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Bobby was pacing in the hospital waiting room He wasn't very fond of hospitals because he had had to go to them so often in his childhood and teens from various things like getting into fights, hitting things, hockey accidents, and when he was a younger kid, his real parents had beaten him.

Then, a nurse came out of the operating room and looked at Bobby. He looked at her impatiently.

"Robert Mercer?"

"Yeah, that's me." Bobby said anxiously. "How are they?"

"You mean…?"

"Ally and Jack." Bobby said sharply.

"Yes, they're fine. They're both in a comatose state right now, though they are in a stable condition."

"They're in a coma?! When can I see them?"

"Well, they are being moved to a private room so I guess you can go and see them now. The room number is 503 on the third floor."

"Thanks." Bobby said hurriedly.


When Bobby got to the room, Jack and Ally were separated by certain. Bobby thought that was kind of stupid so he pulled back the curtain.

He pulled a chair over and sat down in between Jack and Ally. He grabbed his little sister's hand and squeezed it.

"Ally, you're gonna be okay." He said and kissed her forehead. Bobby turned to Jack. "Come on, ya fairy, wake up. Can you open your eyes?"

Just then a nurse walked in. "They can't respond to you, but they can hear you." She said helpfully and began checking Ally and Jack's vital signs.

Bobby grabbed Ally's hand. It hurt him to see his baby sister like this… she looked so fragile and as if she would break at any given moment. Jack was just the same. Bobby blamed himself for it.

"Ally if you can hear me, show me." Bobby knew this effort was useless. He waited for a few minutes and right as he was about to let go of her hand, he could have sworn that he had felt her squeeze his hand. It wasn't major, after all, she still hadn't opened her eyes. Neither had Jack.

Ally's POV:

I felt myself losing blood and I knew it wouldn't be long until I lost too much blood.

Everything started to fade and it all went dark…

I was asleep when I heard someone calling me and telling me to wake up. I couldn't move or respond so I knew that I must be in a coma. I placed the voice as Bobby's and when he begged me to show him that I could hear him. I wanted to jump up and hug him and tell him that I was okay, but I couldn't. I could only listen. Somehow, I managed to move my hand enough that you could call it a pathetic squeeze.

Five days later…

My eyes fluttered weakly. I was waking up! You wouldn't know how good it feels to finally be awake and to be able to respond to your brothers as they beg you not to die!

Jerry was sitting by my bed and when he saw me, he jumped up and started yelling for a nurse.

"Ally?! Can you hear me, Ally?"

"What do you think, genius?!" I said playfully. I saw that Jack was already awake, though for how long he'd been awake, I didn't know.

Jerry ran out and called Bobby as the nurse came in and started checking my vital signs and asking me a bunch of stupid questions like "how many fingers and I holding up?" and "can you move your leg?" She was really pushing me to the limit and finally, I started telling her off for being so dumb.

Just as I was yelling at her, Bobby, Jerry, and Angel all came into the room. I saw Bobby and Angel grin. Jerry frowned.

"That's my baby sister!" Bobby said as he came and kissed my forehead and laughing.

"How long have I been in a coma?" This wiped the smile off of Bobby's face.

"About six days." I frowned as Jerry told me this. Six days?

"How's my little sister?" Angel asked, changing the subject. I smiled and looked down at my arm. There was a tube sticking out of it. I shuttered as I saw the needle. I hated needles, I always had and my brothers knew it.

"When can I get this freakin' thing outta my arm?"

"Whenever the nurse takes it out, Ally." Jerry answered in a matter-of-fact tone. I flipped him off and looked over at Jack, who sitting helplessly in his bed but trying to hide his eagerness by looking at a magazine.

"Hey Jackie, you okay?" I asked. He nodded and smiled.

"What are you dumb now?" I said. Bobby laughed.

"No, I just can't find the right words." Jack said quietly and grinned.

No one's POV:

Bobby stepped to the side as a plate of hospital food came crashing through the doorway. He was about to go see Ally and Jack.

