Someone new joined Z-Loan...


He was a newcomer and Shito wasn't happy. Chika decided to give this guy a chance and Shito decided not to. Even so it wasn't Shito's choice to make and Yuuta had assured the new guy that Shito would eventually learn to trust him, or at least tolerate him.

The new guy, who was apparently a detective when he was alive, now had a dark ring around his neck. A ring that marked him as a zombie; a zombie killed by a reaper who lost her life when she took his.

That newcomer was rather peculiar, he fit right in. He always sat with his feat on the chair and a plate with a partially eaten slice of cheesecake could always be seen near him. When he heard from Chika about Shito's sock problem, his advice was not to wear socks, the newcomer didn't like socks. Chika thought it was a good idea, Shito didn't.

However, as time passed, Shito had to admit, the new guy was useful, odd as he was, he was a true genius.

"Your target," the zombie with a dark ring around his neck and matching lines under his eyes held the edges of a sheet of paper with the ends of his fingers.

Chika took the paper, looked it over, then handed it to Shito, who actually took the time to read it instead of just looking at the picture.

"It's amazing how you can put all Yomi's clues together this quickly." For that Michiru was very grateful. The fewer clues they needed from Yomi, the less Michiru had to suffer trying to summon her. Her shinigami eyes were still needed though, she had special shinigami eyes and she didn't have to sacrifice half her life span to obtain them, she was simply born that way.

The detective, smiled. He was back and as soon as he was debt free, he would be alive, while his rival had dissolved into nothingness some time ago. "Justice will prevail." Death was only the beginning.


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