scedule too. "I'm going to History." Naruto smiles big as Hinata finishes talking. "I have History next too." Hinata blushes and puts on a smile.

Ino looks at them. Does Naruto even know Hinata like him? Well I can tell she likes him a lot. She won't stop blushing!! Ino gives a small sigh and looks at them again. "Well I'm gonna go to my locker now. See ya." Ino starts to walk off, but then Hinata starts to follow her. "Wait- Ino! I'll come with you, my locker is close to yours." Ino nods a ok, and then she and Hinata leave Naruto there to wonder off to find Sasuke. He finds Sasuke, and tells him about how Hinata and Ino knew each other, and then they started talking about when soccer was going to start up. They start to walk down the hallways with still some girls following.

As Ino and Hinata find their lockers, a guy comes from behind Ino and holds her back to a wall. It was Renji. "'re that Yamanaka girl every guy is talking about in this school, huh? You don't look half bad." Ino glares at him and smirks. "Yeah, I'm Ino. But if you're thinking about trying to get me to go out with you, then it's a no!" She turns away smirking again. Renji looked at her and glared. He starts to grab her wrist really hard and lifts her up. "Hey! That hurts! Stop it!!" Hinata steps in at the sound of Ino's cries for help. "H-Hey Renji! Stop that!" Renji glares at her and steps back. She looks around to go find Naruto and Sasuke. "Ino! I'll be right back! I'll get someone to help." Renji grips her wrist harder, and harder. "Stop it!" she screams. "Not until you are going to go out with me." Ino glares at him as she tries to wiggle free from his grip. "Never!" She yells.

Hinata runs around looking for Sasuke and Naruto. Suddenly she bumps into someone. She looks up from falling onto the ground that is was Sasuke and Naruto. "Na-Naruto! Sa-Sasuke! Ino is in trouble. Renji is hurting her!" Naruto and Sasuke look at each other and start to run after Hinata who was leading them.

As they arrive, they see Ino still being held up by Renji. Naruto looks at Renji, glaring. "Hey! Renji!" Renji turns his head to see Hinata with Sasuke Uchiha, and Naruto Uzumaki. "Uzumaki? Uchiha? What do you want?" Naruto grits his teeth. "Let Ino go!" Renji smirks. "No. I was just convincing her on going out with me." Ino glares at him. "I never ever said I was going to go out with you. AND I NEVER WILL!!!" Ino screams as she tries to free herself again. Naruto grips his teeth and looks at Sasuke. They both go run up to Renji. Renji looks at them and stops them with a single hand. They fly back going back towards Hinata. Ino looks in horror as they fly backwards. She glares at him again, as he starts to laugh. "Hey!" Renji turns his face to get a kick in his face made by Ino. He falls backwards leading Ino to get free. She puts one foot on him and glares at him. "Don't you dare, hurt anyone of my friends, or anyone I know for that matter!" He looks at her with some anger. "What makes you think I should do what you say?" Renji questioned. Ino glares at him again, and gives him another super powerful kick. He flys to the fall and knocks his head on something. She goes over to where Hinata, Naruto, and Sasuke were.

"Hey Hinata. Are they gonna be ok?" Ino questions. Hinata looks at Ino in amazement of what she had just done. Naruto and Sasuke's energy was sucked out of them. "Ino. I dont know what happened. Naruto and Sasuke's energy has been sucked out of them. I dont know why." Hinata makes a sad face. Ino looks at Sasuke and Naruto, and puts her ear to their chests. "Well...they both are still alive, but all their energy is sucked out, and now they are just unconscious because of it. It happened when they tried to attack they guy back there. His left hand sucked out a lot of their energy and caused them to faint. We better get them to the Nurse's Office." Ino stands up dusting off her skirt. Hinata nods OK, and stands too. She holds Naruto up. "Ino, can you get Sasuke? I'll bring Naruto to the office, and you can bring Sasuke." Ino nods OK, and helps Sasuke up. Hinata and Ino walk through the hall having every eye in the hallway on them. Whispers came about as they saw them. "What do you think happened?" "I dont know." "Did Uchiha already get Yamanaka? Man! I wanted to go out with her!" Were mostly from the guys. All the girls were shrieking and screaming in their minds seeing Ino with Sasuke. And Hinata with Naruto. They all began talking too. "Hey! Why is Sasuke with her?" "What's so special about her?" And a whole lot of other things Ino didn't want to hear.

Hinata and Ino came to the Nurse's Office to see Nurse Shizune was sitting at her desk checking a list. As she turned around, she gasped at the sight of Naruto and Sasuke. "What happened??" She questioned. Ino looks sideways and sighs. "They were trying to help me with some trouble and they got hurt. I feel kinda bad about this..." Ino looks down. Shizune sighs and smiles a bit. "It's not your fault if they were the ones who went at it and got hurt. That just means that they cared enough to go and help you. So what happened? How are they unconscious?" Ino looks at her with a small smile on her face at the sign on comfort. "Well when they tried to help, this guy used something on them, they sucked a lot of their energy out, and then they fainted from that." Shizune nods. "Ok, well let's get them into some beds and then we'll go from there." Ino and Hinata nod as they get Sasuke and Naruto into some beds. Shizune looks at Hinata and Ino, after giving them some medicene and healing them. " you two girls want to stay here with Mr. Uchiha, and Mr. Uzumaki, or go back to class? I can write you a note if you want to stay in here."

Well this is the first chapter! If you want to find out what Ino and Hinata will do, then well I guess I will try to make another one soon. It's not really good I guess for my first time. but at least I made my first one .