Since I didn't want to make a few separate files up for each of my oneshots/ideas that never really spawned further, I decided to lump them all in together, and post all my previously unposted stuff as a group. Mainly there is Naruto stuff, but the occasional Bleach story will pop up.

The Odd Oneshot



It's never enough. Regardless of how much you improve, it'll never be enough.

Run, and keep on running.

No matter how much you do, you'll never match him. He'll always be better, and everyone will make sure you know that he's better.

If you stop running, you'll stop growing.

Train all day. Train every day. Train nonstop and you'll still never win.

Without growth, there is no chance of survival.

Challenge yourself. Force yourself to progress, to get better, so there at least is still a competition.

Survival alone will inevitably bring victory.

As long as you progress, as long as you're getting better, you'll want to keep on going.

For the person who wants to grow, wants to get better, will survive. He who sits on top, resting on his laurels, cares less.

Find something, someone to work for, and never stop. Never stop running… inertia will keep you going for only so long, and once you stop, that same inertia will keep you stopped.

But one day, one day it'll all be worth it. One day, people will understand your worth; understand what you put yourself through to improve.

Take up the challenge; make your reason a worthwhile one. Hard work will keep you on edge, keep you trained. Without challenges, you'll become soft.

And when you are recognized, you won't be like him; you won't act like it's your due. You'll only take it and use it to motivate yourself even further.

Run. Fight. Live. Make sure you enjoy every second of it… otherwise, what's the point?

And one day, you'll get into a fight that's over your head.

One day you'll be forced to protect your precious people.

And you'll know it's your time, too.

Don't be afraid, Lee. Life in all its forms is precious; but sometime you'll be put into a situation where you can't ensure both your own survival, and everyone else's.

Don't be afraid to use your training… to go beyond your limits.

The only way to set new limits is to break your old ones.

And once you have been in a life or death situation… you'll truly understand.

You've opened the Initial Gate, and understand the first step necessary to get anything accomplished.

You've opened the Rest Gate, and understand the feeling of forcing your body to work, even when it's tired.

You've opened the Life Gate, and understand the feeling of the stuff of creation rushing through your body.

You've opened the Harm Gate, and understand the feeling of consciously eliminating pain.

But now you've reached the Limit Gate, and you're stuck. You can open it, but go no further.

The mental aspects of the Gates are as important as the physical aspect, Lee.

Before you can go further, you must understand the feeling of breaking down those limits, and building new ones.

So go, run, and fight. And when you succeed in this task, you will understand, and your training will be worth it.

Though it shall be years before you attempt the Wonder Gate, and hopefully you'll never have to attempt the Death Gate… Being able to open the Joy Gate…

That is when you'll understand exactly why we do what we do.

Author's Notes: I'm not even sure what this is. I'm lying in bed with my laptop on a pillow on my chest, with some crappy Wanda Sykes stand up on TV, and I just started writing. I didn't know where I was going with it until it ended.

I like Lee. He's too awesome, yet so often ignored.