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..:Last Time:..

Sasuke stared wide-eyed at her. Unbelieveing of what she had said.

"Wait...you arent serious? Are you?"

Ino stares at the ground.

"No...I'm not. I'm going to be leaving with Temari, Kankuro, Gaara, their parents, and my parents on Sunday. My parents have to go back for at least another year or two...I'm sorry I didnt tell you that until now...I guess it slipped my mind."

Her face drops.

"Well...can you at least go to the dance on Saturday with me then?"

Ino shakes her head no.
"I have to help pack that night. I-I'm sorry Sasuke..."

So You Know?

Sasuke kept his eyes on the blond girl standing in front of him. He had finally accepted his feelings that he had for her. And now she was leaving.

Ino stared at the ground, thinking deeply. What else was she supposed to do? At least she just told him now...it wouldve been worse any later. But now...he's problably mad.

Ino grabs her wrist and holds tight. Thinking as she stands there.

"Man...I shouldnt have told him...he sounds kinda angry...It's not like I want to go back to America after just coming back here...making all of these friends. Now...I have to say good-bye. To make things even worse, that pink frizzied-haired freak is gonna take control of the whole school again with her cheerleading goons. I wonder why no one ever stood up to them...so strange...Yet I think-"

"Oi! Ino!"

"Hey Sasuke-teme!!"

"Ino! Sasuke!"

Ino and Sasuke turn to see the whole group of teens that had been looking for them today. They all had their umbrellas and coats and everything.

Hinata, TenTen, and Temari broke out into a run and crashed into Ino hugging her to death with the rest of the guys following behind.
"H-hey! Girl...being...squished here...!"

"Oh, sorry...but come on Ino! Can you really blame us? You worried us soo much." Inquired the brunette.

"Yeah Ino. Really! I mean you really wanna spend your last week here like how you made it today?"

Hinata and TenTen and the all of the guys--with the exception of Gaara and Kankuro--set their eyes on the two blonds.

"W-What? Temari-san...were my ears wrong, or did I just hear you say that this was Ino's last week here?" The Hyuuga girl asked.

Temari makes a nervous face as she leans in towards Ino.

"You...didnt tell them yet...did you?"

"Heh heh...Um...it kinda slipped my mind..."

"What are you talking about?"

"Um...I...uh...kinda forgot about it..."



"So...does anyone know yet?"

"Um...besides you, Kankuro, and Gaara...the only one is Sasuke, and he just found out before you guys came..."

Hinata interrupted the two blonds' conversation and stepped forward with TenTen by her side.

"Wait...so...Ino...y-you're leaving?"

Ino locks her saddened eyes on her lavender-eyed friend.

"Yeah...this coming week is my last week here..."

Hinata starts to cry with TenTen hugging her and then locking her tearing eyes with Ino's.

"B-But why didnt you t-tell us earlier?"

Ino drops her face.

"Like I said before...it kinda just slipped my mind."

"But Ino...what about me? Hinata? Neji? Naruto? The other guys? What about Sasuke?! Are you just going to leave us all behind?"

Ino's head shoots up at Sasuke's name and tries to put on a smile, laughing nervously, but lightly.

"No, of course I'm not. I'll still come and visit during summer and spring break. You guys can come visit me too! I mean, it will just be one or two years! It's not like forever...right? Come on, TenTen...Hinata...dont cry...you're gonna m-make me cry too..."

Suddenly Ino started crying too, hugging her friends tightly.

"I'm sorry I didnt tell you guys sooner! I wouldve told you...but I guess that while we had so much fun...I forgot."

"Ok. Ok. You guys all have to stop crying. Really...come on.."

Temari keeps trying to stop the three girls, who were crying. Unsuccessfully though...

Meanwhile, Naruto was staring wide-eyed at the whole fiasco. As the three started crying, he turned to Sasuke.

"Teme...arent you going to do anything?"

Sasuke scoffs.

"Heh. Like what? There's nothing I can do..."

Naruto starts to get a little aggitated.

"What do you mean, "There's nothing you can do?! Of course you can do something! Everyone already knows that you like her..."

Sasuke glares at the knucklehead blond next to him. And before he could say anything back, Naruto interrupted the raven-haired guy.

"And...we all know...that she likes you too."

Sasuke raises his eyebrows at his somewhat best friend. To hide his blushing face, he starts walking away from the group.


Kiba walks up next to Naruto.
"What's with him?"

Naruto shrugs.
"I dunno."

The blond teenaged-boy strolled over to the four girls who were not crying anymore, with the older blond girl satisfied in the none-crying zone again.

"Hey. You guys finished?"

Ino looks up at Naruto. Even though she was crying, nothing wrong was shown on her face but sadness. No bloodshot eyes, red cheeks, or runny nose, no blemishes at all that seemed to appear.

"What? Oh yeah...sorry about that. Um...you guys want to go back to my house? I kinda need to go back and change and stuff. Then we can just hang out there in the loft, kay?"

All 13 of them nod and start heading to the Yamanaka Estate.

..:At The Yamanaka Estate:..

