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The four detectives were working in a comfortable silence. Deakins' had pulled some strings with the Brass to let Barek and Logan keep working together, as they were already married when they started working together. Mike was watching Carolyn, he forgot about what he was doing. The next thing he knew, she was leaning over her trashcan vomiting. Alex came over in a rush and was holding Carolyn's hair so chunks didn't get in it.

"Car, you okay?"

"Yeah, I think so." She said slowly getting back up.

"Maybe you should go to the doctors." Goren threw in.

"Yeah, you should." Mike said, jumping into the conversion.

"Okay, I'll go, I'll go." She got to her feet and left to the free clinic doctor she trusted so much.

_*_*An Hour Later*_*_

Carolyn came back to the office about an hour later Mike was the first to see her and he jumped to his feet and was by her.

"Hey, so what'd the doc say?" She took his hand and walked into the hall, away from everyone.

"Mike we, we need to talk." She whispered. That got him worried.


"No, let me finish, Mike…I'm," a smile broke out on her face. "I'm pregnant."

"Really? I'm gunna be-be a dad?" She nodded, a bit worried at his reaction. He picked her up and spun her around, screaming:

"I'm going to be a dad!" He yelled it over and over and over, grabbing people's attention. Deakins came out of his office, and the other two agents walked into the hall. They all started to laugh, watching the black shielded agent so happy.

"Whoa Mikey, put me down, I'm going to get sick."

"Oh, sorry." He said, gently putting her down.

"It's okay." She told him before turning back to her 'family'.

"So a Little Barek or Logan running around the office? I think I could get use to that." Their captain admitted, with a smile on his face.

"I'd rather have a Little Barek than a Logan." Bobby said, still chuckling.

"I second that!" Alex agreed, raising her hand slightly.

"I am offended." Mike mock pouted at their musings of his child.

"How far along are you?" Alex questioned, ignoring Mike.

"Eight weeks. The baby is due in February." Alex clapped her hands.

"Awe, it's due in the month of love!" She squealed, dreamily, looking into space.

"Hey, you know what? I would like a little girl looking like Carolyn. Hopefully she would look like you, instead of me."

"Yes, we wouldn't want to curse our child." She sniggered. He looked at her indignantly.

"Why did you marry me if that's what you think?"

"You were the first to propose to me." The group laughed.

_*_*Three Months Later*_*_

At five months, Carolyn was bigger than one would usually be at the end of her second trimester. Her parents now knew of her marriage and pregnancy, as Deakins called them to congratulate them on impending grandparenthood.

Boy, did Caro get an ear full, but they were happy that they were, and even more excited to have a grandchild to spoil.

Right now, Carolyn and Mike were at the doctor, and had just found out some pretty shocking news.

"What!?" Screamed Carolyn and Mike.

"Yes, it seems you are carrying twins, twin girls, by the looks of it."

"My god." Was all Mike said until they got home.

"What are going to name them?" He said. She shrugged, her hand subconsciously rubbing her belly.

"You can think of a name, and I can think of the other?" She suggested. He nodded, than kinda blushed.

"I already have one." Carolyn smiled.

"Me too."

"Stacy Nicolle."

"Jessica Perrie." Both smiled and Mike moved down to her belly.

"Hi, Stacy Nicolle and Jessica Perrie. I'm your daddy, and you're inside your Mommie. Hope you like it in there."

_*_Years Later_*_

Jessica and Stacy were, in fact, replicas of their mother, but had green eyes from their father. They had more siblings; MacKenzie Francis was one and a half, younger than the twins. Their little brother, Andrew William was with their dad as they waited for the rest of the people to get there for the twins third birthday party.

Their life was great and they wouldn't change it for the world.

The End