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Revised: April 6, 2012

Ch.1-The Obsessed

Once upon a time, there were two beautiful sisters who were said to have been born on the same day, but at different times of that day to the goddess Hecate's mortal avatar. One was born at the breaking of the dawn and the other, at the setting of the twilight.

The eldest, a fair blonde beauty, was said to be kind, gentle, and quiet of heart, but with a strong sense of justice and an even stronger will. The youngest, a brilliant crimson-haired vixen, was said to be a fiery beauty with the playful, mischievous nature of a fox and a burning spirit to match the title.

Despite sharing a mother and a birthing day, these sisters could find little else in common. It soon came to pass that the two siblings would find themselves fighting against one another over many things; their lessons, their morals, their first love...

Hecate foresaw their bitter rivalries and sought to stop them before the sisters ultimately chose to hate one another before their ascension as new goddesses. Before her young daughters came into their powers, she took them from the mortal world in hopes that the contact with fragile humans would better their caution and began training them in the ways of her craft.

The daylight witch, proficient in the art of healing and memory, was often found lingering in the memories of mortals or healing those whose paths she crossed, whether it be physically or mentally. There was no denying that she was soft-hearted and pitied those ill of mind and body. It was not unheard of for sudden "miracles" to be whispered of in the areas of the lands she left behind.

The twilight witch took after her celestial mother in the dark arts of witchcraft and trickery, never ceasing to confuse and deceive those souls unfortunate enough to cross her path. She was known for her treachery and dark seduction of the foolish. Despite her reputation, she was only known to hex those who had wronged others or aroused her ire by their own wicked deeds.

Unfortunately, Hecate had not taken into account that by bringing her daughters into the mortal world, she would be exposing them to the potential influence of other creatures that were not limited by the rules of gods or humans. Humans could not manipulate gods so effortlessly, nor could they weave a string of lies and deceit so solidly.

One such creature, having a fondness for rare, beautiful things found itself fascinated by the fiery Twilight. Her raw talent for mischief and vengeance along with her playful nature had struck its interest, and so it settled down to watch her from the shadows, content to let her true nature unfold before it.

The young demi-god was unaware of this creature, however, because her attention was solely focused on something far more pressing in her mind. For in a small village full of beautiful flowers that filled the streets that was ruled by a benevolent family of nobles, there was a sickly child with hair as pale as the moonlight and eyes as bright as fresh spring leaves. Daylight, her heart bleeding for the child and the suffering family, stole into the manor one night and cured the child of his ailment.

Upon the child's rapid recovery, the village became a happy place, full of joy that their master's child would live and once again be able to play without affliction. And although Twilight too rejoiced at the child's recovery, a small seed of hatred curled in the farthest corner of her heart, for she had fallen in love with the beautiful child. To see his fragile smile and luminous jade eyes aimed at her sister pained her greatly. The creature so enraptured with her sensed that pain and anger...and fed it.

Hecate grew troubled at the animosity growing between her carefully molded daughters as they each grew into their different powers and the differences in their personalities became much more apparent. Sensing that her attempt at imbuing them with some sense of the fragile bonds and obligations between mortals and gods had failed, she took her daughters both back through the Veil.

But like all things destined by Fate, there was nothing she could do to stop the coming events.

One day, after a particularly bitter spat between the twins, Daylight came worriedly to her goddess mother with the news that Twilight had gone off to the mortal world in a fit of temper.

Hecate, having already foreseen these particular events, gave Daylight a bit of her own powers to follow her wilder sister through the Veil of the Gods in order to retrieve the irate girl. She was well aware that one day behind the Veil could very well be a decade or more of mortal years (for what god bothered to keep track of time in the Promised Land?) and she did not wish to discover what Zeus would do if he found out that she had let her child-still so ignorant of the ways of life- meddle in the lives of mortals without punishment.

The white witch noticed that the passage of time in the mortal world had progressed from the time that she and her sister last visited. She found herself returning to the village of the boy with the strong spirit that had called her to heal him, curious as to the changes time had wrought on him and the place he called home. She was both shocked and horrified at the sight that greeted her.

Time had indeed changed the land.

What had once been light and sunshine, rolling green hills and lush life, was now cold and darkness. Snow covered the land, covering the hills and flowering meadows, turning them into cold bumps upon the land as large icicles hung from strange, sparse trees and the only telltale sign of life was the mournful howls of wolves that echoed far in the distance.

