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New Lives R: The Movie

By Emma Iveli

There are 7 worlds, within perfect balance of each other, each one of these worlds are unique.

There is world of Pokemon, a fantastic where spectacular called Pokemon live. Humans called trainers catch Pokemon to do battle with other Pokemon Trainers.

Then there's the mamodo World, it's a place where Mamodo live, a type of demon. This world isolated from the others most of the time and travel there is forbid… expect for every 1,000 years.

For every 1,000 years the King of the mamodo world is decided though a battle that takes place in the World of the Mamodo Battles. Though these battles a mamodo has a book and only with a human partner who can read the book can they fight. This battle is often considered cruel by many as many mamodo are forced to fight and friends often back stab each other.

Next is the World of Pirates, a world that is divided into 4 oceans. Not only that but there's Devil Fruits, fruits that rob the eater of their ability to swim. There is a specific reason why is called the World of Pirates, obviously pirates run rampant and most are after the Legendary Treasure One Piece, left by the late Pirate King Gold Rogers that was left on the Grand Line, a fearsome stretch of sea. Now many are after this legendary treasure to become the next king of the Pirates.

Then there's the World of Chaos, it resembles the World of the Mamodo Battles in many ways just that things are a little more chaotic. One reason is Nerima a town where crazed marital artists run amok on a daily basis. Also in a country called China there is a cursed training ground called Jusenkyo, where if you call into one of it's many springs you become who or what drowned there last… hot water changes you back but cold water causes the change again.

Next there's the World of Ninjas. World where various countries have hidden Villages where ninja are raised, and often act as the Country's solders. There are Villages such as the Village Hidden in the Leaves, the Village Hidden in the Sand and Village Hidden in the Sound.

Finally is the World of Crystal Tokyo. 50 years ago the world died, it was once a peaceful world where Neo Queen Serenity reined with her husband King Endymon and daughter Princess Serenity (nicknamed Chibi-Usa). She wasp protected by the Sailor Senshi, female warriors. When the world died Neo Queen Serenity used her powers to send the Sailor Senshi and her daughter's soul to be reborn in the other worlds (other than the World of the Mamodo Battle), but in her depression of loosing her friends she made their reincarnations male.

The World of Ninja has Sailor Venus AKA Kazama Uzumaki Naruto, a hyper active ninja who dreams of being Hokage, the leader of the Village Hidden in the Leaves, Sailor Uranus AKA Hatake Kakashi, an infamous ninja known as the copy ninja and Naruto's former teacher and Sailor Pallas AKA Uchiha Sasuke, the court ordered butler to the Kazama clan, he used to be a ninja himself but he betrayed the village in search of power but in turn was betrayed by the person he join… his punish is be a butler.

The World of Chaos has Sailor Jupiter AKA Ranma Saotome, a cocky marital artist who's the best in Nerima… however he fell into Spring of Drowned Girl who he becomes a girl when splashed with cold water and Sailor Ceres AKA Ryoga Hibiki, another of Nerima's famed martial artists, he lacks a sense of direction and much like Ranma fell into Jusenkyo but he fell into Spring of Piglet.

The World of Pirates have Sailor Mars AKA Monkey D Luffy, one of the most infamous pirate captains on the Grand Line for taking down the World Government on one island, despite this rep, he's a playful goofball who dream of becoming King of the Pirates, then there's Sailor Juno AKA Roronoa Zoro, Luffy's first mate, slightly irritable, he's a skilled sword man who uses three sword (third one in his mouth), he's also a bit of a drunk and is pretty lazy and finally there Sailor Neptune AKA Portgas D Ace, Luffy's older brother and 2nd in command of White Beard's crew, right now he has a mission to accomplish… but right now he's traveling with his brother's crew as this mission currently tied into senshi business

The World of the Mamodo have Sailor Mercury AKA Kiyo Takamine, a geniuses who's a bit of a hot head, he's also the book keepers of Zatch Bell, a mamodo who controls lighting and doesn't remember anything about the mamodo world but due to certain reason wants to be a kind king who wants to stop the mamodo battle, next is Sailor Vesta AKA Eido (last name unknown), he's a big pervert who can easily recognize girls by their panties, he's also the book keeper to Hyde, a serious mamodo who can control wind, there's Sailor Pluto AKA Setsuna Meioh, the only surviving senshi from Crystal Tokyo, she took a job as history teacher for Kiyo's school.

