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Chapter 8: Welcome Back Home

Fortunately the girls managed to find their clothes as well their other things and got changed quickly. Of course Sailor Vesta decided to take a quick peak and was beat up big time. After that the senshi detransformed and went to the thousand Sunny for a party celebrating Chet's defeat.

"So the thing with the party…" said Usagi talking to Megumi and Tia.

"Luffy has a penchant for parties… I don't get it…" said Tia.

"But you do have to admit it's fun…" said Megumi.

Usagi nodded in agreement.

Eventually the party wound down and everyone went back to their worlds… or in Usagi's case the World of the Mamodo Battle to Setsuna's apartment.

"So what's going ot happen?" asked Usagi.

"Well for Dawn, Akane and Nami everything's fine… since no one important knew about their disappearances or fact that Akane gets kidnapped all the time. But there might be a bit of the hassle with the other things…" said Setsuna turning on the TV.

"We have news that Megumi has been found! Megumi has been found!" said a reporter on TV that prompted both Usagi and Setsuna to anime fall.

"Should have known…" said Setsuna.

Meanwhile in the World of Ninja, the word had gotten out that Hinata was found alive and was rescued… Hiashi and Hinata stood before the Hokages.

"WE thought it would be best if what happened inkling Hinata's captures would remain classified…" said Tsunade.

"so what happened?" asked Hiashi.

"I don't want to talk about it." said Hinata.

"And we meant from you too…" said Arashi to Hiashi.

"I understand." said Hiashi, "But I would like to know who was the one who found Hinata.

Hinata blushed and Arashi smirked… Hiashi gave a small smile.

"How did Naruto get involved… if memory served you barred him from getting involved." said Hiashi.

"Sorry but that's classified." said Arashi in slacker/ teasing way.

"And this man is the greatest ninja this village had ever proceeded." sighed Tsunade.

"Still…" said Hiashi, "He is your son and the village hero… just makes me more proud when our children get married…"

Hinata began to blush bright red…

"I thought we agreed… no arranged marriages…" said Arashi.

"So what's wrong wit that?" asked Hiashi.

"I've heard of this guy… you haven't met him… I haven't met him… my son has met him… unsure if Hinata met him… but this guy uses arranged marries as a way to settle debts, his son is engaged to 40 girls! Now the kid's life is crap!" said Arashi.

"I see… you're not making it up?" asked Hiashi.

"Let's go Hinata…" said Tsunade not wanting to listen to stupid guy talk between the heads of the tow most power clans of the Village.

"Okay…" said Hinata.

Both left the room while the two talked about guy stuff.

Meanwhile in the World of Pokemon, Sammy sighed.

"Sammy what's wrong?" asked Dawn.

"I missed the party…" said Sammy, "And I love Luffy's parties…"

"That's okay…" said Ash.

"I guess your right…" sighed Sammy.

"Oh sure watching a 17 year old who acts like a 7 year old eat tons of meet while other pirates get drunk…" said Beldum.

Sammy put a magnet on Beldum's head.

"Oh man this is worst that the time…" said Beldum picking up on a TV transmission.

At the Tendo household things seemed normal… due to the timing, it seemed like Akane was never gone.

"Was Akane kidnapped again?" asked Nabiki looking at the two's faces that read "Akane was kidnapped again."

"No… of course not!" said both Akane and Ranma at the same time.

"If you say so…" said Nabiki.

Back in the World of Pirates, Sanji was cleaning up.

"I think I see some trash over there…" said Nami.

"Yes Nami!" said Sanji with love.

"You know you should abuse the fact he missed you so much to clean…" said Usopp.

"So…" said Nami.

"Why did I rescue her again?" asked Zoro as he watched this.

"Because she's part of the crew!" said Luffy.

"Oh now I remember." said Zoro with a sigh, "Evil witch…" he muttered under his breath.

Back in the World of the Mamodo Battle, everyone ho lived in the Takamine residence watched TV.

"That great that they found her." said Hana.

"Sure is…" said Eido.

