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Chapter 2: Reunion

"HINATA!" he yelled.

The others had also heard the scream, but Tsunade was surprised by what Naruto had said. She hadn't heard the conversation between him and Kiba.

"What do you mean Naruto? Hinata's in there?" She asked.

"Yes, she's in there and she needs help! Kiba just told me she had received a letter which said to meet me a while ago at the academy… but screw that! She needs to be rescued now!"

"Calm down Naruto, plus it's as if you can do something right now, did you hear Kakashi?"

"I don't care! We have to do something!"

Wake up in a dream.
Frozen fear.
All your hands on me.
I can't scream

"Damn it!" He cursed.

He ran to the doorway and tried to open it.

"Naruto come back! We don't know what could happen if you try anything! You have to think before acting, baka!" The Hokage screamed.

Naruto kept his back to her, began to form the appropriate seals and screamed "Kage Bunshin No Jutsu!" A clone materialized by his side and together they began to form the famous blue orb.

"Rasengan!" He yelled and crashed it against the door.

I can't escape the twisted way you think of me.
I feel you in my dreams and I don't sleep.

You belong to me,
My snow white queen.
There's nowhere to run, so let's just get it over.
Soon I know you'll see,
You're just like me.
Don't scream anymore my love, 'cause all I want is you

At first, nothing happened, the door still remained intact, but Naruto began to put some chakra from Kyuubi inside the orb, and his teeth became sharper and his nails turned into claws. His whisker marks became also more definite. His eyes went from blue to red as 3 tails of chakra appeared behind him. While still forcing his way through the door, he sensed an attack from behind. He knew it was from his sensei, Yamato as it was an earth Jutsu. He sent his clone to parry the attack, action which turned out successful.

"Don't worry sensei, I'm in perfect control, I used its chakra on my own will!" Naruto reassured him.

For the moment at least, Kyuubi said from its cage. 'Oh you stupid fox keep your mouth shut, I'm trying to concentrate!' Humpf, you could be more polite, I am actually trying to save your mate, so be grateful! 'Why would you save her? It's not as if you could gain something out of it.' I know, and did I say I wanted something in return? I am hurt boy. 'So then why are you doing this? And don't tell you're in your generous mood, nobody could buy that' Because we, foxes, are very protective towards our vixens. Furthermore, you are unable to do so, so I'm only doing your job. Oh that and I may carry a torch for her, but it is surely because I share the same body with you. 'Oh, who would have thought that the great evil Kyubi could be so yummy? Well, whatever, this is not the problem at hand for the moment.'

As he regained full consciousness of the present events, he heard a faint laughter coming from his bowels, and saw a 4th tail appearing on his back, then a 5th one. His appearance became more feral and he looked more and more like a fox made out of chakra as time went by. Five minutes had already gone when the door showed its first weaknesses. Cracks began to appear on the whole door, but before it was completely destroyed, a dark voice said, cutting the song:

"You want to play too? Come in then."

And Naruto was sucked in and when he disappeared of Tsunade and the others' sight, all that remained was an immaculate door.

"NARUTO!" Tsunade screamed as everyone ran in front of the door to expect to understand what had happened to their soon-to-be Hokage.

Naruto landed on his back in the dark main corridor of the Academy. Instantaneously, he stood up and called for Hinata as he searched through every door. He thought this atmosphere was kind of creepy, and he couldn't wait till he found his lavender-eyed kunoichi. He didn't even notice the song has stopped, as well as her screams. When he reached the first classroom of the first floor, he distinguished a figure laying on the ground. There was a liquid around it. Naruto rushed to the side of the figure and discovered to his horror it was none other than Hinata. She was wounded at her stomach by god knows which weapon. The wound was deep, but not enough it seemed to cause much damage. He took her head and put it on his lap. She then slowly woke up.

"N-N-Naruto-kun?" She whispered.

"Don't worry Hina-chan, I'm here, everything'll be fine." He said with a reassuring smile.