Finally the World of Pokemon have Sailor Saturn AKA Gary Oak, the grandson of renowned Pokemon researcher Pro. Samuel Oak and a researcher himself and Neo Sailor Moon, the reincarnation of Princess Serenity AKA Ash Ketchum, a great trainer who's always seen in the company of his Pikachu.

Many of the friends of the Sailor Senshi know their identities, such as Luffy's crew, Ash's traveling companions, the Hokages of the Village Hidden in the Leaves and more. Only the Sailor Senshi and their friend are aware about the other worlds…

But one must not forget that at one point, Neo Queen Serenity herself was once a Sailor Senshi… but before Crystal Tokyo was founded… back a couple thousand years… back in the day…

It was a lazy day at the Hikawa Shrine… Usagi, along with Makoto and Minako laid on the floor while Rei, Mamoru, Haruka, Michiru, Hotaru, Setsuna, Luna and Artemis stared at them, Ami on the other hand was reading her book.

"It's so boring!" she complained.

"Then do something…" said Rei harshly.

"There's nothing to do…" said Usagi.

"Then why don't you go on a date with Mamoru… he's right here…" said Rei motioning over to Usagi's boyfriend

Mamoru sighed… although he didn't want to admit it… there was really nothing to do.

"The truth is that things have been so boring since Galaxia left." said Haruka.

"You said it…" said Minako.

That's when there were several screams and a few crushes.

"What was that?" said Usagi.

"I don't know…" said Mamoru.

All of them got up and left the shrine… there were bodies everywhere… everyone was unconscious and there several car crashes.

"What happened here?" asked Minako.

"Something weird is going on…" said Ami.

"Well, well… isn't it the legendary Sailor Senshi…" said a voice.

Everyone turned to where the voice came from, it was a figure in black cloak, "These people have been drained dry…

"There's something very suspicious about this…" said Haruka.

"But we have ot protect these people…" said Usagi, "Come on guys! Let's transform!"

All of them nodded.

"Mercury Crystal Power!"

"Mars Crystal Power!"

"Jupiter Crystal Power!"

"Venus Crystal Power!"

"Uranus Planet Power!"

"Neptune Planet Power!"

"Pluto Planet Power!"

"Saturn Planet Power!"

"Moon Eternal!"


All of them transformed while Mamoru said nothing and took out a rose to transform into Tuxedo Mask.

"To steal someone's energy is unforgivable! How dare you do that! In the name of the Moon I shall punish you!" said Eternal Sailor Moon.

Punish me!" said the man in the cloak, "Like that will happen…"

He sent a strange energy ball towards the Sailor Senshi, all of them dodged it…

"Well, well… Sailor Moon…" said the man in the cloak, "At least you fell for my trap"

The air seemed to shimmer…

"What's going on?" asked Sailor Venus.

All the bodies that were on the ground were gone… and there were no crashes after all…

"It was a mere illusion…" said the man.

"Why would you do that?" asked Eternal Sailor Moon.

"Now Sailor Moon, prepare for a fight for your life!" sad the man.

Portal opened up below Eternal Sailor Moon… and suck her in before anyone could react.

"Sailor Moon!" yelled Sailor Saturn.

"Usagi!" yelled Sailor Mars.

"Usako!" yelled Tuxedo Mask.

"Who are you and what did you do?" asked Sailor Venus.

"Just man who can only assume this form for another minute… I've sent her into a future… a future that's bleak for this world… a future beyond Crystal Tokyo…" said the man.

"What!" yelled Sailor Uranus.

"How could you?" said Sailor Mercury.

"It was easy…" said the man who began to fade away, "You better hope that your little princess can protect herself…"

It was silent… when everyone turned to Sailor Pluto.

"I can't get her… the only way she can come back is if my future self sends her back…" said Sailor Pluto.

"So what do we do… just do nothing…" said Sailor Mars.

