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Chapter 3

Danny was sitting in Mr. Lancer's class anxiously waiting for the bell to ring signaling the end of school. Sam and Tucker sat across the room from him trying to keep from falling asleep. They looked worse than they did the night before They had blood shot eyes, were pale and looked a little shaky. They wouldn't look at him and every time he had tried to talk to them in the halls and at lunch they would make an excuse and run off. When the bell finally rung he caught up with them going outside and just when he was about to say something his cell phone rang. Dammit!!

"Hello," said Danny really annoyed that someone called.

"Danny, I need you Sam and Tucker to meet me at the Nasty Burger now," said Jazz in a shaky voice and before Danny could reply she had already hung up.

"Guys Jazz wants to meet us a the Nasty Burger and I want you to explain what's going on."

"Okay," mumbled Sam and Tucker before they headed to the Nasty Burger.


Ed had been flying through the Ghost Zone, following a strange force that had been pulling him in different directions. Finally he came to a Strange floating door that had a transmutation circle and the words Equivalent Exchange carved into it. "Equivalent Exchange, one of the laws of Alchemy." He tried the knob but it was locked and he looked at the lock to see a circular hole. He studied it for a second and noticed that inside the hole was a hexagram depression like on his State alchemist watch. He put the watch in the hole and the door glowed blue and when he tried it this time it opened.

Upon entering the door he noticed he was in a room similar to Pinako's house. What caught his attention though, was the back of the room where seven small banners lined on the wall forming a triangle. Starting from the left the first banner had a shield with word greed underneath. The second had a spear on it with the word lust. The third had the picture of a water drop and had the word sloth. The banner at the top had an eye with the word pride. The next had a picture of a mask with a serpent curled around with the word envy. The next had a picture of an arm with the word wrath. The last had a picture of a mouth with the word gluttony.

He stared at the banners for quite a long time remembering the homunculus he had battled while he was alive. "What is this place and why are these be hanging on the wall here like trophies?"

"This would be your home in the ghost zone."

Danny, sam, and tucker arrived at the Nasty Burger (by the way, who names a restaurant Nasty burger?) to find Jazz standing outside looking around as if she was going to be attacked. "Jazz?"

"Ahhhhh!" She nearly jumped out of her skin but she noticed it was Danny and calmed down a little.

"Danny, Sam, Tucker, you finally got here."

"I want you'll to tell me why you'll have been acting so weird?" Cut in Danny who was sick of being left in the Dark. "Why do you guys look like you haven't slept in weeks?" Before any of his friends could answer Danny's ghost sense went off and not long after there was an explosion that knocked them off their feet. Danny looked up in the sky to see Skulker smiling down at him. He looked around to see if anybody was watching then transformed before flying up to confront the "hunter."

"What do you want Skulker, im kinda busy right now." Danny had already pulled out his thermos but it didn't even seem to faze him.

"Whelp I came up with a plan to beat you and decided to try it out." Skulker aimed a blaster at Danny, then at his friends down below and fired. Before Danny could react there was an explosion down in the street.

"No!" He flew down and saw Sam, Tucker, and Jazz getting off the ground, They looked singed but were fine. His eyes glowed blue and he shot a blue blast that froze skulker's arm and the blaster he had fired. More blasters and missile launchers appeared from his suit but were frozen within a second. "Skulker, Never target my friends!" He flew up and punched skulker knocking him into the street creating a crater. When Skulker got back up his suit was falling apart but he was smiling. Danny landed in front of him his hands glowing a mix of blue and green. "Why are you smiling?" Asked Danny his voice still full of anger.

"Well it seems child that you've instilled fear in your friends." Danny turned to see his friends were shaking their heads no as they backed up.

"Skulk..." He turned back to see skulker had disapeared. "Guys?" Sam Tucker and Jazz turned around and ran away without so much of a word but the looks of fear on their faces is what kept him rooted where he stood.

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