Alright, I've decided! Theres a sequel! well not really, but more of more adventures of Shizuka and Sasuke. it's just like Returning Uchihas but let's pretend that none of that sad, sappy, depression, emotional stuff happens. It's all just humor short stories. That's the good news. The bad news is that I won't start it until I finish my current story, Operation New Girl, which I hope some of you will check out! It's not Sasusaku, more Minato and Kushina cause I wanted to try something new. Don't worry. That story won't be too long. Once that's over, I can start on the sequel! YAY! I dunno if I'm going to update it on a regular basis since I'm going to be pretty busy junior year, but I will try my best! anyway, heres a quick snippet of what's in store! Tell me if you like it!

"Hold on, Sasuke. I'm not letting you go alone, especially with a treaty in your hands and your infamous reputation in Konoha."

Sasuke's eyebrows narrowed. "You don't trust me?"

Tsunade shook her head. "The Elders would kill me if I let you out of the village alone. They're worried you might run away like last time. Also, rumor has it that some small countries are trying to destroy the alliance by stealing the scroll. I'm going to assign you a partner to help guard the scroll."

"Sakura's working at the hospital today," Sasuke stated calmly.

Tsunade smirked. "Oi, wishing you went with Sakura? What about Naruto?"

"Naruto would eat that scroll," Sasuke shot back quickly."Well, who is it?"

Tsunade grinned. Too happily. Sasuke did not like it when she grinned like that. It meant she was up to something. It meant Sasuke would not like it at all.

Within a second, the door burst open. A woman with long, jet-black hair bounced into the room. She was dressed in a sleeveless, long blue coat with the Uchiha fan symbol on the back. Her attire consisted of a tight black dress, blue sandals, and her Konoha headband wrapped around her forehead. She had the same obsidian eyes as Sasuke but a bright, cheerful smile he could never sped up to Tsunade's desk, excitedly, pushing Sasuke to the side.

"Ohayou, Tsunade-sama! Ne, ne, I can't believe I've actually got a mission in such a long time! A real mission!" Uchiha Shizuka greeted cheerfully. "It's been too long since I've actually done something for Konohagakure! Don't worry a thing, Tsunade-sama! I will protect that scroll as if it was my life! Now who's my partner-Ada, Sasuke-chan! I didn't know you were here-eh, what's wrong with your face?" Shizuka asked, looking at her little brother's frown turn worse, and worse, until-

I'm also wondering if you guys would like it if I wrote a VERY DRAMATIC serious story concerning Shizuka again. I had this idea where it's more a serious versions and goes along with the current manga story (IS SASUKE AN FREAKISHLY EVIL BASTARD OR NOT! MAKES ME ANGRY!). Shizuka would still retain her usual comical self and strong nina personal, but the story itself would be kinda dark and serious. Probably on the same level as Returning Memories, some jokes but mainly a drama story. What do you guys think? Please review this and let me know! I wanna make you guys happy cause I have so many different story ideas concerning Shizuka, but dunno which one I should do first? Would you guys rather have a serious new version or continuing the Returning Uchihas short stories? I NEED HELP! I gotta plan what imma do after Operation New Girl.