"Don't worry… I'm sure she's safe…" said Sailor Pluto, "Even if Crystal Tokyo isn't around anymore…"

"But…" said Sailor Jupiter.

"If Pluto says so… then she is…" said Tuxedo Mask, "Right?"

"Yes…" said Sailor Pluto, "Usagi be careful… I don't know what the other worlds are like in another 2,000 years… I just hope that you'll be safe in one of those worlds…" she thought she looked up the sky.

Chapter 1: Blast From the Past

Ash and Pikachu sat there, Dawn was busy training for an upcoming contest, Gary was busy working on some sort of paper and Brock… well he was flirting with any cute that came into the Pokemon Center that day. Ash was bored… so he decided to watch the weekly sparring session between Luffy, Naruto, Ranma, Sasuke and Zoro.

"You okay Ash… you mgith have to dodge a lot…" said Sasuke.

"I'm fine… as long as you don't set for to the Dojo…" joked Ash.

Sasuke sighed, "It was just one time…" he muttered.

"Okay you guys ready?" said Luffy.

"Sure am!" said Naruto.

"Sure thing…" said Ranma.

"Okay let do this." said Zoro.

"Fine…" sighed Sasuke.

"Shadow clones jutsu!" shouted Naruto using one of his trademark jutsus to multiply himself ten fold.

"Maybe this was a bad idea to watch…" said Ash.

And that's when the madness began… there was punching, kicking, slicing, hitting and of course something that they should have warned Ash about… flying Naruto clones… Ash kept having to get up and dodge the Naruto clones that flew too close for comfort… of course a Naruto clone had to crash into him… this stopped the sparring/ free for all.

"Ash you okay?" asked Luffy.

"Look at the pretty Butterfree…" said Ash.

There was a silence, "He'll be fine." said Sasuke.

Before they could get started again... there was a silence… that only meant one thing… they were too destructive again and she was coming.

"Ranma!" yelled a voice.

The door opened quickly and all 5 conscious men in the room stood in fear of Akane...

"Naruto…" said Ranma.

"Don't have to tell me twice!" said Naruto who grabbed a smoke bomb and used it.

While Akane could see anything, Sasuke managed to grab the unconscious Ash and all of them high tailed out the dojo as fast as they could.

As they were running away Ash woke up.

"What going on?" asked Ash.

"Akane's mad!" said Luffy.

"I see…" said Ash with a sweat drop, "So then the rumors are true… that you run off if Akane gets angry and go to the snack shack… I can't believe you're that scared of Akane!"

"I thought you were scared of Misty… who's a lot like Akane…" said Ranma.

"Good one…" said Luffy.

Pikachu sighed knowing that Ash lost that one.

"Fine…" said Ash, "But can you put me down…"

"No need… we're already here…" said Sasuke as the group arrived at the 3 Jewels snack shack. They went into the restaurant to find a sight they would never expect… Kakashi sitting at the counter… drinking a lot.

"Okay… this is weird…" said Ranma.

"Sure is…" said Aquamarine, "He's been here for the past hour…"

"So let me guess the usual…" said Amber.

"Yep!" said Luffy.

"Kakashi! What's wrong?" asked Naruto.

"Setsuna dumped me…" said Kakashi.

There was a silence…

"What… really?" said Ranma.

"What happened?" asked Ash.

"You see I used those free passes that Naruto gave me to see Make-Up Paradise the Movie…" said Kakashi.

Everyone looked at Naruto confused.

"Naruto… why did you have free passes to that movie?" asked Zoro.

"Well it all started a while back… we had a mission to protect Yukie Fujikaze, a famous actress, and man she was in a pain in the ass and…" said Naruto.

"Stuff happened, Naruto taught her to believe again and now she extremely grateful to Naruto, so she sends him stuff occasionally including free passes to her movies…" said Sasuke.

"Hey!" yelled Naruto.

"I don't want to hear you bragging about how you saved the day… okay!" said Sasuke.

Naruto glared at his rival then Kakashi cleared his throat…

"Oh right… why she broke up with you…" said Naruto.

"And ways… I decided to take her…" said Kakashi.

