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Mike Logon was getting ready for his date with the most beautiful, smartest, quietest girl he ever met. Carolyn Barek. He met her in 7th grade and he knew something about her changed him. Over time they became best friends. She surprisingly didn't have many friends. But she didn't care how many friends she had but now good they were. Her close friends were Alex Eames, Bobby Goren, Olivia Benson, Elliot Stabler, Fin Odafin, John Munch, Melinda Warner, Casey Novak, Trevor Langdon and Alex Cabit .It was kinda funny because Elliot and Olivia were best friends and they denied being together. (Even though Mike caught them making out on Elliot's couch when he went over there)Mike was trying to get Alex E. and Bobby together but it didn't work out. They were just "close friends" But back to Mike. He remembered when he asked her out like it was yesterday.


Mike was walking Carolyn home like he did every school day. They were walking in a comfortable silence. Mike decided to break it.

"So Car? You goin' to Prom?" She looked up and smiled.

"No Mike I'm not." He almost stopped dead in his tracks, but kept going.

"Why not?" He sounded upset.

"No one's asked me Mikey,"She smiled and looked ahead. Mike saw the frown appear on her face. He stopped and pulled her arm to stop her too. She looked at him.

"What if someone asked you?"

"It depends who askes,"she said teasing him. With one swift movement his mouth was on hers. She was shocked at first but gave into the kiss. Her eye lids fluttered shut and her lips parted just enough so he could taste the inside of her mouth. Mike broke the kiss reluctantly and looked at her.

"So what if I asked you?" He asked with a shit-eating-grin. She opened her eyes.

"I would probably say yes," She said quietly. He took one step toward her so their bodies were touching.

"Car? Will you go to prom with me?" She nodded weakly. He put his arms around her waist and she put her arms around his neck. His lips moved to find hers. His lips found her soft, kissable lips and she opened her mouth like before and his tongue tasted her mouth again. When they pulled apart for air they both smiled in content. He walked her the rest of the way home with her hand in his. Before she turned to go in. She pecked him on the lips.

"Bye Mikey," she whispered. "See you tomorrow." She walked in the house and he walked home smiling.


"Tonight is prom," Mike said to him-self as he looked in the mirror. He wanted to look nice for Carolyn. He got one thing out of his drawer and he left to the Bareks'.

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