But there was nothing worse than the stone and wood monstrosity of a manor that loomed before her, its foreboding qualities speaking volumes as to the undoubted conditions of those that would be inside. She could smell the sickness inside as the nauseating smell permeated the air. It was as if death itself had left a permanent pall over this lonely manor, warning away any foolish enough to come close. What had once been a radiant garden of flowers and cheerful, celebrating villagers was now a hollow, empty place.

An explosive creak drew her attention as the massive fortress doors were slowly forced open. A lone, cloaked figure emerged before scanning the area as if looking for something. The figure's very height and build suggested that it was a male, but what caught her attention was not the figure itself, but the faint hint of power that overshadowed him. Even the scent that came from the door behind him had the same pronounced stench.

Magic. So her sister was here, and it seemed that she had either already been to this land or was inside the very walls she hesitated to enter. Had her twin corrupted this place so thoroughly with her power that the air sang with the disease of her victims?

Uncertain if she was correct, the white witch followed the nervous man undetected as the simple Vanish spell cloaked her from his presence.

She did not want to believe that her mischievous sister could do such a horrible thing, but she had to know for sure.

The dark witch sighed happily as she drifted through the royal family's woods—soon to be her woods—content with the peaceful silence that hung throughout the kingdom. A small smirk graced her full lips and sent her violet eyes dancing in barely concealed joy.

Today was the day that all her plans would fulfill her goals.

Initially, she had been more concerned with slinking off to the mortal world to pout, but when she had met him, a new plan had come to mind. All it had taken was a jinx on an already slightly insane man, and a poisoned herbal mixture in an ailing woman's stew.

In this remote corner of the mortal realm, there was no nosy twin sister or emotionally stunted witch queen to bother her. And she would show them that she had gained a few new spells without the help of their precious rules and teachings. Powerful spells that no normal gods could use.

A crunching sound alerted her of a newcomer before a voice tentatively called her name.

Her heart swelled with love and a beatific smile spread across her face. The young witch turned with her arms outspread, beckoning the man approaching her from the shadows of the forest.

It was time to get what she wanted.

"You came...Riku."

The white witch silently approached the clearing the man had stumbled into with caution. It would be pointless of her to intrude upon a man and his lover whilst they were meeting in secret, but...a stroke of her mother's prophetic vision told her that she needed to witness the scene that was about to unfold.

The man under the cloak had his back to her, but it was the woman he was facing and whose name he had called that drew her attention. Surely that was her! No other had those wild auburn locks or those alluring violet eyes that seemed lit with the very fires of passion. But what was she doing here, meeting with this man here of all..?

A fiery blush stole over her form as she pursed her lips. Perhaps her twin had decided to stay because she had found herself a mortal lover?

Hearing her sister's tender words and seeing her open arms seemed to confirm that theory, but still, there was something...off. As if whatever she wanted from the man was not a good thing.

Before she could discover what is was, however, the man flicked off his cloak's hood with a quick, impatient gesture. Leaning closer, the concealed witch had to stifle her gasp of shocked awe before she was discovered.

What stood before her was...the little boy whose life she had saved so long ago.

The mortal man could have been a son of Adonis himself with his pale hair and strong, beautiful face. Silver hair fell in long waves over the hood, perfectly framing wild, piercing green eyes.

Unfortunately, the mortal's voice was heavy with some grief that just gnawed at the hidden witch's heart. What had her devious sister done now to make such a strong heart cloud over with such suffocating grief?

"Have you come to accept my offer?" Her twin asked sweetly before lifting a pale, elegant hand and gathering energy for a summoning spell. Wolves of all kind drifted in from the surrounding woods, their wild eyes glazed with the will-breaking summon spell. She made a vague gesture and they all stopped their advance to settle on their haunches, save one large male and female, who each took a side of the witch that had beckoned them from hunting. She caressed their furry pelts lovingly, her eyes never once leaving the silver-haired man staring at her with naked longing on his face.

The look made the white witch feel as though she were intruding, but...the man's soul was creating an awful keening sound as he stepped closer and closer to the woman that had his complete attention. The sound was awful, like wailing cries terrified of the darkness, and it rooted her to the spot. How could that beautiful child have become so...tormented?

