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Summary: When Wyatt returns from the future Chris learns just how devious his older brother is. Set between Hyde School Reunion and Spin City.



Chapter 1: Demon

"Come on, Paige. We have to find that demon."

"I'm flipping as fast as I can, Piper. Calm down."

"Calm down? A demon just tried to kidnap my son and you want me to calm down?!"

Just then Chris orbed in with Phoebe. Both looked worried and Chris glanced over at the playpen where Wyatt was sleeping before turning to Piper and Paige.


"I can't find that demon anywhere in this book."

"Paige, he has to be in there." Piper said as she moved to stand beside her younger sister.

"What did you say he looked like again, Mom?"

"Tall, black, and bald. He had a Celtic tattoo on his right arm."

Chris froze. "It can't be."

"Chris are you ok? Chris?" Phoebe asked.

"I'm fine. Maybe I should go see if I can find out more about this demon."

"Ok but be careful." Piper said to her youngest son.

Chris nodded as he orbed out. He reappeared in P3.

"It can't be."

But no other demon fit that description. It had to be him. Chris shivered as he remembered Wyatt's right hand man, Kane. Chris had lost many trusted friends at the hands of that demon. He was so deep in his thoughts he didn't hear Kane shimmer in behind him.

"Thinking about me?"

Chris turned just in time to see the energy ball before it hit his left shoulder. He hit the wall and crumbled to the floor. He barely noticed when Kane leaned over him. Kane put his hands behind his back and secured them with a set of handcuffs. Chris tried to free his hands only to be kicked in the stomach.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, Chris."

He looked up at the cold voice and saw Wyatt sitting on one of the stools drinking out of a whiskey bottle.

"You sent your lackey to kidnap yourself? Thats low even for you."

Wyatt chose to ignore Chris and turned to Kane.

"Wait for me at the warehouse we'll be along."

Kane nodded and shimmered out. Wyatt slowly walked up to Chris and looked down at him.

"That was just to get your attention, little bro. I knew you would recognize Kane's description all I had to do was make sure one of the sisters saw him."

"How did you get here? I took the spell."

"Chris, I wrote that spell. Did you really think I wouldn't keep a copy? That's what I love about you, your so naive."

Wyatt knelt down beside Chris and looked into his green eyes. When Wyatt began to run his fingers through Chris' hair he to worry.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm catching up where we left off before you left me. Don't tell me you've forgotten already."

Chris' eyes widened in fear and he jerked on the handcuffs all while begging Wyatt to stop.

"Please, Wy. Don't do this, please."

"Shh, Chris. You should have expected this, especially since you betrayed me."

Chris looked into his brother's eyes and that's when he really panicked. Wyatt's eyes were glazed over with lust. Chris head butted Wyatt and managed to orb out before he recovered.

"Anything?" Phoebe asked anxiously.

"Nothing. That damn demon is nowhere in this book." Piper said as she slammed the book shut. "Alright let's see if Chris found out anything. Chris. Chris."

Chris landed behind them with a crash causing all of them to jump.

"Oh my god, Chris."

Piper reached him first and turned him over.

"Handcuffs." The cuffs disappeared and reappeared in Paige's hands.

"Chris, honey, what happened? Who did this?"

"Wyatt." He whispered before he blacked out.

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