Hehe, ok I lied...I said I was gonna finish FD first but you know what!? I'm too exicted that people actually want a sequel! Still don't know exactly what I'm gonna write about but, hehe, that half the fun! Oh and thanks once more Valian for some ideas. hm...like I said, I don't really know what I'm gonna write but this is the first chapter so...I guess we'll see what comes! Hehe!

It was an average morning for the Aurion family. Kratos being the first to wake up followed shortly by his wife, Tiamatt. It wouldn't be much longer after that that their two fifteen year olds would stumble out of bed.

"Good morning, mom!" Terrance said cheerfully, coming into the kitchen to grab breakfast. "Hey dad!"

Both Aurion parents smiled at their son as their daughter entered the room, her eyes still half shut. She was silent as she grabbed a bowl of cereal and sat down. Eria was not at all a morning person but her brother made it a habit to wake her up when he did, banging on her door till she was up. But it didn't bother her very much, especially since this had saved her from the wrath of Raine who hated it when her students were late.

"Good morning Eria. Did you sleep well?" Tiamatt asked, trying to get a response out of her still half asleep daughter. The girl just shrugged, causing her mother to sigh. "Come on Eria, at least say something."

"Something." she mumbled, causing her brother to laugh. Tiamatt sighed again, shaking her head as Kratos chuckled and a small smirk formed on Eria's face. "I'm sorry mom but you said to say 'something' so I did." Tiamatt rolled her eyes and turned her attention to her breakfast.

"Tiamatt, you're planning to meet up with Kayla today aren't you?" Kratos asked, looking at his wife, who nodded. Eria and Terrance both looked up.

"Yes, her, Vincent, Alcana, and Mica want to visit with us." The Cetra couldn't keep the grin off her face at the thought of seeing her sister again. Eria and Terrance were excited just to see two of their friends again. "They'll probably be here in about an hour so you two need to be ready by the time they get here."

"Ok mom." the twins chimed in unison, finishing their cereal before heading back to their bedrooms.

Kratos and Tiamatt finished their own meals and cleaned up the kitchen before going into the living room and sitting on the couch, Tiamatt resting her head on the angel's shoulder. She sighed and closed her eyes, simply enjoying his warmth and presence before opening her eyes and turnign to look at him. "Kratos?"

"Yes, Tia?"

"You'll always be with me right? No matter what happens, you'll always love me right?"

"Of course Tiamatt. Nothing could change that." Kratos reassured her, kissing her. Tiamatt smiled and laid her head back on his shoulder.

The Seraph chuckled and took her hand. He knew that while Tiamatt wasn't selfconscious about her appearence, she had a fear of rejection due to the fact that she wasn't human and because of her abnormal abilities. But from what her brother, Hiro, had told him, that fear for the most part had disappeared since she had come to Symphonia.

"Have you seen Cloud?" Eria asked, walking into the living room. She was wearing black shorts and a green three quarters sleeve jacket over a white t-shirt, armed with metal knuckled gloves. She brushed her messy bangs out of her eyes as she sat down.

"No we haven't. Have you asked your brother?" Tiamatt said, sitting back up.

"He's not with me." Terrance sighed, following his sister into the room.

He looked almost like a younger, blued eyed Kratos except for his hair was a bit shorter and more brown then auburn. He wore a dark blue jacket that was mostly zipped up, a grey shirt underneath and jeans. His weapon of choice was a gunblade but unlike the common two handed Revovler model, he chose to use a slimmer model that Tiamatt called Hyperion.

"Where could that bird have wandered off too?" Tiamatt wondered, concerned by the sudden disappearence of her pet.

"I'm not sure but this isn't the first time. I bet he's in Iselia with Lloyd and Colette." Kratos reassured her. "Which is where we're supposed to met the others correct?"

Tiamatt nodded. "Yeah, Kayla is coming through the Iselia portal and the others agreed to meet us there."

Eria and Terrance's faces brightened again. "Can we go now?!" Tiamatt looked at Kratos before nodding and standing up.

"I suppose so." Kratos chuckled causing the twins to cheer happily. "Let's go."

It didn't take long to get to Iselia and mostly everyone was there already. Kitrana, Seth, Arx, Lisea, and Ryan were all gathered by themselves, away from their parents who were remembering the journey 15 years before. Eria and Terrance quickly joined their friends as their parents went to theirs.

"Hey!" Kit waved over at the twins as the nearby portal started and her attention was directed to the gate. "Look! Alcana and Mica are coming!"

