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"Hermione! We don't need another pet!" Charlie complained loudly, at first when she asked him to join her in diagonally he thought she just wanted some company, now though he knew the real reason.

"We do too Charlie now stop complaining you ninny!" she said glancing at him as she continued to pull him through the crowd and towards the pet shop.

"But we have Crookshanks! Not to mention my lizard Nibs." She shot him a look.

"Nibs doesn't do anything, I only let you keep him because he's the only thing remotely close to a dragon that you will find since you moved here except for the occasional letter from Romania that you receive asking for your expertise. And although it pains me to say it Crooks is getting old. And if you add in our mail owl into our pet list I will hurt you." He shut his mouth and huffed as she continued to drag him into the store and toward the cat section.

"I see that you decide that we should have another cat then?"

"A kitten, yes."

"A kitten...great."he said sighing, leaning up against the glass that held them. He watched them all play with one another but the one that caught his attention the most seeing as it was spazzing out,hyper, and running around the cage like crazy. He picked it up and it froze looking up at him in surprised. It was fully black with white paws and a white line the ran down his face between its right eye and nose. this bugger is pretty cute for a cat. The kit began to wrestle with his finger before licking it.

"Oh Charlie look he so cute and fluffy!" Charlie looked up to see Hermione holding another kitten that was white and black, it was fluffy as hell too. He sat perfectly still in her hands, eyes wondering everywhere. " the owner said he's a little slow due to a accident he had but still as good as the others. Oh we have to get him!" She smiled at him.

"Sure." He said shifting so she could see the kitten he was holding. "We're getting this one as well."

"Aw she's adorable." The kitten had crawled up his arm and was playing with his hair on his shoulder.

"Yeah Dragon is cute."

"Dragon? You can't name a kitten Dragon."

"Yes I can." They continued to argue about the name all the way to the cash register, eventually Charlie won.

They still fight over the name when ever Charlie mention that Lucky was a overused name for a cat, specially for one so fluffy.

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