"I told you I'm not eatin' this crap!" Ally's voice could be heard from her and Jack's room. Bobby smirked.

"If you don't eat, you can't have your IV taken out." The nurse shot back. Just then, Bobby entered the room. Jack was just sitting back and starring at Ally who was glaring at the nurse and muttering a few choice curses at the nurse.

After the nurse left, Bobby sat next to Jack. "So, how're my little sisters doin'?"

"Shut up, Bobby." Jack growled.

"Yeah, Bobby. Leave Jack alone. You know, we could have you removed from the hospital for harassment." Ally said with a devious smirk.

"Oh, now that's cold. That hurts. It hurts right here." Bobby said sarcastically and put his hand over his heart.

"Bull." Jack laughed.

"I wanna get outta here, man! It's so freakin' stupid that they're keepin' us in here against our will just for some freakin' "observation"! Ally said, aggravated at the situation.

"Chill out sweetheart. You'll be outta here in no time! That's if you behave."

"Shut up!" Ally said and attempted to throw a pillow at Bobby.

"Hey I deserve some respect. You know, if it weren't for me, you'd both have died and frozen your little butts off in the snow. By the way, your doctor told me that I could take you home now." Bobby said with a grin at Ally's expression.

"Dude really?!" Ally almost screamed and Jack just smiled. He wanted to get out of that place too.

A few days later…

Ally, Jack, Angel, Bobby, Jerry, Camille, and Sophie were at the police station and the five Mercer kids were being interrogated about the murder of the guys Bobby and Angel had killed.

Ally and Jack went into one of the rooms together.

Ally and Jack's POV:

"Sit." The police officer ordered. Jack did so but Ally remained standing defiantly and smirked at the police officer.

"I said sit down. Now, you're off to a bad start." The officer said in an annoyed tone. He roughly pushed Ally down into the chair and slapped her across the face. She spit out some blood at him.

Jack looked furious. "Hey! NO ONE hits my sister!"

"Oh yeah? Well are you punks going to tell me who killed those men or am I gonna have to get some more guys in here and beat it out of ya?"

Ally stood up but Jack pushed her back down. She was just like Bobby. A cocky, hot-headed son of a gun. The officer grinned triumphantly.

"We found this hair on one of the bodies. You know where it came from?"

"Your wife's pussy?" Ally asked. Jack laughed, earning a slap across the face and Ally getting her head slammed into the table.

"No, smartass. It's from Bobby Mercer."

"Bullshit!" Ally yelled and laughed at the frustrated officer. This time, he twisted her arm behind her back and pushed her down on the table. Ally laughed again and swung her boot-clad foot into the officer's groin. He growled and called for backup into his radio.

Moments later, a new officer walked in and grabbed Jack. Ally and Jack got a pretty good beating, especially when Jack said he was banging the officer's wife when he was asked where he was the night Bobby and Angel killed the two men.

No one's POV:

The three oldest Mercers were already out of their interrogation rooms when screaming and a loud THUD! Came from the room.

"What the…" Jerry started but was cut off as Ally and Jack were both pushed onto the floor.

"Hey! You're not supposed to hit girls!!!" Ally yelled at them. She was obviously disoriented.

"Yeah and we just recovered from gunshot wounds!" Jack added.

Bobby laughed, getting looks from both Jack and Ally. "What?" They asked in unison.

"I don't know. You two just look weird, that's all."

"Bull. Now, what's goin' on?" Ally asked, helping Jack up from the floor.

"I said I was bangin' his wife."

"Me too." Angel and Jack said. Jack smirked.

"Bobby! You said you wouldn't let him get hurt!" Camille said as she saw him.

"He breathin' aint he?" Bobby grinned. Camille slapped his shoulder. "Oh Bobby."

After that, they went about fixing up the house as it was severely damaged from the shootout.



This is the final chapter! I hope everyone like it! I'll be starting my new Four Brothers story soon!