"N-Naruto-k-kun, what's happened? Why was I locked in the academy? Who did this?" She asked, oblivious to the fact that she was still locked in the academy.

"Hum, in fact Hina-chan, you're still locked in and we don't know yet who pulls the strings, but see the good point in it, you're no longer alone in this mess!" he replied, smiling with his trademark childish grin.

Hinata smiled too, but she was still preoccupied by the situation they were now in. What the purpose of imprisoning just Naruto and her? And who was behind this? But she decided to ask fist an easier question to answer, while lifting her head from Naruto's lap (she blushed at the very thought of her head there).

"How did you go in Naruto-kun?"

"Well, I tried to open the door with my Rasengan, but the door wouldn't move, and then someone told me to enter and I was sucked in."

"Does anyone know you're here?"

"Yes, after we heard the alarm Tsunade no baachan and all the available jounins and chuunins went here, but they weren't to learn anything, apart from you were locked in it."

"Oh, at least someone can try to rescue us from the outside. I'm afraid I tried all the possible exits but failed everytime."

"Obviously. But who did this to you? What happened?" He asked worriedly.

"I don't know. All I can remember is a figure in the dark and pain, I'm sorry Naruto-kun" She answered and pulled her head down in shame.

"What are you talking about? There's nothing to be sorry for, everyone is as clueless about all this shit as you. But I promised that when I meet the one who did that to you, he's going to pay. Oh and by the way, why are you dressed like this?"

"What do you mean?" She asked as she looked more carefully at her clothes. "What the …"She said as she saw the white laced dress she was wearing. When did she…

"You mean you didn't know?" Naruto said. "Then you were surely dressed when you were…"

The blonde ninja's eyes grew wide as realisation hit him like a ton of brick. Meanwhile, Hinata was inspecting her dress, which was old-fashioned, very short in the front but longer enough to touch the floor in the back. Then, as she looked at the upper half…

"Oh my! I no longer have my bra on!" She quickly blushed a dark shade of red after she realized she had said it aloud.

Naruto looked at her with his blood red eyes and a strong killing intent spread through the room…

"Forget what I said earlier. When I found the one who did this, and if it's a he, I'm going to rip him to pieces!"

Hinata sweatdroppred while thinking 'Seeing me half-naked is more important than try to kill me? That's Naruto-kun for you I guess… and one of the reason I love him so much', stood up and said:

"Something else very weird occurred too. When I tried to turn the handle, I couldn't."

"Yeah, Kakashi tried that one too, but the handle wouldn't move." Naruto replied, calming down a bit, his eyes turning back to their usual blue.

"But it wasn't that it wouldn't move. Naruto-kun, my hand passed through it, like ghosts passed through walls."

"What?" Naruto asked, a little afraid. He didn't quite like ghosts. (poor little boy)

"Yes, it was kinda funny, but I couldn't go through it far, something solid prevented me for doing so, but I don't know what it was. And there were neither seals nor any Genjutsu on the door. How do you explain this, Naruto-kun?"

"I have two solutions, one: we're dreaming and we're gonna wake up soon…" After that he pinched his arm, which only caused him to wince in pain.

"I hope for you the second one is more serious Naruto-kun, this is no time to be joking around" Hinata said in a mother-to-son way.

"No kidding, I swear Hina-chan! As I was saying, that left the second option which is we are attacked by none other than Harry Potter. He would surely know how to do that kind of thing with his stick."

"Not stick, Naruto-kun, wand. And were you listening when I told you to be serious?"

"Yes I was! And I am serious! Don't you know he really exists in the other side of the Earth? He could be travelling, for all we know."

"Sure Naruto-kun, but this is not a story about Harry Potter, this is a story about you. And in this story ninjas and wizards don't cohabit."

"Oh well, I don't know then."

"In that case, we should begin the research about who is the foe now, because it may take a while to found something."

"Yes you're right. Let's begin." He told her, regaining his serious… for a minute at least.

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