Sneak peek! Preview! A diamond in the rough! The one thing—::is slapped by muse::

Well, here's a little teaser bit for the upcoming sequel, "Asylum." To be released very soon, and, hopefully, I can actually have a proper updating schedule...

They only managed to travel a few blocks before someone noticed them. The Good Samaritan had taken a long, blinking look at them before fumbling with his mobile and calling for an ambulance. Jack had tried to give the man valid reasons why they did not need medical assistance, but the stranger would have none of it.

"Look, mate. You're bleeding all over the place, he's got something through his bloody leg, and she looks about ready to collapse. Now, I don't care what happened. It's honestly none of my business. But you lot need to go to a hospital."

"You don't understand. . ."

"I probably don't. But that doesn't change any of your current states, does it?"

Jack was preparing a threatening retort when sirens moaned around the corner behind them. Gwen turned around and smiled as the police car stopped a few yards from the small group; the ambulance bypassed it and halted closer to Owen and the sagging Ianto. Two paramedics jumped out, one going for the back to open the double doors. It took some coaxing to convince Owen to release Ianto into the care of one of the paramedics; the other put a hand on Owen's upper back and guided him to the vehicle, gesturing at Owen's bare, bandaged, dirty and bloodied feet.

Jack didn't know if he could deal with this. Not now. The trip to the hospital, the inevitable questions, staving off reporters and concerned medical personel. Hearing just how bad the damage to Ianto's leg was, being yelled at by Owen. Seeing Gwen's crushed, lost expression for the uncertain hours they would be waiting.

He looked up. A lean lady cop had an arm around Gwen's shoulders; Gwen was sobbing something about Rhys and Toshiko. The man who had spotted the bedraggled Torchwood Three eyed Jack with minor suspicion. Jack thought the man suspected he would run.

So he did, before anyone would take too much notice of his absence.


Gwen called, one foot already in the passenger's side of the police car.

Jack didn't look back as he walked away. He couldn't face them. Not yet.

Not after his failure to protect them, to save them. To save Tosh, to prevent any of this happening. All of it, his fault. The remaining, one thing that put the in danger. Constantly. Him.

The only way to keep them safe was to leave.

He had just one problem.

Getting from London to Cardiff.

Well, he'd gone farther than that without cash, clothes, or a phone, in previous. . .adventures. Still, he didn't look forward to the hundred-fifty odd miles back to Cardiff.

"Jack!" Gwen shouted this time. If he didn't move quickly, and now, someone else would call more public services, and escape would be even more difficult.

"Bloody Harkness," Owen grumbled, stepping out of the ambulance. "Do you have any sedatives in this thing?"

The older paramedic raised his thick eyebrows. "Yeah, but y'can't use 'em—"

"On the contrary, I can. Dr. Owen Harper, Torchwood. Give me one, now, or he—" Owen jerked a thumb at the retreating captain, "will get away."

The paramedic shook his head. "Sorry mate, no."

"Owen, you said?" The younger of the medical team, his blonde hair tied in a short ponytail, stood blocking any way for Owen to leave. "Hop in, we need to get your friends to a hospit—"

"But Jack needs to be seen to! And he's just walking off! If—"

"Sir, get in or I will sedate you," the older medic threatened, glancing down at Ianto.

Owen rolled his eyes, crossed his arms, and walked towards the police car.

"If it won't crush your precious hearts, I'll go with them."