The others laughed as the Valentine family came through the gate which closed immediatly afterwards. Kayla instantly latched onto Tiamatt.

"Imoto! How are you?!" the dragoness grinned, hugging her sister before whispering into her ear. "I want all the details Imoto. Every single one."

"Kayla!" Tiamatt cried in shock, pushing her away, her face red. "I'm not telling you anything!" The others laughed as Kayla grinned and Vincent shook his head in his hand.

"Our parents are weird." Mica laughed. Her brother merely nodded.

Mica had shoulder length black hair and wore a purple t-shirt and black pants. Her most distinguishing features were her white pupilless eyes and a pair of black dragon wings. Mica, in truth, was blind but had amazingly been born a sorceress and used her powers to see the world around her, allowing her to live a fairly normal life.

Her brother, Alcana, was more secretive about his hertiage then his sister, who showed her dragon traits (the wings) out to the world. Alcana wore a red and black cloak and concealed his red slited eyes behind a pair of shades. His long black hair was restrained in a ponytail and he was usually pretty quiet. His most obvious dragon trait was hidden under his cloak, being that his left arm was a dragon claw, and while he could still use it like any normal hand, he felt uncomfortable with the way most people looked at him when he revealed his limb.

"We'll agree with you on that." Seth agreed with a laugh. Seth had inherited his father's flaming red hair along with his blue eyes but he kept his short hair usually hidden under a bandana and wore a dark grey shirt and dark jeans.

"Lisea, can we go play?" Ryan asked, tugging on his cousin's arm. Ryan was the son of Genis and Presea and the boy had short silver hair and green eyes. He wore clothes very similiar to what his father wore when he was little but Ryan's were darker in color.

Lisea, Raine and Yuan's daughter, sighed. "I guess." She had silverish blue hair, aqua eyes, and wore kakhi cargo pants and a dark green shirt.

"Wait, I have an idea." Arx said, grinning. The son of Hiro and Aya, he had blonde hair that he kept at a similar length to what his father had, about his upper back and pale blue eyes. He wore a simple black t-shirt and jeans.

"What is it?" Eria asked, smiling as a loud chirping Cloud finally flew over from Colette's shoulder, to her's.

"Well, I was thinking...You've all heard of that Battle Theater place right?" Arx continued.

"Of course. Mom and dad go all the time." Terrance nodded before looking down. "But they never let us go. They always say we're too young to enter and that they don't want us to get hurt."

Kit went wide eyed when she realized what Arx was planning. "You want all of us to go with you?!"

Arx grinned and nodded. "Thats the plan. But we have to wait till our parents are distracted before we try to open the gate."

"Um, I have a question..." the kids all looked over at Seth. "Does anyone actually know how to use the gate?"

"uh..." there was an akward silence among the kids when they realized that none of them actually knew how to work the gate that allowed them to change worlds or even just just different locations in their current world since the gates could be linked.

"I think I know how..." Ryan said quietly, shuffling his feet as he looked at the ground. "I was looking at the blueprints one day when Raine went to try and make dinner and..."

"You actually understand that stuff?!" Lisea gasped. Her cousin nodded shyly. "Its not far...I'm three years old then me and yet your in a higher grade then me!"

"I'm sorry..." Ryan muttered.

"Its not your fault Ry. Its just in your blood." Eria laughed. "Kinda like how Terri can understand Mom's mechanic talk."

Her brother gave an embarrassed grin and rubbed the back of his neck. "Yeah but I'm not good at much else except with Hyperion."

"Ahem," Arx coughed, gaining back everyone's attention. "I think our parents are gonna head inside the school so while we've gotta chance, I say we take it."

The others nodded excitedly and moved towards the gate, none of their parents in sight though they could be heard laughing from inside the school. Ryan and Lisea went over to the main computer system and started the gate. After double and then triple checking that the selected universe was correct, they met up with the others in front of the shimmering gate.

"Ready?" Eria asked, looking the group over. Everyone nodded. "Ok, we'll have to be quick cause the gate can't be open too long and will close soon after the first person goes through so...just run through ok?" Everyone nodded once more as Eria turned back around.


All at once, all nine kids ran through the gate, the portal closing smoothly and quietly behind them as Tiamatt looked out the window to check on the kids. Her eyes went wide as she ran to the window and looked for the missing kids. The others gave her curious looks as she turned around, her blue eyes filled with worry.

"Our kids, they're gone!"