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FYI: The title roughly means "Lady Hawk" in Japanese.

Kifujin Taka
Chapter One: "Impossible...nothing's impossible..."

He had never liked dungeons, mostly because he had been in quite a few of them
and they never seemed to change. Always dark and dank, the sound of dripping
water echoing through every cell, rats everywhere. And Aquila was no different.
In fact, it was probably worse, surrounded by the legend that no prisoner had
ever escaped from it's hardened walls. The prisoners that were kept in this
infamous dungeon had been their for years, most of them having been driven mad
by their extended stay in a place that never saw the sun. Well, except for him,
of course, and he wasn't sticking around long enough to start drooling and
gibbering like everyone else, either. After all, they didn't call him 'The
Mouse' for nothing...

Just outside his cell, two guards strode forth, one a superior officer, the
other his subordinate. The superior, Wufei Chang, motioned to his companion,
Trowa Barton.

"Bring out the next three."

Barton nodded silently and unlocked one cell, dragging out two other prisoners
and relinquishing them to the two waiting officials. He then opened the next,
his one visible eye narrowing as he noticed there was only one prisoner in this
one, and it wasn't the one he had been told to bring.

"I want Quatre Winner." He said, his quiet echoing in the vast dungeon. Wufei
glanced sharply at him and then to the two waiting officials.

"This is the cell, sir." One replied, wondering what was going on. Trowa shook
his head, studying the prisoner before him.

"Wrong cell. I want Quatre Winner, the one they call 'The Mouse'." Barton
replied, watching as the disgusting figure before him moved, a mad laugh
escaping his lips. The prisoner was old, with bony limbs from too little to eat,
and completely filthy from head to toe. He was also unquestionably insane.

"The Mouse?" The old man warbled, grinning blankly. "The Mouse...The Mouse, he
left our house...No mouse today, he ran away...To ease the pain, he's down the
drain!" And he raised a knobby finger to point at the drainage pipe opening a
few feet away, cackling under his breath. Barton took a single step forward and
grabbed the prisoner by his ragged shirt collar, an icy expression settling over
his features.

"Where is he?" He asked, his patience wearing thin. This man had been the
Mouse's cell mate, he had to know if he had been taken. No one could just
disappear into thin air, not in Aquila.

The prisoner raised his arms to protect himself, his eyes showing a crazed
glint. "I already told you, kind lord!" He shouted, cowering. Barton released
him in disgust.

"Hang him." He ordered to the two waiting guards, drawing a wail from the old
man. "And search every sewer, every drain! Find him! Or Captain Chang with hang
you in his place!" The two guards went scurrying, dragging the mad man from his
cell as they rushed to fulfill his word. Once they had gone, Wufei entered the
cell, black eyes fixing upon the three foot opening to the drainage pipe. The
top grate had been removed, revealing the gaping black abyss that awaited the
person that entered. He shook his head. It wasn't big enough for a child, let
alone a young man.

"Impossible. No one could escape through there."

But Quatre had, and he was currently slithering his way through the muddy piping
system, talking to himself as he went. It was a habit of his, speaking just to
hear the words sometimes. He led a lonely life and it made him feel somewhat
better to hold a conversation with God, or whoever might be listening. Not that
he thought anyone was listening at that moment, a good thirty feet below the
dungeon, and he hoped they weren't, as he wanted to escape Aquila with little
commotion. If they found him, it was the gallows, and he rather wanted to avoid
that at any cost.

"Not unlike escaping Mother's womb." He remarked, as he pushed himself through a
rather tight opening that had become clogged with debris. "God, what a memory!"
With a great push, he was suddenly through and sliding down the pipe to land
with a great splash in the main sewer system. Spitting out a mouthful of sewage
water, he surfaced, wiping his platinum locks from his eyes. As if he hadn't
been smelly enough...

Swimming over to the ledge to the side, he pulled himself out of the water,
immediately sitting back on his heels to rest for a moment. He could see now
that he hadn't really thought this through. He had always had a knack for
getting in and out through small spaces but this definitely beat anything he had
done before.

"No wonder no one's ever escaped Aquila, who'd want all this?" He muttered to
himself, his eyes drifting over the water, wondering what to do next. About
twenty yards away his sea-green eyes fell on a dark shape moving slowly through
the waterway, directly towards him. It took him only a few minutes to realize
that the shape looked vaguely like an...alligator!

Panicked, he pressed himself against the channel wall, trying to get himself as
far away from the edge as possible. Stone and mortar crumbled away at his
movements and his eyes widened as the thing grew closer.

"Lord," He said out loud, hoping this wasn't his last moment alive, "I'll never
pick another pocket as long as live, I swear! But here's the problem--if you
don't let me live, how can I prove myself to you?"

