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Prologue Outside Berlin 1940

In a dark long hall lined with crates, the sound of moving feet, screams, and gunfire could be heard echoing off the walls. Then two brothers, both in their twenties came running down the hall closely followed by Hitler's private police force or "Storm troopers." Both brothers had long blonde hair and a set of gold eyes to match. They were being chased because they had destroyed the nuclear bomb brought over from their world on the other side of the gate. These brothers come from a world that is exactly the same as the world they are in now except theirs is ruled by the science that is alchemy. They finally reached the exit. "Al did you set up the charges," called the taller brother as he stood close to the exit firing his machine gun causing the soldiers to scatter and take defensive positions behind crates. The brothers were on both sides of the exit. Al was connecting wires while his brother covered him.

"Im done broth.."A grenade landed close to Al and exploded sending him into the line of fire. In a split second Al's brother jumped in front of him getting in a defensive position as the soldiers opened fire. All the bullets hit their mark but the soldiers didn't know that the mans right arm was made of metal so when he got in defensive position most of the bullets ricocheted off but he still got hit in several vital areas. Mustering all the strength he had left he picked up his brother and got out of the building.

"Al get out of here now," yelled the older brother as he dropped him on the ground and picked up the detonator. In the hall there was shuffling of boots as soldiers went after their prey.

"Im not leaving you big brother.."

"I said now, there is no time to argue." The older brother pushed Al down the slope that led up to the complex. He activated the detonator which set off a massive incendiary explosion in the center of the building. Flames raced down the hall seeking air engulfing all the soldiers, incinerating them before they could escape. The older brother was lucky not to be caught in the flames but he was hit by two pieces of shrapnel. One caught him in the abdomen while the other clipped the side of his neck. He fell to the ground breathing heavily dropping the detonator.

"Big brother!" yelled Al as he ran back up. When he got back he started checking his brothers wounds. "Brother your going to be alri..." He found two bullet holes just above where his heart was. "Big brother." His hands covered in his brothers blood started shaking as he stared at them.

The older brothers eyes were clouded so he couldn't see his younger brother panicking. "Al im happy I could protect you and the world from that device brought over from the other side of the... gate..." His eyes slowly closed as his heart could beat no longer. Al began to cry as he started shaking him trying to get him to wake.

"Big brother, wake up!" He fell across his older brother and broke down. "Edward please Don't Die on me!"


When Ed woke up next he was laying in a cement room with a mirror opposite of him and a wooden door behind him. The place gave him the creeps and not because it was just an empty room devoid of anything. The room had no lights but it seemed to glow an eery green. "Al? Al where are you?" As he spoke he had stood up and then he turned and looked in the mirror.

"What the hell!" He jumped back at his reflection because his image had changed a lot. He was extremely pale and his golden hair and eyes were now a brilliant silver. His clothes had changed from western European to those similar to the ones he wore in the Alchemy world. Instead of red, his jacket was silver but the rest of his clothes were the same color black. He even had his watch that he got proving he was a state alchemist including the inscription he had made in it, Don't forget 3, Oct, 10. It was something he had kept to remind him of his reasons for becoming a State Alchemist. I thought I had gotten rid of this a long time ago. As he thought this he began shaking in rage until he slammed the watch onto the ground. As soon as his hands touched the ground one of the walls exploded in a flash of blue light.

"That was alchemy... But I thought I couldn't use alchemy on this side of the gate." He stepped over the rubble of the destroyed wall and was shocked by what he saw. Instead of sky he saw nothingness and floating in the supposed sky were doors and buildings. What shocked him the most was their were creatures floating around. Some of the creature looked like green blobs but, others took on a definite form like animals and humans.

"Where am I?..."

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