He glanced down at the large male with apprehension and the glazed look in the animal's eyes made him freeze as if shocked at some unrevealed truth. He hesitantly lifted his eyes and gave the witch before him a long, pensive stare before shaking his head slowly and giving her a low, "No..."

The white witch looked between the two of them before watching her sister stiffen and clench her small hands into fists.

Knowing her sister and her legendary temper, this was most definitely not good.

The dark witch's inviting expression abruptly fell away into shock, and then angered dismay.

"What?" she barked out in outrage. "You dare turn me down? What of life? What of love? What of your freedom? You would throw that all away?"

The mortal named Riku shook his head before gesturing at the wolves at her side. "I would only trade one life of bondage for another."

"You ungrateful wretch!"

The white witch cried out in warning, but the sound was quickly drowned out by the pained screams of the mortal her sister had just lashed out at. This was wrong, so wrong; it frightened her to see her sister so...twisted.

The beautiful red-headed witch's face had twisted into raw fury before a hand whipped up to her side and darkness rose from beneath the mortal's feet to writhe over his body and constrict painfully tight over his arms and legs, forcing him to his knees. Everywhere the darkness touched, bloody furrows had dug into his flesh, letting the darkness seep inside and control his body.

"I w-won't...be...your dog, Kairi!" The mortal bit out between clenched teeth, straining against his bonds.

The witch known as Kairi raised her hand to slap the offensive mortal then lowered it as if she had thought of something. A trembling smile, both pained and seeking to cause pain appeared on her graceful features. "He told me this might happen," she said softly, her violet eyes gaining a slightly hysterical light before she turned her blazing gaze onto the wolves tensed at her sides. The male noticed her scrutiny and dutifully approached her.

She and the wolf both stared at the panting man as she gracefully resumed her gentle ministrations on the wolf's chin. "Tell me mortal, do you know of the soul mate concept? Wolves mate for life, as do some other animals. Once they are bound by soul, no other will do. Should one mate die, the other will soon follow."

Something in the witch observing screamed, 'She wouldn't.'

Her thought was confirmed by Kairi turning to the wolves and lifting her arms into the air before herself. Two wispy substances, one yellow and one blue flowed from both creatures' eyes before the wolves simply...dissolved. Kairi had a victorious, almost happy smile on her face as she directed the blue soul into the mortal Riku's line of vision. The blue mist disappeared into the stunned man's eyes before the green eyes dilated and he collapsed into a shuddering heap on the cold, arctic ground.

The foolish witch was free-bonding souls. It was forbidden. Her sister could go to the darkest pits of Tartarus for doing such a thing!

She had to stop this!

The white witch dashed out of her hiding place and aimed a well-formed Pearl at the hand holding the yellow soul that the dark witch was holding in front of her face.

Kairi stared in shock at her sister as the Vanish spell was hastily dissolved in favor of attacking.


"You fool! Such practices are forbidden, even for immortals!" The white witch called Namine frowned in disapproval as the man writhed on the ground, the tendrils of darkness having already been retracted when the wolf soul had bonded with his own.

Kairi had held her arms up in front of herself to deflect the blow from the light spell, dropping the remaining female wolf's soul. It gathered into a tight glowing golden ball before shooting into the sky and disappearing without a trace.

"No! Look what you've made me do now! I needed that!" Kairi's enraged persona seemed to make the surrounding wolves get antsy and start pacing the edge of the forest that they had situated themselves in. She merely balled both of her fists and screamed in thwarted rage, the sound echoing out in the silent forest.

Light suddenly filled the clearing and then, where there were once wolves, almost fifty soul wisps drifted into the air to follow the example of their female leader, except these souls streamed away like small comets towards the direction of the village the man had come from.

Namine was horrified, but she chose instead to cast a Stop spell on her wayward sister before she could cause any more damage. Instead of becoming even more upset though, her sister merely gave a vindictive smile before saying petulantly, "If I can't have his love, then no one can. And certainly not you."

"What did you do to the others?" Namine demanded. "Where did their souls go?"

Kairi smiled in response, her eyes wild and terrified. "The day the two souls bond again he'll be free, but every soul under his protection will never be allowed to rest until he finds the other half!" She giggled hysterically and Namine was distracted enough by shock and horror for her sister to break through the binding spell and faze out of the clearing completely.

Namine had no idea how she was gonna explain this one to her mother.