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A 13 year old Allison grabbed her small bag as she made her way to the doorway of the Mercer's house. Her social worker, Ed, was right behind her.

Ed knocked on the door. A guy about 25 opened the door. He looked pretty short for his age. He had a small goatee and had his hair gelled back.

"Hey, Ed! How're you doin'?" The man said.

"Good, good, Bobby. And you?"

The man named Bobby looked at Allison.

"This must be…"

"Allison." Ed supplied.

"Yeah, Allison. Well, don't just stand there, come in." Allison hesitated but moved forward as Ed nudged her.

"Tell Evelyn I'll stop by in about a week or so. Bye Allison." Ed said. As Allison stepped through the door, Bobby closed it behind her and she jumped.

I wonder where the other guys are. Ed said that Evelyn has four kids already…

"So, Allison…" Bobby said as he noticed the distant expression on Allison's face.

"Call me Ally." She stated flatly.

"Ok, Ally, I'll call the guys down here."

"Jack! Angel! Jerry! Get your asses down here! She's here!" Bobby called.

Then, there was a tromping sound coming from the stairs. The three boys stood there and looked at her.

One of them was a white boy who looked similar to Allison. The other two were black and one had an afro.

Booby placed a hand on Allison's shoulder and she nearly jumped. Bobby seemed to notice, but didn't say anything.

"Guys, this is Ally."

The boys just stood and stared blankly at her. That made her somewhat nervous and mad at the same time.

"What's wrong with you guys?" She snapped.

They stopped staring. They all had noticed that she looked a lot like Jack. They had the same eye colour, the same facial structure and the same body builds. Tall and skinny.

"This is Jerry," Bobby said as he pointed out one of the black boys, "This is Angel," he pointed to the black boy with the afro, "and this, is Cracker Jack." Bobby said as he pointed to the white boy.

Allison looked at Jack. His hair was sticking out in all directions; he was wearing black jeans with a chain and a red and black striped collared shirt.

Then, the door opened and in came Evelyn Mercer with her arms filled with grocery bags.

When she saw Allison standing there, she dropped the bags and pulled her into a big hug.

"Hello, Ally." She said, "I'm about top go and make supper now. You'll be sharing a room with Jack. I hope that's not a problem, though I doubt it will be. You two are having a lot in common. Jackie, dear, bring Ally up to you guys' room, will you."

"Yeah, Ma. Come on, Ally." Allison followed Jack up the stairs.

When they got up to the room, Jack opened the door for Allison. As she stepped inside, she examined the room. It had light blue walls and two twin beds.

"That's your bed." Jack said as he pointed to a bed beside the window.

Allison sat her small bag on the bed.

"Do you talk?" Jack asked sarcastically.

"Yeah. Do you play guitar?" She asked as she nodded at Jack's guitar that he had on a shelf.

"Yeah. You?"

"Yes, but I don't have a guitar anymore. It was broken by my old foster brother." Allison said.

"Oh. Show me what you can do." He said as he handed her his guitar.

Allison began playing a song. Jack raised an eyebrow. She was good.

When she finished, Jack said, "Wow, you're pretty good. How'd you learn?"

"I taught myself."

Then, "Time for supper!" came from down stairs.

"Let's go eat. I don't know about you, but I'm starving." Jack said over his shoulder as he was already in the hallway. Allison slowly followed him.

At the dinner table…

Allison sat down beside Jack. She liked Jack. He was a lot like her just as Evelyn had said.

Evelyn sat down beside Bobby, across from Allison.

"So, Allison, tomorrow you start school. I've made sure that you have all the same classes as Jack so he can help you gat around."

"Thanks." Allison said between bites of food. She was very hungry.

"Hey, Ally, you wanna play some hockey with Bobby and me after school?" Angel asked.

"Um, sure, yeah."

"Do you even play hockey?" Bobby asked quizzically.


"Are you any good?"

"Heck yeah."

"You're probably like the little fairy over there; he said he was good too, until we actually got him out on the ice." Bobby said under his breath.

Allison gave him the death glare that said, "back off".

After dinner, Bobby went to watch hockey, Angel, even though Evelyn said it was rude considering it was Allison's first night there, went to his girlfriend's house, Jerry went to his room to do God knows what, and Evelyn went to bed early, leaving Jack and Allison to find something to do.

"Can we go and watch the hockey game?" Allison asked shyly.

"Yeah, but you'll have to go through Bobby's yelling at the television. Come on." Jack said. Allison followed Jack into the living room.

Jack and Allison plopped down into the couch next to Bobby and watched the game silently. Then, Jerry came down and sat on a chair. Soon, Angel came home and was sitting in another chair by Jerry.

"Hey Bobby, can I have some chips?" Jack asked.

"Won't chips mess up your figure, you little Fairy?"

"Bobby, stop being such a mean butt." Allison piped up. She was in a daring mood. In the past, every time she said something like that she would get beaten, but Bobby didn't do anything but look funny at her. The other guys let out a quick gasp.

"Guys, I think we need to teach Ally how to give her older brothers some respect."

"Yeah, Bobby." Angel said.

Bobby gave Allison an evil grin.

"All cold?" He asked Angel.

"All cold." Was his reply.

Then Allison realized what they were talking about.

"No. No way, man!" Allison said and tried to run but Bobby grabbed her and picked her up. He was strong even though he was short.

Bobby took Allison into the bathroom and the other brothers followed. Bobby threw her into the shower and turned it all the way cold.

Allison screamed as Bobby stood there laughing at her. By the time they let her out, Allison was mad as hell.

Just then, Evelyn came into the room. "Bobby! Jerry! Angel! Jack! What's going on in here?!"

"I didn't do anything, Ma." Jack said and went to his and Allison's room.

Allison stormed out of the room, dripping all over the floor. Allison changed into some dry clothes and lay back on the bed. Jack was there too, but didn't say a thing.

Then, there was a knock on the door. Allison stood up and walked over to the door and opened it. It was Bobby.

"Get lost, Bobby." She said and tried to close the door but Bobby held it open.


"I said get lost!" Allison said in a mad tone.

"What will you do if I don't?" Bobby asked.

"This!" Allison kicked Bobby's shin as hard as she could and with that, he fell on the floor grabbing his leg. Allison stood there and watched him.

"Ally! What did you do?" Jack asked in amazement. How could she have hurt Bobby? The thought made a grin spread across Jack's face and he started laughing.

Then, Evelyn, Jerry and Angel came in to see Bobby on the floor, grabbing his leg and howling in pain.

"What happened?" Evelyn asked. Soon Jerry and Angel were snickering along with Jack. A grin spread across Allison's face.

"Bobby wouldn't leave me alone when I told him to and then he's all like 'What will you do if I don't?' so I told him and then I kicked him and now he's on the floor crying." Allison said in one breath.

"Ha ha, Bobby. He's as stubborn as a mule sometimes." Evelyn said, "Now, let's all get some rest. Allison, Jack, Jerry, and Angel have school tomorrow.

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