The thing was only about ten feet away and Quatre squeezed his eyes shut. "If
you've heard me, this ledge will remain steady as a rock, and that thing coming
at me won't be what I think it is. If it is, there'll be no hard feelings, of
course, but I'll be very disappointed."

A few tense seconds later, when no gaping jaws had snapped him in half, he
opened one eye hesitantly to see an innocent looking piece of driftwood float
by. Breathing out a sigh of immense relief, he slouched against the ledge,
wiping tracks of water from his face. If he had any more encounters like that
he'd end up like his lunatic of a cell mate he had gladly left behind. What a
joy it must be to be insane.

Taking a deep breath, he readied himself to jump back into the water, when the
faint musical strains of a hymn reached his ears, and he paused, remembering the
service God had just rendered him in saving his life.

"I'm coming!" He said, as he moved along the ledge, following the sound of the
singing voices. Perhaps God was trying to lead him towards freedom? He hurried a
little faster and found himself standing in a small shaft of light. Shielding
his eyes, he looked upwards and saw a grate about ten feet above his head, the
music drifting down through it to him. His starved eyes drew in the colours of
whatever room lay above and he suddenly felt a great love for whatever angel was
watching over him. He was going to be free!

In an instant, he was climbing up the rocky sides of the drainage pipe, the
music becoming louder in his ears as he neared the grate. "It's Quatre, Lord,
Quatre." He called, joyfully. "You won't regret this, Lord. I'm a wonderful

Reaching up to the touch the grate, he peered through the tiny holes to get a
look at where he was. The room above was filled with singing and whispering
voices, which meant it must be the cathedral. He pushed against the grate,
entertaining the thought that he might be able to escape through the crowds, but
the metal wouldn't move, and he contemplated what to do next.

Meanwhile, while Mouse was contemplating below the cathedral floor, the Captain
of the Guard, Wufei Chang walked with the Bishop of Aquila in the courtyard
adjoining the church. The bishop, dressed in the white robes of his office,
paused as his Captain leaned down to kiss his ring. Once the Chinese man had
straightened, he motioned for him to speak.

"There has been disturbing news, Your Grace. One of the prisoners has escaped."

Immediately, Bishop Treize's gaze hardened and he continued his walk at an
angrier pace. Captain Chang followed a respectful pace behind him. "No one ever
escapes the dungeons of Aquila, Wufei. The people accept that as a historical

The captain nodded once, his dark eyes on the ground beneath his feet. An act
that might have been taken for humility on any other man. On Chang it only
looked calculated.

"The responsibility is mine."

"Yes." The bishop answered curtly.

"It would be a miracle if he manages to get through the sewer system." The
captain remarked, abruptly skidding to a halt as the bishop turned to face him,
eyes blazing.

"I believe in miracles, Wufei. It's part of my job."

Wufei lowered his head in acceptance of that fact. "At any rate, Your Grace,
'tis only one insignificant thief."

"Great storms announce themselves with a simple breeze, Captain, and a single
rebel spark can ignite the fires of rebellion." The bishop replied, sharply.
Wufei nodded, straightening his shoulders against the bishop's black stare.

"If he's out there, Your Grace, I'll find him."

The bishop's answer came as a soft hiss. "Yes."

Back below the cathedral, Quatre had abandoned the grate and was climbing down
to the sewer channel again. The water had to come out somewhere and he would
just follow the current until he got of this accursed place. Jumping in, he swam
until he was washed out of the pipe and out into the sunshine, the bright
colours sending a tangy relief through him. Looking around, he realized he had
been washed out right outside the gates of Aquila and was now under the
drawbridge to the castle. Scrubbing a hand across face, he slogged through the
water, noticing two fisherman sitting on the bridge, facing away from him. He
moved towards them just as hoof beats sounded on the drawbridge above him. He
froze and looked upward, listening to the strong voices that shouted above him.

"Take ten men toward Chanee, we ride north to Gabroche." A strong voice with a
slight accent commanded. Mouse recognized the voice as belonging to the Captain
of the Guard, Wufei Chang. "The name of the man who finds this Mouse will be
brought to the personal attention of the Bishop. As will the body of the man who
lets him get away." Then there were a great many shouts and clattering of hooves
as the search party rode on, away from Aquila. Quatre smiled to himself, it
looked like he was in the clear as long as he kept an eye open for any guards.
With great stealth, he drew his knife and cut the purse strings of the nearest
fisherman, slipping it into his wet shirt as he slogged on to the dry shore.

"I know I promised, Lord, never again." He said, trying to sound reasonable as
he jogged away, into the dry, dusty land surrounding the city of Aquila. "But I
also know, that you know, what a weak-willed person I am."

With the sense of a newfound life, Quatre 'The Mouse' left Aquila, thinking of
all the grand things he would do once the search for him died down. After all,
he was the only prisoner to ever escape the dungeons of Aquila.

Little did he know that fate, and perhaps God, would not let him go so easily.


* * * *

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