"What I don't get is that how people value celebrities above genuine issues like politics, violence or health issues." said Kiyo.

Everyone stared at Kiyo for a second then shrugged.

"See what I mean…" said Kiyo with a sweat drop.

The next morning Usagi woke up with a yawn…

"So today's the day right?" said Usagi.

"I plan to send you back after school…" said Setsuna, "So you're going to hang out with Luffy and Naruto today right?"

"Sure am!" said Usagi.

Later that day at the snack shack, Usagi, Luffy, Naruto and Hinata were there eating together.

"So what's your plans when you go back?" asked Luffy.

"What do you mean?" asked Usagi.

"Are you going to forget what happened or are you going to keep it a secret…" said Hinata.

"I haven't really thought about it…" said Usagi, "A lot of things were so fun that I want to keep it a secret… but I if I choose to forget I won't be influenced in my decisions in the future…"

"Makes sense…" said Aquamarine who was washing a glass like a bar tender would.

"Say Naruto… what's wrong?" asked Amber who noticed Naruto was strangely depressed.

"Need more ramen?" asked Ruby.

"No it's not that…" said Naruto, "Can you close up shop for a bit, I mean since no one's here…"

"Naruto don't…" said Minako.

"I know you really want to see her…" thought Naruto.

"But!" said Minako.

"Too bad… I made my decision!" thought Naruto.

"Sure thing!" said Amber who flipped the closed sign and locked the door.

"What's going on?" asked Usagi.

"There's something I need to tell you…" said Naruto, "Shortly after I was born the Village was attacked by a ferocious demon… the Kyubi no Yoko or 9 tailed demons fox… my father performed a special seal that cost him his life…"

"But wait…" said Usagi.

"Arashi was reticently revived which explains why he's so young." said Luffy.

"So that explains why he's so young and has a teenaged son… but wait about Opal…" said Usagi.

"Opal's adopted…" said Aquamarine.

"It's best it's left at that…" said Amber.

"Now as I was saying this seal imprisoned the demon… inside a newborn's body." Said Naruto, "My body…"

"Oh…" said Usagi.

"The sealing did a number on my soul…" said Naruto, "Let's just say something happened in the process… remember when Chet said Minako was still alive in a way…"

"What are you saying…" said Usagi.

"I'll show you…" said Naruto, "Venus clone jutsu!"

Naruto performed the jutsu… and Minako appeared and didn't look too happy.

"Naruto!" she yelled punching Naruto in the head.

"Minako…" said Usagi surprised mainly because this Minako looked to be 12 (due to the fact that she's inhabiting a shadow clone).

"Sorry…" said Minako, "I didn't want you to know about…"

"Why?" asked Usagi.

"I thought it might hurt you to know that one of us was still alive in a way… after all everyone is different, after all Ash is slightly dense, Kiyo's a bit of a hothead… thought still smart, Ranma has girls chasing him, Gary's cocky, Ace and Kakashi are like older brothers… and Luffy and Naruto… their female versions you." said Minako.

"That's one of the things that bothered me…" said Usagi "How everyone's different… if I knew that you were around I could have felt better instead of knowing on that last day I'm here."

Everyone in the room sweatdroped, "I should have known…" sighed Minako.

Meanwhile in the world of the Mamodo Battle it was time for History class in Kiyo's room… Setsuna walked into the room happily.

"Miss Meioh!" said all of the male students with gifts.

"Oh…" said Setsuna with a sweat drop, "Thanks… but… I got back to together with my boyfriend…"

"What?" said all the male student with sweat drops, all of them hung their heads in shame, their teddy bears suddenly fell about, their chocolates melted and their flowers died… along with the hopes of hooking up with the sexy teacher.

"Ha! Serves them right!" said Suzy gloating.

Every one stared at the ditzy student with sweat drops… because Suzy gloating like that was a very scary thing.

Later that afternoon it was time for her to go home, and almost everyone she met went to say good-bye.

"It was so nice to meet you." said Hinata.

"It was centrally interesting with what happened…" said Robin.