Ino unlocks the door to her home and opens the giant white doors. As they all strolled in, Kiba, Shino, Lee, and Neji look in awe and stand there like idiots for a bit until Ino stopped and looked at them.
"Are you guys ok?"

Lee rubs the back of his head nervously with a smile.
"Oh! Yes Ino-chan! I just never seen your house before. It makes me feel so...YOUTHFUL!"

Ino laughs nervously.

"Oh really? I guess you four havent been to my house before. But everyone else has...right? I know Hinata, TenTen, Temari, Gaara, Kankuro, Shikamaru, and Choji have been here for sure. And I remember Naruto and Sasuke have been here too...wait...where's Sasuke?"

Naruto looks around and remembers that Sasuke had left.

"Oh...he left while you, Hinata, and TenTen were crying and Temari was trying to stop it."

Ino looks confused, yet sad.

"O-Oh...really? Ok. Well...um...Temari, can you lead everyone to the loft? I'm gonna go and change really quick."

Temari nods and starts leading everyone into the loft downstairs--with the exception of TenTen and Hinata left behind.

"Why are you guys going down there?"

TenTen stared, "Cuz..."

"W-We wanted to stay with you and talk for a bit...um...without the crying..." Hinata ended.

Ino nods and leads the two to her room.

As Hinata and TenTen entered Ino's room. They noticed nothing had changed at all. Ino was already in her walk-in closet looking for something to wear.

"Hm...what should I wear? What do you guys think?"

The blond turns to two of her best friends. Hinata looked around and TenTen starts to think.

Then TenTen and Hinata looked at each other at the same time, knowing exactly what Ino should wear.

Ino raises an eyebrow at the two.

"Um...you guys have a suggestion?"

"YES!!" Hinata and TenTen shouted at the same time.

"Uh...then what?"

TenTen stepped back and went to get her bag.

"You can wear this!"

TenTen held out some clothes.
"Hinata found them while she and her team went looking for you and stumbled onto this. We both think it will look great on you. Dont you think?"

The blond girl looks at the clothes in the brunette's hands and thinks.

"It...looks great. But why dont you wear it yourself, Hinata?"

Hinata looks to the ground, then back to TenTen, and then to Ino.

"Um...well...you see. After you left, I realized that we really didnt buy anything. So then...I saw this out-fit and thought it would great on you not me. I mean, really. Ino...you shouldnt always be like this. TenTen and I are...well...we are gonna be really sad that you are leaving. Why do you have to go?"

Before Hinata could start crying, TenTen steps in her little speech to Ino.

"Before Hinata starts to cry, try on these clothes. We'll go wait down in the loft."

TenTen throws the clothes onto Ino's head making the blond yelp, saying, "Hey!"

TenTen and Hinata giggle and stroll the stairs to the loft downstairs. It had been transformed into an amazing game room. On the right were two plaza screen TVs with a game system connected. On the left, was like a mini theater with a ginormous screen. Hinata and TenTen gawked at the sight. Since when did the Yamanaka's have this room like this?

All the guys were sitting in front of the two screens yelling at their teammate in battle for not doing a good job or screwing something up. Temari sat on the couch behind them, completely drowned out of everything they were doing. TenTen and Hinata walk and then tap Temari on the shoulder.

Temari turns her head and sees TenTen and Hinata.

"Oi! Hinata! TenTen! Where's Ino?"

TenTen shurgs.

"She's changing now. I guess she wont be down for a while."

"What do you mean? I'm already here."

Hinata and TenTen turn their heads to see Ino right there behind them. She was wearing what the two girls had given her not too long ago.

The out-fit composed of a white, ruffle tube top with a new pair of jeans with a silver embroidery down the half bottom part on the right leg.

At that sight, Temari jumps up to try and hug Ino, and like it was meant to happen, the rowdy blonde slips, falling backwards towards the boys; consequently landing right in front of Shikamaru. She grits her teeth and sits up, rubing her head, while cursing silently. The pineapple-hair shaped teen was about to help, until his spine got chills running down from a certan redhead who was glaring at Shikamaru to death.

Ino raised a brow at her older blonde friend.
"Oi! Temari...will you stop falling all over Shika and come over to the dance room with us?"

Mostly everyone laughs--except for Gaara, Shikamaru, and Temari. A light pink color could be seen on Temari's and Shikamaru's cheeks. Gaara was still glaring at the blushing dark-haired boy. What could he say? He was overly protective of his older sister. Emphasis on the word, "overly."

"Well come on Temari. Hinata. TenTen. You guys come too."

Just as the four were leaving, a knocking sound came from the back door that was downstairs. Ino's eyes widen as she stopped in her tracks to turn towards the door that was straight to her right. The guys, who were either staring at the TV or playing video games, had stopped what they were doing too and looked towards the knocking noise.

The rowdy blonde had recovered from her blush attack earlier and looked at Ino. The younger blonde had a glassy look in her eyes. She was most definetly thinking of a certain person again. The dirty blonde haired teen waltz past Ino, with a couple of the guys already up to their feet, towards the door.

Ino stood in place. Could it be someone she knew? Or is it just some random person coming to sell something? But wait. Who would use the back door as an entrance? Could it be...that person. That very person she was thinking about the whole week?

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