"Wait, wait, wait…" said Ranma, "You decided to take her to see Make-Out Paradise the Movie?"

"Yes…" said Kakashi.

"Didn't you even think of taking anyone else… like Eido or Naruto's dad?" asked Zoro.

"He has a point you know how woman are when it comes to Make-up Paradise…" said Sasuke.

"And Sasuke wasn't even there for that party…" said Luffy.

"But I heard about what happened to Jiraiya." said Sasuke.

"Naruto can you let me out for a few minutes…" came Minako's voice.

"Sure…" thought Naruto who then performed the Venus clone jutsu, allowing Minako to inhabit a Shadow Clone.

"Hey Kakashi…" said Minako who then grabbed him by the vest and began to shake him, "What were you thinking! Huh! Huh?"

"This might take awhile…" said Naruto with a sweat drop.

"So…" said Sasuke.

"None of us got a look at his face…" said Aquamarine.

"And I really want to see it too…" said Amber.

Meanwhile in the World of the Mamodo Battle, Setsuna was drinking tea and thinking.


Setsuna was walking away from Kakashi angrily.

"I can't believe you think I would enjoy the movie!" she yelled.

"I'm sorry it's joist that I didn't you would mind... I mean…" said Kakashi.

"I let you read your perverted book" said Setsuna, "I tolerate it… just because I care about you so much… I'm sorry I can't any more…"

"Does this mean…" said Kakashi.

"I want to break up…" sauid Setsuna taking out her time key, "I'm sorry but I have had! Take me my apartment!"

Setsuna disappeared though a time portal… Kakashi just stood there.

(End of Flashback)

She just stood there, looking at her coffee, that's when she felt a very familiar pulse of power.

"That portal… she's back…" thought Setsuna, "Pluto Planet Power! Make-Up!"

Setsuna transformed into Sailor Pluto and held the Garnet rod up high, "Take me to Crystal Tokyo!"

Sailor Pluto disappeared into a time portal... and reappeared in the wastelands known as Crystal Tokyo...

"It's going to appear any second…" said Sailor Pluto.

That's when a portal opened up and an unconscious Eternal Sailor Moon popped out.

"Usagi…" whispered Sailor Pluto.

Sailor Pluto picked her up and went back to her apartment... she placed Eternal Sailor Moon on her bed… detransformed and waited.

A couple hours later Eternal Sailor Moon woke up… she looked around and said "What happened? Oh yeah… that man… then where am I?"

She got up and deiced to leave the room and was surprised when she saw Setsuna.

"Setsuna… where are we?" asked Eternal Sailor Moon.

"I need you to sit down…" said Setsuna, "And please detransform."

"Okay…" said Eternal Sailor Moon who detransformed back into Usagi.

"What I'm about to tell will be a shock…" said Setsuna who then told her the story of what happened… well the basic things, about how she was more than 2,000 years in the future and that Crystal Tokyo fell 50 years before.

"What do you mean Crystal Tokyo fell 50 years ago!" yelled Usagi.

"Calm down… don't worry about it… right now we have to focus on getting you back…" said Setsuna.

"Sorry…" said Usagi.

Setsuna handed Usagi a golden time key.

"Why is this gold?" asked Usagi remembering that all of them were grey.

"Now a days, the times keys are colored… I won't say why…" said Setsuna, "Pluto Planet Power! Make-up!"

She once again transformed into Sailor Pluto and summoned the Time Space Door, "Be careful Usagi on this trip."

That's when something odd happened the time space door vanished… Sailor Pluto fell to her knees and some how detransformed…

"Setsuna…" said Usagi.

"I don't know what just happened… but I don't think I'll be able to send you back any time soon…" said Setsuna who looked exhausted.

"Oh no…" said Usagi.

Elsewhere the man… the same one that sent Usagi though time over 2,000 years before was laughing, "Which madden will I go after first… I guess the most innocent…"

The man laughed as his plan was coming to fruition…

Next Time: Usagi is dealing with the fact that not only have the senshi been reincarnated but as male... also Hinata disappears! What happened to her... was she kidnapped by ninjas or something else? Find out next time!