"Sorry me, Artemis or Dianna didn't get a chance to say hi…" said Luna.

"Yeah…" agreed Artemis.

"That's okay." said Usagi.

"It would have been nice to have someone I can trust and not try to feed me seeds or try to put me in a hamster ball." said Luna.

Everyone sweatdroped then stared at Ranma.

"Well she is a hamster…" said Ranma.

"Okay…" said Usagi, "I'm ready to go."

"Pluto Planet Power! Make-up!"

Setsuna transformed into Sailor Pluto.

"You'll get back a few minutes after you left…" said Sailor Pluto as she summoned the time doors.

"Okay…" said Usagi.

"Good luck!" said Luffy.

"Good bye!" said Ash.

"I hope to meet you again in the future…" said Usagi.

"You will…" said Kakashi.

Usagi went though the door.

"Well it looks like things are back to normal…" said Naruto.

"If you count cross-dressing dimension hopping super heroes normal…" said Sausage.

"Not to mention an idiot rubber man, an idiot ninja, a guy who's cursed to turn into a girl, a genius who helps a boy in a dress, a narcoleptic pirate who turns to fire, a guy who's chronically late for everything, a guy who's clear a hot shot trainer but prefers reaching Pokemon, a guy who can't find his way out of a paper bag, a swordsman who's extremely lazy yet can lift a mountain of weights, a pervert skater boy, a ninja who blew it and is now a butler and an idiotic trainer who…" said Beldum.

"Can someone yell out pull please…" said Sammy.

"Why?" said Naruto.

"Just do it…" said Sammy.

"Pull!" yelled Luffy.

Sammy threw Beldum high into the air, all the male senshi knew what that meant… that she was letting them get back at Beldum. Ash ordered Pikachu to use Thunder Bolt, Gary let out Blastoise, Zatch used Zaker, Hyde used Jikar, Luffy used Gum Gum Pistol, Zoro used 36 Pound Canon, Ace threw a fire ball, Ranma used Moko Takabisha, Ryoga used Shi Shi Hoko Dan, Naruto sent out a kunai with a explosive tag, Kakashi sent a plain kunai and Sasuke used Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu… all on Beldum while in mid air, Beldum landed in a thud with it's eye as a swirl.

"Isn't that considered abuse?" said Hinata.

"No Jury would convict them…" said Sammy.

Back in the past, at the Hikawa Shrine, the past senshi talked.

"So are you sure you can't at least send us to the future?" asked Rei.

"Don't worry… I'm sure Usagi is safe…" said Setsuna.

"She's right… if she wasn't I'm sure she would have sent us to the future to help her…" said Mamoru.

"But…" said Makoto.

"Look outside." said Hotaru.

A time portal appeared and Usagi landed not so gracefully.

"I can't believe I'm used to that." said Usagi getting up and dusting herself off.

They ran towards Usagi, "Usagi!"

"Your okay!" said Minako.

"Nothing bad happened did it?" asked Makoto.

"You were sent to a future after Crystal Tokyo after all…" said Ami.

"You knew?" asked Usagi.

"Yes, I told them that portal you went though was time portal." said Setsuna.

"I see…" said Usagi.

"So how was the future?" asked Minako.

"Sorry… I promised myself I wouldn't tell you." said Usagi.

"Really?" said Mamoru surprised.

"Oh come on!" said Minako.

"I'm sorry…" said Usagi.

"Then can you at least tell us the basics of the future?" asked Minako.

"Well there's monsters, demons, weird curses, Pirates and ninjas." said Usagi.

"Are you kidding?" asked Minako.

"No I'm not…" said Usagi.

"Pirates and ninjas… that sounds pretty unbelievable…" said Rei.

"It's true…" said Usagi.

"Sure it is… sure it is…" said Rei.

"Well it's true…" said Usagi sticking her tongue with Rei sticking it out back.

Setsuna laughed… she was happy that Usagi was safe… and she knew that Usagi would choose to remember what happened… something told her that Usagi had made special friends… that she would never forget.

The End.

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